We are Travel-Lingual. We are a travel marketplace and price comparison platform. We provide travelers with access to over half a million tours, activities, day trips, and transfers all over the world. We help travelers from across the globe by allowing them to research and book unforgettable travel experiences at the best possible prices.

We work closely with travel brands and tour providers to connect our audience with exceptional travel experiences, curated from the finest offerings and exclusive deals available.



A true travel enthusiast, James was born and raised in the UK.

With over half a decade of experience in the travel and tourism industry, James has worked and continues to work closely with destinations, tourism boards, and travel brands, enabling travelers to discover new places at the best possible prices. He believes that every destination has a story to tell, and he is dedicated to helping those stories reach and resonate with travelers.

James aims to empower travel entities to showcase the beauty of their destinations to travelers, and understands the importance of highlighting the unique attractions, cultural heritage, and natural wonders that make each place special.

James can often be found embarking on his own travels, and is happiest when discovering new places. With his wealth of experience and genuine love for travel, James and the team are dedicated to making your travel experiences unforgettable, guiding you towards remarkable destinations and uncovering hidden gems along the way.


Introducing Lara, our Head of Content based in sunny Madrid. With a deep love for travel and a taste for culinary exploration, Lara brings a vibrant energy to our team.

Her passion for storytelling is evident in every piece of content she writes and oversees. From captivating travel narratives to mouthwatering food features, Lara's creativity knows no bounds. Leading with enthusiasm and expertise, she inspires our team to deliver exceptional content that resonates with our audience. With Lara at the helm, our content comes alive, transporting readers to new destinations and enticing them to try exciting new experiences.


Meet Stasha, a dynamic individual with a world of ambitions and talents. Beyond her role as a devoted family member, Stasha's passion for writing shines through in her captivating articles.

Through her words, she shares insights and experiences that resonate with readers from all walks of life. With a delicate balance between her responsibilities, she pours her heart into her writing.

Stasha's dedication and unwavering passion for travel are a testament to her ability to chase her dreams while embracing the beautiful chaos of family life. She is driven to excel in her personal and professional endeavors, and her warmth and enthusiasm light up the team!


Meet Rose, a multi-talented individual who wears many hats in the realm of language and culture. As a versatile content writer, ELT teacher, and translator, she is fueled by her love for languages and an insatiable curiosity to explore diverse cultures.

Over the past five years, Rose has embarked on a journey of teaching and adventuring through various parts of Europe. Alongside her teaching endeavors, she has dedicated herself to creating valuable online educational resources for language learners, enriching their linguistic journeys.

With a strong background in linguistics and language teaching, Rose's current focus lies in crafting engaging and informative content centered around travel. Her passion for exploring new horizons is beautifully intertwined with her ability to convey the wonders of different destinations through her words.


Introducing Marvellous, an accomplished writer with a true gift for captivating audiences through the art of storytelling. With a diverse range of interests and a genuine passion for crafting engaging narratives, Marvellous delves into various topics, leaving readers enthralled.

Marvellous has developed a writing style that is both creative and clear. His ability to connect with readers on a deep level stems from a genuine understanding of what resonates with them. Marvellous strives to leave a lasting impression on his audiences. With Marvellous at the helm, readers can expect to embark on captivating journeys around the world.


Meet Natasha, a thoughtful individual whose passion for travel and philosophy has shaped her journey. Through her studies in philosophy, Natasha has honed her skills in clear and articulate communication, both in speaking and writing, allowing her thoughts to flow with ease.

Yet, it was the profound impact of raising her children that taught Natasha an even greater lesson—one of tact, patience, and empathy. These invaluable qualities have not only enriched her personal life but have also informed her professional endeavors in the field of travel and tourism.

Driven by her love for exploration and a deep appreciation for diverse cultures, Natasha finds immense joy in embarking on new adventures and immersing herself in the wonders of different destinations.


Meet Ana, a talented copywriter with a blossoming career in the travel industry. Her passion for storytelling and creativity infuse her work with a unique flair that captures the essence of each travel experience.

In addition to her work as a copywriter, Ana embraces her role as a devoted mother to two wonderful children. The love she has for her little ones adds an extra layer of inspiration to her writing, as she draws from the joys and challenges of parenthood to bring depth and authenticity to her stories.

Ana's talent extends beyond her professional achievements, as she has seen her writings published in books—a testament to her skill and dedication. As a micro-influencer, she shares her travel insights and experiences, inspiring others to embark on their own adventures.


Introducing Natalija, a talented individual with a passion for writing, a tech-savvy mindset, and a love for travel. Writing has always been a natural form of self-expression for Natalija, allowing her to unleash her creativity and share captivating stories with the world.

With her keen interest in technology, Natalija effortlessly navigates the digital landscape, embracing the latest tools and platforms to enhance her writing craft. She finds joy in exploring innovative ways to bring her stories to life, whether through engaging blog posts, captivating social media content, or immersive multimedia experiences.


Meet Katarina, a highly skilled video editor and 2D motion designer based in Belgrade, Serbia. With a passion for digital arts since her youth, Katarina's expertise spans various digital disciplines.

However, her true love lies in video editing and 2D motion design. Collaborating with exceptional artists, she brings captivating visuals to life in music videos and short films. When not immersed in her craft, Katarina finds joy and inspiration in the company of her beloved pets. With an impeccable eye for detail and a creative vision, she continues to push the boundaries of visual storytelling in her field.


Meet Andreas Rukovski, a talented and experienced Video Editor and cinematographer. With a true passion for storytelling, Andreas brings a creative touch to every project. From social media ads to music videos, commercials, and documentaries, Andreas has successfully brought diverse visions to life.

Beyond the editing suite, Andreas also boasts a decade of experience in acting, lending a unique perspective to his work. With a friendly and personable approach, Andreas is dedicated to delivering high-quality results that exceed expectations. His versatile skills and creative flair make him an invaluable collaborator for the team.


Meet Mary, a talented content creator and experienced video editor. With a passion for generating informative and engaging content across various platforms, Mary is an important member of the team.

During her free time, Mary enjoys the culinary arts, and experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen. As an avid photographer, she also finds joy in capturing the beauty of the food she cooks.


Meet Ata, our Multilingual Administrative Maestro based in Madrid. With fluency in five languages, Ata's linguistic prowess adds a valuable dimension to our team.

As a seasoned traveler, he brings a wealth of cultural experiences and a global perspective to his role. Beyond his administrative duties, Ata's passion for exploring new destinations and immersing himself in different cultures fuels his adventurous spirit.