Published: January 4, 2024

Baselang Review - A Look at the Real World Program

Baselang Review

If you've been waiting for the push you need to finally take your Spanish to a conversational level, you may well have found it with Baselang. In this Baselang review, we provide a comprehensive overview of the Baselang Real World Program.

We'll start by taking you through what Baselang is and what the benefits of learning Spanish with a tutor actually are, before discussing our experience using the platform and the overall tutor quality.

We'll then assess how conducive this model is in helping you learn Spanish fast and whether this service provides Spanish learners with genuine value for money.

First, see below a quick summary of the Baselang Real World Program inclusions:

  • Unlimited one-on-one online Spanish classes for $149 per month
  • A Choice of over 450 tutors from all over Latin America
  • A custom-made Baselang curriculum to follow.

How We Did This Review


In order to make this review as varied and informative as possible, language learners Pete and Olly tested out Baselang on their own, before sharing their findings.

The scoring system above is determined based on the comparison between Baselang and other similar Spanish learning tools on the market, particularly tutor services. Five stars indicate excellence, whilst a lower star rating indicates room for improvement.

The comments and opinions that you read throughout this review are the results of their findings during one week of unlimited Spanish lessons with multiple Spanish tutors. The factors listed in the review table above are measured in the following ways:

Effectiveness – This is measured by the progress that we were able to make during the time we used the Baselang service, as well as the progress we'd expect to make within a longer timeframe.

Value for money – We compare the cost of the service with similar competitor language learning apps, platforms and courses.

Ease of use – As language learners, user experience plays a large part in whether we keep coming back, resulting in progress. A poor user experience usually leads to a lack of progress.

Languages Available – Offering multiple languages by no means makes an app or language platform better. However, it usually means they're more popular and capture a wider audience, investing more heavily in the factors above.

In this Baselang review, we will showcase the experiences of two language learning experts, Pete and Olly. 

They have thoroughly tested Baselang and provided valuable insights. Through their detailed feedback and analysis, readers will gain a comprehensive understanding of the platform and its effectiveness in helping learners achieve their language goals.

Their firsthand experiences will be presented, offering readers a glimpse into the quality of tutors, the curriculum, and the overall learning experience. 

By exploring their reviews, readers will be able to make an informed decision about whether Baselang is the right choice for their language learning journey.


Baselang is a solid resource that enables me to practice my Spanish on a daily basis with native Spanish speakers. The curriculum provided was super useful and included in the $1 sign-up fee. The tutors were patient with me and adapted their lessons to my level. All of them are from Venezuela, which is fine, but the accent took me a while to get used to after learning Spanish from Spain.


I signed up for a week's $1 trial of Baselang because I wanted to test out the platform features, the Spanish resources, and the level of teaching quality. I'll get the negatives out of the way - 2 of my 5 tutors had an average internet connection. I also don't like the chat feature on Zoom. Apart from those points, I can't fault the service. Great, friendly tutors and decent Spanish resources to use as homework."

What is Baselang?


We start this Baselang review by summarizing what Baselang actually is. Baselang is a service that provides unlimited one-on-one Spanish classes online with native tutors. Subscribed users benefit from as much Spanish tuition as they like (it is quite literally unlimited).

In addition to this, Baselang provides a full Spanish curriculum to accompany the lessons and a progress chart for Spanish learners to track their journey to conversational fluency. As specified in the introduction, the service is available on all devices and all new customers receive a 7-day trial for $1.

Baselang promises to get you conversational in Spanish in just three months, providing that you follow its method and dedicate one hour a day to Spanish.

Why Learn Spanish With A Tutor?

Learn Spanish

Today, the internet is full of online language resources that allow learners to study Spanish independently. This form of learning certainly has its benefits. Language apps can help you with various aspects of Pronunciation, Vocabulary, and Grammar

However, they will not improve your communication skills. Improving these skills, and becoming conversational in Spanish, is achievable only through face-to-face human interaction. That's where Baselang comes in.

The Quality of the Baselang Spanish Tutors


A few points to note about the Baselang professional teachers:

  • Every Baselang tutor possesses the fluency of a native Spanish speaker
  • The vast majority are Venezuelan
  • You can switch between tutors or keep the one you want

During the week's trial, it was found that the quality of the tutors, and the volume of classes you are able to take, make Baselang pretty unique. 

