Published: January 4, 2024

25 Best Programs to Learn Spanish Online & in Spain | 2024 (with Photos)

Best Programs To Learn Spanish Online

Are you looking to immerse yourself in the beauty of Spain while mastering the Spanish language? Look no further. 

There are numerous schools in Spain that allow you to learn Spanish at your own pace.

Take advantage of the best Spanish courses available in these cities, and experience the living language firsthand.

Whether you prefer free courses online or in-person Spanish classes, Spain's diverse regions provide an ideal environment for language learning.

Let's look at the best online Spanish courses, before delving into Spain to discover the various locations with awesome in-person Spanish courses available. 

25 Best Programs To Learn Spanish Online

When people first begin their Spanish-learning adventure, they are presented with hundreds of online courses, audio lessons, language learning apps, podcasts, and a variety of other resources to select from.

But, since each of them claims to be the best, it can be difficult to decide which option to go for. 

So, to make things easier, we’ve done the hard work for you! Below, you’ll find our list of the 25 best programs to learn Spanish.

These language learning choices cover multiple stages of learning, from beginner to intermediate learners and advanced, and can take you on a journey from basic phrases to holding entire conversations in the Spanish language.

So, whatever your current level in Spanish is, you should be able to find the right resource for your best online Spanish courses below.

1. Spanish Uncovered

Spanish Uncovered

Spanish Uncovered offers an exceptional learning experience through its innovative approach. With a focus on immersion and storytelling, students embark on a journey to master Spanish effortlessly. 

The program also offers a free trial, allowing learners to experience the dynamic lessons firsthand before committing.

Whether you're a beginner or looking to refine your skills, Spanish Uncovered caters to all proficiency levels. By combining individual study and interactive materials, the program equips learners with the tools they need for successful language acquisition. 

Try the free trial today and unlock the path to Spanish fluency through storytelling with Spanish Uncovered.

2. Spanishpod101


Spanishpod101's online course makes it easy to learn Spanish beyond the conversational level when you’re on the go. 

The course uses Spanish audio in the form of a podcast, with each episode being a separate lesson and featuring a conversation between two native speakers. It also contains lesson notes and examples of sentences taken from the audio dialogue.

The hosts, the ones who teach Spanish, do a really good job of explaining difficult vocabulary and concepts, as well as sharing some interesting facts about the Spanish language and culture.

As extra learning aids, Spanishpod101 also contains extra resources including flashcards, slow playback, and vocabulary lists. There is also a recording function that allows you to record your own voice and play it back to check for pronunciation.

This is a really great Spanish program and online course if you’re looking for a way to learn conversational, Spanish online, while still picking up grammar, reading, and writing skills along the way.

3. Duolingo


This is arguably the most famous language-learning program in the world, and if you’ve been thinking about learning Spanish for a while there’s no doubt that you’ll have come across it at some point.

Duolingo is an interactive language learning program that uses a game-like format to teach both grammar and vocabulary. It’s smooth, easy to use, and generally problem-free.

If there is a downside to Duolingo, it’s that it may not be quite as comprehensive as some of the other programs on our list. 

The vocabulary you’ll learn isn’t always practical either, but if you’re looking for a way to learn basic Spanish in a quick amount of time, or simply practice what you’ve already learned, it’s a great option.

4. Pimsleur Spanish

Pimsleur Spanish

The awesome Pimsleur Spanish is a Spanish course that is based entirely on audio. It features a unique question-and-response technique that gets you thinking in Spanish and replying to sentences in the same way as you would if you were having a real conversation.

In Pimsleur lessons, there are five levels to this course, and you can choose between Latin Spanish and Castilian Spanish. Bear in mind, in Pimsleur lessons, there is only one level of Castilian, but you can transfer directly into Latin American when you’ve completed it.

As you work through each interactive audio lesson and progress through the levels, you’ll pick up Spanish grammar and there are a few written exercises that accompany it.

This is a good language learning program, where you can improve your language skills, if you’re preparing for a real-life Spanish conversation, rather than just picking up the occasional useful phrase for a vacation.

However, the one downside is that it focuses more on formal pronouns than informal ones. This isn’t a huge issue though, and you’ll just sound super polite when you’re having a conversation.

