Published: January 4, 2024

14 Best Apps to Learn French for Travel | 2024 (with Product Images)

15 Best Apps to Learn French for Travel

Arguably, learning French for travel has never been as easy as it is today thanks to the numerous online language resources accessible to us online.

There are many different ways that you can go about learning the French language to make your travels to France, Canada or any other French-speaking country more seamless. 

One of the best is using an app that provides interactive lessons.

Apps like Duolingo and Babbel exist for this reason alone - they're not just language-learning tools, they're designed with teaching in mind.

They make it easy for anyone interested in learning another language (or brushing up on their existing skills) because all the content is available at your fingertips through an easily navigable interface.

These best French learning apps are based on several key factors, including:

  • Compatibility to aural and visual language learners
  • Integration into French culture and lifestyle
  • Price and subscription models
  • Overall effectiveness

1. The Winner? Mondly


Mondly is a great app for students looking to get a general introduction to the French language.

It boasts over 1000 learning modules to help you learn French and make conversation with French-speaking people.

The institution provides classes on topics such as education and travel. Within each class, participants perform a broad range of activities to learn the words and phrases appropriate to each topic.

Furthermore, you can practice the language directly with a real French translator and native speakers at your own pace.

Mondly's chat system allows for French conversation in a safe and regulated environment inside the app. It's a great place to practice speaking French and learn new French words.

One of the factors that make Mondly the best app to learn French is the fact that it offers 'scene modeling' through virtual reality.

This means that once you download the app, you can experience the best of France without ever leaving your home.

One of the best features is their visualization of Normandy, which allows you to explore some of its best sights while still learning French at the same time.

2. Videos All in One Place: FluentU


FluentU is a special app that lets you discover the true French language, regardless of where you're at in terms of French-speaking and comprehension ability.

The app utilizes a natural method that allows the user to gain insight into French culture over time.

You can listen to French as it is spoken by real people. In addition, you can tap on a single word for an immediate search and you can use Dynamic Flash Cards with words to reinforce learning.

FluentU helps you to understand your newly gained French vocabulary and utilizes this information to create an individual experience based on custom video recommendations.

It gives you extra practice on harder vocabulary words and remembers you when it's time to review what you have learned previously.

The app is available online for iPhone and Android devices. FluentU is best for French learners most interested in improving their listening skills.

It is not the best option for those interested in pronunciation practice and does not necessarily lead you to be able to speak French in a short amount of time.

However, this French app does provide insight into French culture through native French speakers.

3. Babbel French: Another Well-Known Language Veteran


Babbel is one of the best apps to learn French for those unfamiliar with online learning and in need of a simple, user-friendly experience.

With its award-winning interactive lessons, you'll feel like you're having a conversation with a native speaker pretty quickly.

In 2021, Babbel also launched Babbel Live, a premium feature that enables you to have language lessons with French native speakers.

Babbel offers more than 50 different languages, from Spanish and Italian to Russian and Chinese. Whether your goal is business, travel, or just for fun, Babbel French can accommodate all language learner needs.

4. A Favorite Among Businesses: Learn French with Busuu


Busuu is a French learning app that has many more features than its rival, Duolingo. Its Busuu for Business feature has made it one of the best apps to learn French for businesses.

The technology brings together speech and text recognition software to help its users learn new words, French verbs, and individual verb conjugations.

There are four different units consisting of five lessons in each, all available with audio.

Busuu French will not necessarily take you to a conversational French level in a short space of time, but it is one of the few French apps that enables you to learn French grammar through detailed, clear grammar explanations.

This feature makes it best for intermediate and advanced learners. It is a great mobile app through which to learn new words and practice French at your own pace.

You can use it for free online or offline with your IOS or Android device.

5. Rocket French: Proven to be Successful for Language Learners


Rocket French is one of the best online programs to learn French if you are at a beginner or intermediate level.

It comprises immersive audio lessons and a dynamic, interactive website with a user-friendly dashboard and interface. It provides an innovative way to learn French with a course that will take you from a novice to a confident speaker in just six months.

This online interactive learning system that includes over 500 hours worth of tuition as well as personalized attention from a language coach.

This French course uses the best teaching techniques and incorporates the best educational materials from around the world.

It also provides you with flexible lessons which can be taken on your own time alongside exam exercises and conversation exchanges with native speakers.

6. Rosetta Stone French: A Veteran in the Language Field

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is one of the oldest language education options available and offers what was once a unique way to learn French through an app.

From the start of the course, it teaches French without using the English language to do so.

Although the method used by Rosetta Stone may seem unfamiliar at first, by linking concepts and objects to French words directly instead of their English equivalents, Rosetta Stone provides a method that has great long-term advantages.

It is more expensive than many other language apps but the program offers a free trial you must take for a spin.

If you're a student, you could also have the advantage of a student discount.

7. Pimsleur French: Perfect for Those Who Want to Improve Listening Skills


Pimsleur French is perfect for those who are looking to improve their listening and general comprehension skills.

It uses the principle of conversational immersion, enabling you to listen to French conversation and become participatory in doing so.

The Pimsleur app covers all four language skills - reading, writing, speaking, and comprehension - with 30 minutes of lessons per day!

However, the course is entirely aural so you listen throughout the 30 minutes.

You'll have access to a pre-recorded native speaker trainer that will help guide your learning experience from beginner level through to advanced levels.

Some may find that Pimsleur is best used in tandem with other language apps because it does not work for reading comprehension.

Nonetheless, it is one of the best apps to learn French for anybody not dependent on visual aspects when learning a foreign language.

8. Mango Languages French: Perfect for Beginners

Mango Languages

French by Mango Languages is a great French app to learn Basic French.

