Published: January 4, 2024

Unlimited Spanish Classes - A Review of SpanishVIP

SpanishVIP is an online service that offers a great opportunity to learn Spanish online via a subscription-based service, allowing for unlimited Spanish classes.

Through this monthly subscription, they offer unlimited Spanish lessons, meaning you can really get your money’s worth if you have the dedication.

This is certainly one of the more cost-effective modalities available for learning Spanish. As learners can take several online Spanish classes per week, it’s one of the best ways out there to learn Spanish online.

People of any level can take advantage of their unlimited Spanish classes subscription, although it’s best for students interested in learning Latin American Spanish. If you’re interested in improving your speaking and listening skills, this is definitely a service to check out.

Through this SpanishVIP review, you'll find out:

👍 Whether this is a suitable place for you to learn Spanish online 👍 The main Pros & Cons of the service and what makes it unique 👍 How SpanishVIP lessons work and how much you can expect to pay for the service

Get to know SpanishVIP - What is it?

SpanishVIP is an online tutoring service dedicated to teaching Spanish through their subscription-based platform. They claim that learning Spanish has never been more achievable thanks to their unlimited Spanish lessons.

Their professional teachers take a more personalized approach to learning, particularly when compared to other online tutoring services like Preply and Lingoda.

One of their dedicated teachers will design a personalized lesson plan for each student, so each student knows exactly what they should be working on based on their level.

Let’s go through all the benefits they offer through their online Spanish classes.


Scheduling a lesson with SpanishVIP

Navigating through the SpanishVIP platform is easy; it's very user-friendly. All you really need to do is respond to the emails they send you, book a Spanish lesson, then attend it via Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet.

For one on one classes, all you need to do is go on the platform and choose the time that works best for you, walk through the steps, and ya está!

It is important to note, though, that scheduling is almost never a problem for students from the Americas since the majority of their professional teachers are from either Venezuela or Colombia.

Another plus in terms of scheduling is that for one on one lessons, you can book lessons just a couple of hours in advance. That’s a huge advantage for those who are more spontaneous or aren’t able to plan their schedules far into the future.

For those wanting group lessons, the options are even better. You can book your group classes with only a one-hour’s notice.

Is this similar to other platforms?

This is a big improvement compared to some other platforms. For example, italki is another online language-learning platform, but most of their teachers require a 12-hour notice.

Other language tutoring services tend to follow this trend, so the great thing here is that flexibility is helpful for those of you who prefer last-minute decisions.

However, because of the time zones, there aren’t nearly as many Spanish lessons available for people who live in Asia or Europe. Those of you in Europe will likely only have private tutoring available in the evening, whereas people in most of Asia will only have slots available in the early morning.

So, if you live in either of those continents, it’s a good idea for you to check out their scheduling availability before purchasing any long-term subscriptions.

To be fair, though, the team seems flexible and they do their best to meet your requirements. So if you have any questions, it’s always possible to reach out to them directly.

After choosing your first lesson time, you’ll be prompted to write a little bit about your goals with the Spanish language and why you want to learn it.

They’ll also ask you about your experience with your language. After giving all this information, your Spanish teacher will cater the class specifically to your needs.

This level of personalization really helps make the service stand out.

What are the SpanishVIP lessons like?

After a short initial email conversation with your tutor, they will craft a class specifically for you. In my case, our class was completely focused on conversation, as my goals were to improve my speaking skills.

The first class also serves as a way for your teacher to accurately gauge what your level is.

For example, maybe you think you have an intermediate level, but the teacher might consider you to be more at a beginner level. After the first class, the teacher will be able to mention this to you and develop an action plan designed specifically for you.

The great part about my class was that my teacher was a great conversationalist. They were able to maintain a natural conversation with me and time just flew by!

This is probably one of the most important parts of a language class - if it’s not interesting, who would want to go back? Luckily this was far from reality with this service.

What language resources does the teacher use?