5. Glossika


Another of the best programs to learn Spanish is Glossika. This program teaches you how to actually use a foreign language, rather than simply repeating grammar and vocabulary over and over again.

You’ll be presented with whole phrases and sentences that allow you to learn Spanish in context. This means there’s less of a need to think about how to string sentences together, and the flow of your vocabulary will feel a lot more natural.

Each training session is presented successively, and you’ll be required to work on your speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills before you can move on to the next.

This is a fantastic Spanish-learning program for anybody that wants to be able to quickly answer questions in Spanish, without having to search their brain for a standard response. With Glossika, you’ll simply learn how to speak Spanish in a natural way, which makes it much easier to become fluent.

Besides 5 of the most famous, let's take a look at some other programs where you can learn Spanish language

6. Babbel


Are you interested in starting a learning Spanish journey? Babbel, the acclaimed language-learning program, is the only place to look. Babbel has a fantastic Spanish program that is intended to make learning the language simple and entertaining.

Babbel's engaging audio lessons are one of its most notable characteristics. Learners can hone their listening skills and practice pronunciation by including spoken language exercises. 

Whether you're a beginner or an intermediate learner, Babbel offers engaging dialogues that simulate everyday scenarios so you can speak Spanish with assurance.

Babbel's Spanish program is adapted to your unique needs and objectives with a user-friendly interface and tailored learning routes. Babbel's extensive curriculum covers everything, from grammar and vocabulary to cultural insights. 

With Babbel's mobile app, you can access audio lessons whenever you want, wherever you are, and enjoy the ease of learning on the go.

Start your Spanish learning journey today with Babbel, and use their fun audio lessons to reach your full linguistic potential. ¡Vamos!

7. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is an invaluable language-learning tool that has helped countless individuals grasp new languages, including Latin American dialects of Spanish. With its interactive approach, Rosetta Stone offers a unique learning experience.

Latin American languages, such as Spanish, Portuguese, and even indigenous tongues, can be mastered through audio lessons, making language acquisition an enjoyable process. 

By immersing learners in real-life scenarios, the Rosetta Stone replicates authentic conversations, enhancing their ability to comprehend and speak naturally.

Latin American culture is embedded within the lessons, providing learners with a deeper understanding of the region's rich heritage. 

The Rosetta Stone's audio lessons empower individuals to grasp the intricacies of Latin American languages, opening doors to new opportunities and fostering cultural connections.

Embrace the Rosetta Stone, and embark on a language-learning journey that transcends borders and enriches lives.

8. Memrise


For Spanish students looking to learn the language effectively, Memrise is a priceless online resource. 

Memrise is changing the way we learn Spanish with its extensive library of audio lessons. Memrise supports learners of all skill levels, whether they are novices or experts. 

The platform blends engaging images, interactive exercises, and immersive audio to produce a fun and successful learning environment.

Memrise's vast library of audio lessons is one of its most notable features. With the help of these classes, students can practice listening comprehension and improve their pronunciation. 

Learners can immerse themselves in the Spanish language and improve their comprehension of native speakers and communication skills by using authentic recordings.

If you're an online Spanish learner seeking a well-rounded language-learning platform, Memrise is a great option. 

Its audio lessons will undoubtedly propel your Spanish skills to new heights, ensuring a rewarding and successful language journey.

9. FluentU


With its novel methodology, FluentU is changing language learning. 

This language software offers users a global, immersive, and interactive learning experience by incorporating speech recognition technology. The era of tedious grammar exercises and dry textbooks is over.

With the help of FluentU's extensive library of audio lessons, users may improve their pronunciation and listening abilities by hearing native speakers in authentic settings. This app is appropriate for all competence levels, regardless of how experienced you are in learning.

FluentU's speech recognition technology gives you immediate feedback on your pronunciation, allowing you to accurately hone your abilities.

FluentU is a complete learning platform that will help you improve your fluency. It combines the power of language apps and audio lessons to make language learning pleasant and successful.

10. SpanishDict


A fantastic online tool for language learners, SpanishDict provides a variety of elements that improve the learning process. Its inclusion of speech recognition technology, which enables users to practice their pronunciation and receive immediate feedback, is one of its distinguishing features.