Without a doubt, it is one of the best online Spanish programs out there to help you start to speak Spanish quickly. All the teachers are friendly and amazing.

Of course, not all teachers are the same. As a student, you can use filters to search for your ideal tutor from a list of hundreds of tutors, as well as provide feedback after each lesson.

Baselang is Perfect For Travelers


Baselang is the perfect language-learning solution for travelers planning to visit any of the Spanish-speaking countries. 

With its focus on conversational skills, unlimited lessons, and experienced Baselang teachers, it equips travelers with the necessary tools to communicate effectively in Spanish.

The core lessons offered by Baselang cover essential topics and language skills needed for real-world interactions. 

Whether it's ordering food, asking for directions, or engaging in conversations with locals, Baselang provides the foundation to confidently navigate through any Spanish-speaking country.

The availability of unlimited lessons ensures that travelers can immerse themselves in the language and make significant progress during their stay. 

Baselang classes, conducted by qualified tutors, offer personalized attention and guidance, helping learners to improve their pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar.

The expertise of Baselang teachers, who are fluent Spanish speakers, enables travelers to learn authentic, region-specific language nuances. 

By mastering these subtleties, travelers can engage in meaningful conversations and connect with the local culture on a deeper level.

For travelers seeking a comprehensive and flexible language learning experience, Baselang is the ideal choice. Online Spanish tutoring service is very practical. 

With its emphasis on practical communication skills, unlimited lessons, and dedicated teachers, Baselang empowers travelers to confidently explore any Spanish-speaking country while speaking Spanish with ease.

Baselang Review - User Experience

User Experience

Baselang has a simple, user-friendly interface. Every new student receives introductory emails with easy-to-follow prompts, ensuring you familiarize yourself with all the features and functionalities of its system.

Additionally, you'll find walkthrough videos all over the Baselang website, illustrating how easy it is for students to use filters to find tutors and schedule lessons at different time slots with flexibility.

The Baselang dashboard contains:

  • Live lessons
  • Audio lessons
  • A flashcard tool called Memrise.

As mentioned, you can also switch between tutors and submit feedback after every lesson. Even though the structure of the Baselang curriculum is pre-defined; tutors were willing to accommodate us to define the learning pace.

As a student, this allows you to take your time based on your own level and preferred pace, as well as explore the cross-cultural characteristics of Spanish.

Lesson Content & Structure

The tutors use exchanges, open-ended questions, and encouraging reminders to keep you involved in conversations, ensuring that they are relevant to you.

This methodology is a form of immersive training practice, intended to make each and every student think in the Spanish language, rather than translate from English to Spanish.

Lessons are conducted mostly via Zoom, which works on Apple, Android & Windows devices. Whilst Zoom is the default option, there is also an option for students to use Skype or Google Hangouts. This is also the case for Baselang's main competitor, SpanishVIP.

If you contact the Baselang team to let them know that you prefer using Google Hangouts, they'll add a note to your student profile so that tutors can conduct classes there instead of Zoom.

Your learning outcomes from each lesson are automatically updated in a progress chart. This chart is accessible to the tutor, which means that if you decide to change tutor, he or she will be familiar with your level and what you've covered already.

The Baselang Curriculum

There is a clear and simple structure to the Baselang curriculum. In order to ensure structure throughout the learning plan, over 150 downloadable PDFs are available on Baselang.

Self-help tools like Memrise, as well as additional audio lessons, can be used by tutors as additional resources throughout your lessons.

So, as a Baselang student, you have unlimited access to a wide range of lesson resources on a variety of topics including pop culture, medicine, travel, tradition, and contemporary social issues.

The Baselang curriculum is designed in order to provide students with a continuous reinforcement of the language they have learned in previous lessons. As a student, you can choose to skip academic lessons for a more conversational approach with the tutors.

Interestingly, the curriculum helps students to migrate from English-based instructions to Spanish instructions and Spanish content. This is quite unique to Baselang and a good example of how immersive the program and process are for students.

The Cost: Is Baselang Worth the Money?

Worth the Money

Baselang is worth every cent of the $149 monthly fee IF you commit to taking regular Spanish classes and make use of the many resources available to you.