Apart from the natural conversation, my teacher shared their screen with me nearly the entire time. This really helped, since I’m a visual learner.

As we talked, they would write down specific grammar topics or vocabulary words that helped me make sure I was doing everything correctly.

The platform also provides the teachers with an entire library of materials to use in their lessons, though they are free to create their own, as well.

This is really nice for long-term subscriptions, since it guarantees that you’re always getting fresh, high-quality material in their unlimited Spanish classes.

The only downside to this level of personalization is the fact that the curriculum isn’t as standardized as some other platforms like Lingoda or Baselang.

However, I think this really just depends on the learner’s preferences. If you don’t feel like you need to follow a specific Spanish book or textbook, then this type of service is a great option.


Are the SpanishVIP tutors qualified?

One of the most notable aspects of this platform is how professional and high-quality their teachers are. You can check out any of the online testimonials about their Spanish teachers and you’ll quickly see that they have amazing reviews.

All their Spanish teachers are true professionals, being already qualified teachers or in the process of obtaining their degree.

Their teachers are one of their strongest assets - they really make an effort to stand out, engage the students, and deliver high-quality classes. The teacher that I had was incredibly knowledgeable, patient, and was able to keep the class interesting.

On their website, they mention that they only have around 27 teachers on their staff. On the one hand, this makes things more difficult on their end, as it’s more difficult for a small staff to manage such a big influx of students.

On the other hand, however, it keeps things tight-knit.

Their Spanish teachers are experts at making it seem easy to learn Spanish. This is a big difference compared to other language platforms like Preply, which has thousands of teachers for many different languages.

So, if you are interested in learning Spanish in a more personal environment, this is definitely a great option.

Are the SpanishVIP prices reasonable?

This is probably the most important part of this SpanishVIP review for anybody who is interested in signing up to unlimited Spanish classes.

If you really want to get serious about learning Spanish, then you’ll be hard-pressed to find another service that lets you have 5 private classes a week for 6 months, all for less than $700.

However, if you only want to have one or two classes a month, the prices might be a bit too high for you.

But if you know that you can only commit to a couple of lessons a month, then you’re better off looking into a non-subscription-based Spanish learning service.

Language learning should be personalized, after all.

Lesson Prices

In total, there are 6 different pricing options, based on duration and class modality.

Group Classes

If you are interested in online group classes, the following packages for unlimited classes are available:

✅ 1 month - $49 ✅ 3 months - $129 ✅ 6 months - $229

Private classes

For those of you who would like unlimited Spanish classes through private lessons, the following packages are available:

✅ 1 month - $129 ✅ 3 months - $399 ✅ 6 months - $699

If you are interested in group lessons, they also offer a free 7-day trial.

What are the alternatives to SpanishVIP?

There are plenty of online tutoring services available online. Baselang, italki, Live Lingua, Lingoda, and Preply are some of the most common learning services.

However, each of them come with their own pros and cons.

For example, Live Lingua is a similar service and they even offer specialized courses, but their prices are higher.

In addition, italki is a service that allows you to choose between professional teachers and community tutors (like a conversation partner). So, this means you can choose what you would like to pay for based on your own needs.

In the end, all of these tutoring services will have their own advantages and disadvantages when it comes to learning Spanish.

A Summary of SpanishVIP - Final thoughts

I think SpanishVIP is truly a great service for anyone who wants to keep on learning Spanish. Whether you’re a beginner or have an advanced understanding, you’re sure to have some engaging lessons.

Overall, the biggest positives to the service are:

👍 Their subscription for unlimited Spanish classes, leading to an incredibly cost-effective way to learn the language 👍 Their highly professional Spanish teachers.

The only downside is the time constraints for lesson scheduling. If you’re in the Americas, you likely won’t have too many problems unless there is a lot of demand for a specific week. However, if you’re in any other time zone, it could prove to be a bit difficult.

Regardless, if the thought of unlimited Spanish lessons is something that interests you, SpanishVIP is definitely the platform to check out.