This innovative tool greatly improves listening comprehension as it allows learners to engage in real-life conversations. In addition to the speech recognition feature, SpanishDict offers audio lessons that further enhance language skills.

With the help of the real audio content in Spanish lessons, students may better their comprehension of native speakers while becoming more engrossed in the language.

SpanishDict's extensive platform, coupled with its speech recognition technology and audio lessons, makes it a great tool for learning the Spanish language, regardless of your level of proficiency.

11. Lingoda


Lingoda, a leading online language classes platform, is an ideal choice for intermediate learners seeking comprehensive language courses. Unlike traditional language apps, Lingoda offers interactive and immersive lessons conducted by qualified teachers.

One of Lingoda's standout features is its wide range of language courses, including Spanish courses tailored to suit different proficiency levels. 

These courses focus on practical speaking abilities, covering grammar, vocabulary, and conversational practice. With Lingoda, intermediate learners can expect a structured curriculum that promotes consistent progress.

The platform's virtual classrooms allow for real-time interaction with teachers and fellow students, enhancing the learning experience. Students can participate in group classes or opt for private lessons to receive personalized attention.

Whether you're aiming to brush up on your linguistic abilities or achieve fluency, Lingoda provides a flexible and effective solution for intermediate learners. Its comprehensive approach to language classes sets it apart from other language apps on the market.

12. Lingvist


Lingvist is a remarkable language app that offers comprehensive Spanish courses designed to enhance the study of a language. With its user-friendly interface and engaging features, Lingvist has become a popular choice for language enthusiasts.

The app incorporates interactive lessons, personalized exercises, and a vast library of lesson notes to facilitate a seamless learning experience. One notable feature is the inclusion of Spanish audio, allowing learners to develop their listening and pronunciation skills effectively.

Whether you're a beginner or an advanced learner, Lingvist provides tailored courses that cater to individual needs. Its diverse range of exercises, including vocabulary drills and grammar exercises, ensures a well-rounded understanding of the language.

13. Coffee Break Spanish

Coffee Break Spanish

Coffee Break Spanish is undoubtedly one of the best online resources for learning Spanish. With its engaging and effective teaching methods, this program offers a convenient way to enhance your language capacity.

The heart of the podcast course lies in its high-quality Spanish audio lessons, which enable learners to listen and grasp the language in an authentic and immersive manner. Coffee Break covers a wide range of topics, from basic vocabulary to complex grammar, catering to learners of all levels.

The program's structured approach ensures steady progress and builds a solid foundation in the language. 

Whether you're a beginner or looking to improve your existing skills, Coffee Break Spanish is a fantastic choice that guarantees a rewarding learning experience.

14. HelloTalk


With its cutting-edge methodology, HelloTalk is innovating and has become the preferred learning software for Spanish online courses and programs. With the help of this innovative website, language aficionados from all over the world may interact with one another easily.

With HelloTalk, students have access to a thriving learning environment where they may engage in phone calls, video chats, and in-person interactions with native Spanish speakers. 

Users may practice speaking, listening, and writing abilities with ease because of the app's engaging UI and features driven by artificial intelligence.

Get rid of your old Spanish textbooks and say hello to vibrant programs created by native speakers. The diverse community of HelloTalk promotes cross-cultural dialogue and language use, creating a positive learning environment.

A must-have tool for completing Spanish online classes and programs, HelloTalk delivers individualized learning experiences that are appropriate for your competence level, whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner.

15. Spanish MOOCs

Spanish MOOCs

If you're eager to learn Spanish but can't commit to traditional classroom settings, Spanish MOOCs are your best bet. These massive open Spanish online courses offer flexible and accessible learning opportunities right at your fingertips.

Whether you're a beginner or seeking to refine your skills, the wide array of online Spanish courses available on learning apps cater to learners of all levels.

By fusing interactive lessons, multimedia tools, and professional coaching, Spanish MOOCs have changed language instruction. 

Through interactive platforms, you can get access to thorough course materials, participate in virtual classes, and even practice your communication skills with native speakers.

These courses guarantee successful learning results with features like individualized feedback and progress tracking.

