Published: January 4, 2024

10 Reasons to Learn a New Language

With so many resources available online, many students often wonder what the best way to learn a new language actually is. Each year, we see more and more information relating to technological developments that enable people to speak, write and read in foreign languages.

Often, companies promise to help you do so without any self-study.

We've all seen those ads — some applications that “listen” to your foreign friend or colleague and translate what he or she says immediately. Whilst it looks perfect, it's also a bit scary at the same time.

In this post, we'll go through the following points:

  • Why you should study foreign languages
  • How to learn a new language online and the best ways to do so
  • The advantages of learning a foreign language

10 Reasons to Learn a New Language in College and After

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We don’t think that you need ten reasons to do something, normally 3-4 reasons are enough for strong motivation.

However, people are different, their interests vary, and just to be safe we want to cover all the bases of why studying a foreign language is important.

1. It Broadens Your Horizon

They say that the more languages you know, the more identities you hold in your mind. Language learning makes you more creative, shows you a variety of new approaches and broadens your horizon in many other ways.

It is actually difficult to explain how it works, but once you start studying a foreign language, you will get a grasp of it.

2. It Helps If You Like to Travel

Travelling and speaking the language of the places you visit helps to create an impeccable experience. Furthermore, you'll receive much more respect and interest from the locals.

Another reason is more practical — when you travel, you need to navigate, not all the countries duplicate signs in English or your other native language.

3. It Helps to Find New Friends

Are your friends boring? Sorry, we had to ask 😉

Studying a new language lets you choose from a plethora of new friends around the world. Also, you can find new friends that speak the same language that you do, and want to learn the same new language. It is much more fun this way than to do it not alone.

4. It Lets You Read Books in the Original Language

Reading duo-language books is extremely useful when learning a foreign language. However, it's easy to read the native language text and place less emphasis on the language learning process required.

Studying a foreign language lets you read books in the original language and see new meanings in favorite texts. Also, reading in the original language helps in studying.

5. Studying Foreign Languages Is Fun

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Yes, it is as simple as that — studying a foreign language can be fun. Of course, when it is a part of your college program, it can be challenging and demanding as well.

Still, it all depends on your attitude and the program. There are dozens of fun online programs that help you master almost any foreign language interactively.

6. It Strengthens Your Career Prospects

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Having extra language skills on your CV is a great way to attract HR’s attention, even if the position doesn’t require speaking any foreign language.

It makes you look like a more demanded specialist and increases your price on the market. The earlier you start, the more chances you will have of mastering the language that will double your future paychecks.

7. It Develops Your Neuroplasticity

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Brain plasticity, also known as neuroplasticity, is a term that refers to the brain's ability to change and adapt as a result of experience.

There are not many methods you can employ to develop neuroplasticity, but studying complex systems, like musical instruments and languages, is one of them.

There is sufficient proof that links decrease Alzheimer's risk with studying new foreign languages.

8. It Opens Doors to New Cultures and Societies

woman in Bolivia in traditional clothing We all say how important it is to think outside the box, but we all live in the box of language in our head and everything it symbolizes.

Language affects our emotions and often determines our attitude towards different issues. To understand other cultures and societies, their traditions and taboos much deeper, you have to learn their language.

9. It Helps With Academic Writing

Studying new languages strengthens your research opportunities. While it may not be very valuable when writing high-school or college essays, it will certainly come in handy when dealing with more important papers — research papers, thesis, Ph.D etc.

10. It Makes You Look Smarter

Arguably, this is the most egoistic reason of all, but it truly works out this way.

Speaking foreign languages:

  • Strengthens your social status
  • Makes you look smarter and... (quite often)
  • More attractive.

Invest your time in studying, and benefit from the lucrative results as soon as you have made progress.

Writing in Foreign Language for ESL Students

Let’s face it — even knowing all the reasons to study foreign languages, or even one major foreign language (be it English, French, Spanish, German, you name it), you may still feel a little lazy when it comes to actually starting the process.

There is another possible pitfall on your way to mastering a new language — constant lack of time. If you are one of those ESL students that are comfortable with watching movies in English, writing simple essays in English, but having problems with more challenging writing assignments, we have a Plan B option for you.

Feel free to find and pay someone from a professional essay writing service, such as, and delegate some of the most difficult assignments online to their expert writers.

Placing an order doesn’t take much time — you can do it even while waiting in line for your coffee! ☕

You will receive a quality paper written based on your requirements. You can use it just the way you want — to study as a sample, learning from the best and the brightest, or to meet a deadline with your task.

Learning from someone’s work is one of the most efficient ways to learn a new language.

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