Not only do you receive unlimited Spanish classes, but you also get to:

  • Discover a variety of tutors
  • Schedule your own learning plan
  • Distinguish between formal and informal Spanish (including the variations between regions and countries).

Initially, it is easy to question the $149 fee. Let's face it, $149 is a lot of money. In this economy?

However, if you commit to regular conversational practice with the tutors and make use of the resources available then it is actually better value than tutor marketplaces like italki and Preply.

If you are unsure that you can commit to regular Spanish classes, it's worth signing up for a 7-day free trial. This will enable you to schedule some lessons and access the Baselang curriculum.

What We Like:

There are plenty of features that make the Baselang Real World Program an excellent option for Spanish learners. To keep this short and concise, let's look at the pros that are entirely unique to Baselang.

First, you can try unlimited Spanish classes for a fee of $1. You also have the option to skip the curriculum for informal interactions. You can also schedule classes within 3 minutes.

In addition to these benefits, students can familiarize themselves with native aspects of Spanish first hand through face-to-face interactions. This is much more advantageous than the computer-generated voice-overs present in most apps.

What We Dislike:

Like any language resource, there is room for improvement. Below are some features that could be addressed.

  • There could be greater variation in tutor origin.
  • All tutors are from Latin America, but none are from Spain.
  • No pricing tiers. Whilst the Baselang Real World Program offers good value for money, there is no low-budget option or premium model.

The pros of the Baselang Real World Program clearly outweigh the cons, making it an exceptional option for Spanish learners. 

The unique offering of unlimited Spanish classes for just $1 allows students to maximize their learning potential without any financial burden.

The flexibility to skip the curriculum for informal interactions and the convenience of scheduling classes within minutes further enhance the user experience. 

The real value lies in the opportunity to engage in face-to-face interactions with native Spanish speakers, which fosters authentic language practice.

Although there is room for improvement, such as incorporating greater variation in tutor origin and introducing pricing tiers, the overall benefits of Baselang's program make it a standout choice for learners seeking to master Spanish effectively.

Is Baselang the Best Way to Learn Spanish Fast?

Learn Spanish

Baselang claims that beginners can master Spanish in approximately three and half months if they dedicate 60 minutes to Baselang every day.

So, whether or not the Baselang Real World Program is the best way to learn Spanish fast is dependent on the frequency of your classes, as well as whether or not you use the resources available to you.

There is no doubt that Baselang does provide a platform from which to become conversational in Spanish very quickly. It does this through some of the best online Spanish classes we have come across.

Baselang for Kids Review

Kids Review

BaseLang offers a fantastic opportunity for teenagers preparing for college admissions with its academic-oriented approach and comprehensive test-prep program. 

Designed to cater to young learners, BaseLang for Kids provides an immersive language learning experience that facilitates real-world conversations.

By participating in as many classes as they desire, students can engage with different teachers who are fluent in Latin American Spanish, fostering a diverse and enriching learning environment.

BaseLang for Kids takes students on an exciting Spanish learning journey, guiding them through core lessons and providing the necessary tools to enhance listening and speaking skills, ultimately building fluency. 

With a focus on academic success and test preparation, BaseLang equips students with the language proficiency needed for college admissions exams.

The program's emphasis on real-world conversations allows teenagers to practice and refine their language abilities in practical contexts, ensuring they are well-prepared for their future academic endeavors. 

With BaseLang for Kids, teenagers can embark on a rewarding language learning journey that combines effective instruction, exposure to Latin American Spanish, and a supportive community of teachers.

Is Baselang the Best Place to Find an Online Spanish Tutor?

Online Spanish Tutor

Among market leaders, Baselang is the only online course in Spanish that provides the following benefits:

  • Unlimited Spanish classes.
  • A tailored Baselang Spanish curriculum.
  • Useful learning resources i.e. Spanish Audio course & web-based flashcard learning tool.
  • Easy interface and prompt customer service to aid teachers and students alike.

Other Places For Finding Online Spanish Lessons and Tutoring

Spanish Lessons

When it comes to finding online Spanish tutors, options like Fiverr and other platforms may come to mind. However, Baselang stands out as a superior choice for several reasons.

Firstly, Baselang provides access to native Spanish speakers, predominantly from South America, ensuring an authentic language learning experience. 