Don't let a lack of time prevent you from learning a language. Take advantage of Spanish MOOCs' ease by enrolling in the best online Spanish courses now offered on learning apps. With the power of digital education, broaden your horizons and seize new opportunities.

16. Anki


Anki, the innovative learning app, is transforming the way we acquire new skills. Anki offers a whole platform for learning through online courses with its interactive features and tailored approach. 

By connecting users with native speakers, this app creates an immersive learning environment.

Anki's proprietary algorithm adjusts to user progress to ensure effective and efficient learning. Its enormous library of professionally curated flashcards covers a wide range of subjects, from simple vocabulary to intricate grammar. 

Users can develop a solid foundation in Spanish by practicing frequently and repeating material at intervals.

Anki stands out since it uses native speakers as tutors. Students can participate in dialogues, learn about different cultures, and improve their pronunciation. 

Anki makes learning more accessible to everyone by utilizing the power of technology to bring people closer together. So embrace this innovative tool and go off on a learning adventure unlike any other.

17. Language Transfer

 Language Transfer

Learning a new language is an enriching experience, and for advanced learners seeking to expand their linguistic horizons, Language Transfer is the perfect companion. 

This innovative language-learning app provides a free trial for those eager to dive into the intricacies of Castilian Spanish.

Transfer goes beyond traditional methods by leveraging the power of immersive audio learning. With its unique approach, it allows learners to grasp the nuances of Castilian Spanish effortlessly. 

The free trial grants access to a wealth of engaging and interactive content, enabling learners to develop their skills at their own pace.

Whether you're an advanced learner or a beginner, Language Transfer caters to your needs. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive resources make language acquisition a seamless journey. 

18. News in Slow Spanish

 News in Slow Spanish

News in Slow Spanish is a podcast designed for advanced learners seeking to enhance their comprehension of Castilian Spanish. 

This innovative tool presents current events and trending topics at a slower pace, allowing users to grasp the nuances of the language more effectively.

By focusing on key vocabulary and grammar, News in Slow Spanish provides an immersive experience that helps learners expand their language abilities. 

With this app, users can stay updated on global news while sharpening their linguistic abilities.

Whether you're studying Spanish for professional or personal reasons, News in Slow Spanish offers a unique approach to language acquisition. 

So, immerse yourself in the rich culture and language of Spain with this comprehensive app tailored to advanced learners.

19. WordReference (Supplementary Resouce Only)


Looking to bolster your language proficiency? Look no further than WordReference, the ultimate online language resource. Offering a comprehensive platform for language learners, WordReference provides an array of tools and features to help you master your chosen language.

With WordReference's free trial, you can experience the full benefits of their learning platform. 

Explore the vast collection of dictionaries, language forums, and translation services to enrich your understanding of foreign languages.

In addition, WordReference offers group classes, providing an interactive and engaging learning environment. 

Join fellow language enthusiasts and expert instructors to practice conversational skills, improve pronunciation, and build confidence in a supportive community.

Whether you're a beginner or an advanced learner, WordReference has the resources and support you need to achieve language proficiency. 

Take advantage of the free trial and join group classes to embark on an exciting learning journey today.

20. Rocket Spanish

Rocket Spanish

The popular Rocket Spanish offers you a fully comprehensive course that will guide you through the very basics into an intermediate level of learning.

The entire Rocket Spanish program is designed around interactive audio lessons, with each one breaking a conversation being held between native speakers into small parts.

The interactive audio lessons allow you to pick up grammar rules and vocabulary, and then use them yourself as you repeat what you’ve learned.

While listening comprehension and speaking are the main emphasis of Rocket Spanish, reading and writing exercises are also incorporated along the way. This makes it an ideal, all-around language learning Spanish course for learning the four language aspects of Spanish.

You may quickly learn Spanish with the aid of the interactive language learning app Rocket Spanish. With lessons, quizzes, and audio recordings, it's a comprehensive tool for improving your skills.

21. Spanish Obsessed

Spanish Obsessed

For visual learners seeking an engaging and effective way to learn Spanish, Spanish Obsessed is the perfect platform. 

With a comprehensive range of resources and a focus on visual learning, this online hub offers an immersive language experience.

Spanish Obsessed understands that visual learners thrive when provided with stimulating visuals, and they have integrated this approach into their lessons. 

Through captivating videos, vibrant infographics, and interactive exercises, learners are immersed in a visual feast that enhances their comprehension and retention.

Whether you're a beginner or an advanced learner, Spanish Obsessed has something for everyone. The carefully curated content covers grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and cultural insights, all presented in a visually appealing format.

Embrace your learning style and join the vibrant community of visual learners at Spanish Obsessed. 

Discover a world of Spanish words and culture that will captivate your senses and ignite your passion for learning.

22. VeinteMundos


VeinteMundos is another captivating platform that offers a unique learning experience, specifically tailored for visual learners. 

With its visually stimulating content, this innovative platform takes education to a whole new level. From interactive videos to immersive graphics, VeinteMundos captivates visual students and makes the learning process engaging and effective.

VeinteMundos offers a wide range of aesthetically appealing materials that are tailored to diverse subjects and learning methods, whether you're learning a new language, researching historical events, or mastering complicated concepts. 

The platform's visually appealing user interface encourages creativity and improves comprehension, making it the perfect tool for people who are highly visual.

VeinteMundos enables visual learners to learn the material more quickly and remember it for longer periods of time by seamlessly fusing educational content with appealing graphics. 

This platform transforms how we learn with its immersive methodology, making learning fun for all visual students.

23. Spanish Radio and News

Spanish Radio and News

Those who want to become fluent in Spanish should definitely check out Spanish Radio and News. With so many Spanish programs available, Spanish Radio and News provides a wide selection of content to accommodate various interests and levels of skill.

You can learn Spanish online and keep up with current events whether you're a beginner or an advanced learner by listening to Spanish radio stations or visiting online news websites.

These programs offer a special chance to improve your vocabulary, understanding, and listening abilities. You can become more comfortable with the accents, slang, and cultural quirks of native Spanish speakers by actively engaging with authentic Spanish content.

Your connection to the language and culture is maintained by Spanish Radio and News, which offers news, interviews, music, and podcasts.

Online platforms also frequently have archives that let you access previous broadcasts or articles, giving you the freedom to learn at your own speed. Your overall Spanish skill will be strengthened if you combine this resource with other learning tools and exercises.

24. LingQ


LingQ is a top-notch platform for learning that works well with Rocket Spanish. By immersing yourself in authentic and interesting information, LingQ allows you to advance your Spanish study. 

The platform offers a sizable collection of texts and audio files in Spanish that cover a wide range of subjects and skill levels.

LingQ is a flexible tool for individualized learning because it allows you to submit your own texts or import content from the web with ease. 

You can click on unfamiliar words in the cutting-edge LingQ system to save them as flashcards for further review.

By actively using the vocabulary, you can improve your recall of the language and broaden your understanding of Spanish.

Furthermore, LingQ provides a vibrant community of language learners where you can interact with other Spanish aficionados, discuss ideas, and even discover language exchange partners. 

The interactive components of the platform, such as conversations and challenges, encourage active engagement and inspiration.

25. Busuu


Busuu is a popular educational platform that teaches languages, including Spanish, in an interactive and social environment. Busuu provides comprehensive Spanish lessons that span a wide range of topics and ability levels.

To strengthen your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, the platform offers a variety of interactive exercises, quizzes, and audio recordings.

Busuu's community aspect is one of its distinguishing features, allowing you to interact with fluent Spanish speakers for language exchange and individualized feedback on your workouts.

Busuu is a fantastic alternative for anyone wishing to learn Spanish swiftly and participate in a helpful learning community, thanks to its user-friendly interface and effective learning resources.

Where to Learn Spanish in Spain

Learning Spanish in Spain

1. Madrid


Madrid is a refuge for language-lovers if you're enthralled by Spanish culture and ready to immerse yourself in the lively language. Numerous schools are based in the vibrant capital designed to help you learn Spanish.

If you want a cosmopolitan base to attend grammar lessons and improve your speaking abilities, Madrid is the place to be. Discover the vibrant tapas bars and boisterous streets, and let your curiosity run wild.