Unlike platforms where you may encounter a few teachers, Baselang offers a vast selection of highly qualified tutors who are specifically trained in the Baselang teaching style.

Unlike other programs, Baselang's focus is on conversational Spanish, offering a grammarless program that emphasizes practical language skills. This approach sets Baselang apart, enabling students to develop their verbal communication abilities effectively.

Additionally, Baselang offers unlimited Spanish tutoring, allowing students to book classes based on their schedule and availability. The program goes beyond traditional learning methods by incorporating real-world classes that promote immersive language practice.

With Baselang's structured curriculum, students can progress steadily through their Spanish learning journey. Furthermore, Baselang students benefit from an hour-long verbal test, ensuring accurate placement in the appropriate learning level.

While other platforms may offer a few lessons here and there, Baselang's comprehensive program provides continuous support and guidance. The expertise of the Spanish teachers, mainly from Latin America, enhances the learning experience, fostering a deeper understanding of the language and its cultural context.

In summary, when seeking online Spanish tutoring, Baselang surpasses other platforms with its vast selection of qualified tutors, conversational focus, unlimited access, structured curriculum, and emphasis on real-world language skills. 

Experience the superiority of Baselang and take your Spanish proficiency to new heights.

Thoughts on Baselang by Real People From Our Team


Overall, Baselang's tutors are impressive and the app experience is enjoyable. The concept and execution are great, with punctual tutors that adapt to your needs.

One criticism is it would be great to see a broader range of nationalities amongst the tutors, including Castilian Spanish speakers from Spain.

Whilst Baselang provides an enjoyable experience, this learning style is not for everyone. For this reason, the week's free trial is a great option for those skeptical of the service.


"The cost of the trial encouraged me to commit to at least one hour of Spanish every day. It's not yet been a month, but I'm told I should be conversational in Spanish by the end of it! The teachers were patient, my Spanish has improved and I've only spent $1..."


Baselang offers all users one full week of unlimited Spanish classes for $1. During this time, you can test the tutor quality yourself and decide if the platform is right for you. If it's not, just end your subscription when your trial finishes.

FAQs Related to this Baselang Review

Now that you've read this BaseLang review, let's look at some frequently asked questions related to Baselang.

Are Baselang Spanish lessons good for kids as well?

Yes, Baselang offers Spanish lessons suitable for kids. They have a specialized program designed for young learners, providing an immersive and engaging language learning experience tailored to their age and proficiency level.

Will my Baselang teacher be Spaniard?

Baselang teachers are predominantly native Spanish speakers from Latin America. While there may be some teachers from Spain, the majority are from countries in South America, offering students exposure to different accents and cultural nuances.

How is the $1 Baselang program?

The $1 Baselang program is an excellent opportunity to try out their unlimited Spanish classes for a week. It allows you to experience the platform, interact with tutors, and explore the curriculum before deciding if it meets your language learning needs.

Do native speakers work in Baselang?

Yes, Baselang primarily employs native Spanish speakers as tutors. Their emphasis on conversational fluency and real-world interactions ensures that students receive instruction from experienced language speakers who can provide authentic language practice.

Are online language schools good for seniors?

Online language schools can be beneficial for seniors. They offer flexibility, personalized learning, and the opportunity to engage with native speakers. Seniors can learn at their own pace and develop language skills that enrich their cultural experiences and facilitate communication while traveling or interacting with Spanish speakers.

Summing Up This Baselang Review - A Look at the Real World Program

This Baselang review provides an in-depth analysis of the Real World Program, highlighting its strengths and areas for improvement.

The program offers unlimited one-on-one online Spanish classes (with the same teacher) with a choice of over 450 tutors from Latin America. The Baselang curriculum, accompanied by a variety of resources, ensures a structured learning experience.

Users praised the quality of the tutors and their ability to adapt to individual needs. The user-friendly interface and prompt customer service enhance the overall user experience.

While there is room for improvement in pricing options ( $149 per month for unlimited classes), Baselang remains a top contender for those seeking to learn Spanish quickly and effectively. The week-long trial for $1 allows potential users to test the service before committing.

Overall, Baselang provides a valuable platform for learners on their Spanish language journey. Get ready to improve your Spanish skills.