Engage the community, practice speaking, and learn vocabulary organically. Release your imagination by creating your own sentences, then observe how your Spanish abilities advance against the mesmerizing backdrop of Madrid.

Two popular schools in Madrid for learning Spanish are AIL Madrid and LAE Madrid.

2. Barcelona


Are you preparing to immerse yourself in Barcelona's lively culture while learning the Spanish language? Good choice! Barcelona has several opportunities to improve your linguistic journey.

Join a lively Spanish class at a renowned language school in the city, where knowledgeable teachers will lead you through grammar and conversation.

The best Spanish apps can supplement your study by offering interactive workouts and vocabulary drills. Choose one-on-one lessons that are suited to your needs if you want individualized attention.

Explore thorough Spanish learning programs and broaden your knowledge with entertaining video lessons. There are many resources available to study Spanish online if that is how you learn best.

Check out Linguaschools or WorldClass language schools in Barcelona.

3. Malaga


Learn about the bustling city of Malaga, a Spanish-speaking country, which is located in the center of Spain, that attracts language learners from all over the world. 

Malaga is a gold mine for individuals looking for Spanish courses, providing a wide range of solutions to meet the needs of every learner.

Whether you're a complete beginner or looking to brush up on your skills, Malaga has you covered. Immerse yourself in the local culture through group classes, where you'll meet fellow language enthusiasts.

If flexibility is key, online Spanish courses provide convenient alternatives. Embrace the warmth of Malaga's people as you embark on your journey to master the beautiful Spanish language.

Contact Malaca Instituto or Malaga Si for more info.

4. Granada


Discover Granada, a dynamic city that is ideal for Spanish learners of all levels. Immerse yourself in the enchanting Andalusian atmosphere while mastering Spanish pronunciation through interactive classes.

Experience the allure of leisurely talks in slow Spanish with native speakers to better understand the nuances of the language.

Granada has customized programs to meet a variety of demands, such as business Spanish classes and cultural lessons that explore the city's rich history. Use cutting-edge Spanish apps as a supplement to your studies and gain the advantages of language transfer methods.

Take a look at Don Quijote language school or Escuela Delengua if you want to try out Granada.

5. Valencia


Explore Valencia, a dynamic city where education becomes a life-changing adventure. Valencia has a wealth of options to immerse yourself in the language thanks to its vibrant culture and rich history.

Native speakers are ready to guide you through their captivating Spanish programs, both in-person and through online courses. As you participate in engaging language courses that are suited to your needs, you will improve your listening skills and speak Spanish with assurance.

Immerse yourself further by delving into culture lessons, where you'll explore the city's traditions and customs. Valencia offers the ideal setting for your language adventure, whether you prefer conventional sessions or an online Spanish course.

Visit the Españolé International House website or contact AIP Language Institute for more information.

What Features Should a Spanish Course Have?

What Features Should a Spanish Course Have?

Before we start looking at each of the best programs to learn Spanish, let’s take a quick moment to look at what features a good Spanish course should have.

The first thing it should be able to do is break down the many aspects of Spanish grammar. This includes such things as the subjunctive mood, reflexive verbs, grammar rules, and the differences between preterite and imperfect tenses.

While you won’t have to worry about these things too much when you first start out, learning the intricacies of Spanish grammar will help you become fluent in a much faster time.

A good Spanish course should also contain a wealth of Spanish vocabulary that you can use straight away. This makes it easier to get an immediate feel for the language, as well as how sentence structure works.

Finally, any good Spanish course will be able to teach you all aspects of the language skills. This means focusing on reading, writing, listening, and speaking. 

Moreover, they will address the differences between European and Latin American Spanish and the different Hispanic cultures.

Summing Up: Best Programs to Learn Spanish Online & Spanish Courses in Spain

You can learn to speak, read, listen, and write Spanish using a combination of the programs we've described above.

And if you also sign up for a Spanish-language school in one of Spain's major cities, you will be armed with all of the resources, learning tools, and support you need to master the language.

Remember that committing at least a few minutes a day to Spanish-language study will help to keep you motivated, driven, and moving forward.

Learning Spanish in Spain is the best way to learn, and language apps and podcasts can supplement your learning nicely.

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