Free with some library subscriptions in Canada and the United States, it is best for French listening practice and reading.

Mango Languages technology teaches French through spaced repetition, including access to flashcards, daily vocabulary tests, new French phrases, and custom travel vocabulary.

The primary Mango language French program consists of four units of five lessons in each.

In addition to the basic courses provided in the app, it provides support with audio. French audio accompanies each French word and expression.

This is ideal for comparing your audio recordings to native French speech and practicing the correct pronunciation of French words and phrases.

9. Spotify: Not Just a Music Streaming Platform


Believe it or not, Spotify is among the most reliable sources for learning French.

It gives you unlimited French listening texts and an opportunity to listen to free French Podcasts.

Podcasts can be an incredible way to learn a language and you can find them on a variety of topics that interest you.

Spotify can be used online or downloaded free via the internet for an iPhone or Android device.

It's free but you can subscribe to stop advertising if you want with the app advert free.

For beginner students, try 'Learning French with Hugo' as he speaks only in French. It's a great way to test yourself and become used to the French language from an early stage.

10. Learn French with Brainscape


Brainscape French has become one of the more popular apps to learn French in recent years.

It has verb conjugation exercises and thousands of Vocab Cards with audio.

It also has a Sentence Builder component built in to help you to increase your mastery of French grammar by translating more advanced sentences.

Recently, this app has also added some Flashcards for listening to French history and pop culture.

This is the only French-language app on the market which uses the custom algorithm shown to be the most designed to foster this sort of learning.

According to extensive scientific research, the most efficient way of learning a foreign language is to practice repetition at spaced repetition rates.

11. Duolingo


Planning a trip to France and want to brush up on your French? Look no further than Duolingo! 

With its user-friendly interface and extensive French course, Duolingo is the go-to app for learning basic French phrases and improving your speaking skills.

Whether you're asking for directions (où sont les toilettes) or ordering a glass of wine (un verre de vin), Duolingo's interactive lessons will prepare you for real-life conversations.

Imagine strolling through Paris, confidently speaking French, and immersing yourself in the vibrant French culture. Bon voyage with Duolingo as your language-learning companion to teach you to speak French.

12. iTalki


Looking to take your French language skills to the next level while preparing for a trip to France? Look no further than iTalki.

With iTalki's online platform, you can connect with native French-speaking tutors and schedule personalized French lessons.

Whether you want to improve your French pronunciation or gain a deeper understanding of French culture, iTalki offers a flexible and convenient way to learn French from the comfort of your own home.

Through interactive video lessons, you'll have the opportunity to practice phrases like "Où sont les toilettes?" (Where are the toilets?) and "Parlez-vous anglais?" (Do you speak English?).

Embrace the beauty of the French language and enhance your travel experience with iTalki as your language-learning companion. Vive la France!

13. Alliance Française

Alliance Française

Welcome to Alliance Française! This renowned institution offers an immersive experience for learning French, whether you're planning to move to France or simply want to expand your language skills.

At Alliance Française, you'll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in French culture and connect with fellow language learners.

From essential French phrases to mastering pronunciation, our classes cover all aspects of language acquisition.

Imagine strolling through the charming streets of Paris, ordering a croissant at a local bakery, or exploring the vibrant markets of Provence.

By learning French with Alliance Française, you'll open doors to authentic experiences and meaningful connections during your time in France.

So, pourquoi attendre? Join Alliance Française and embark on a linguistic and cultural journey that will enrich your life and open doors to new possibilities. À bientôt!

14. TikTok


Did you know that TikTok can be a fantastic tool for learning French? With its short, engaging videos, TikTok offers a unique way to immerse yourself in the French language and culture.

From quick French pronunciation tips (you can hear how French people say où est) to fun language challenges, you'll find a plethora of content to enhance your language skills.

Discover popular French phrases, authentic conversations, and even tutorials on mastering the French accent.

TikTok's vibrant community of French learners and native speakers provides a supportive environment for practicing your skills and receiving feedback.

So, whether you're preparing for a trip to France or simply fascinated by the French language, TikTok can be your go-to app for learning French in an entertaining and effective way.

FAQ Regarding the Best Apps for French Learning

Now, let's see some frequently asked questions about learning French with apps.

Is French immersion actually an option online or do you have to travel to France?

French immersion is available online through various platforms and language programs, podcasts, music, movies, and language exchange platforms. You can experience a virtual immersion environment, engaging with native speakers, interactive lessons, and cultural activities from the comfort of your own home. Traveling to France is not the only way to immerse yourself in the French language.

How long do you have to learn in order to speak French fluently?

The time required to become fluent in French varies depending on several factors, such as your prior language learning experience, the amount of time you dedicate to practice, and your language goals. On average, it takes several years of consistent study and immersion to reach fluency in any language, including French.

What do you need to know about French culture before traveling to France?

Before traveling to France, it's helpful to familiarize yourself with basic aspects of French culture. This includes understanding social norms, greetings, dining etiquette, and cultural customs. Additionally, learning about famous landmarks, historical events, and French cuisine will enhance your overall experience and interaction with locals.

What does "Je ne comprends pas" mean?

"Je ne comprends pas" is a French phrase that translates to "I don't understand" in English. It is a common expression used when you need someone to repeat or clarify something you didn't comprehend. This phrase comes in handy during language learning or when communicating with French speakers who may speak too fast or use unfamiliar vocabulary.

Summing Up: Best Apps to Learn French for Travel

French is one of the most challenging Latin languages to learn, but if you’re determined to master it then these apps will enable you to build a solid linguistic foundation when doing so.

A language learning app is never going to provide the same level of linguistic or cultural immersion as a French-speaking country.

After all, without face-to-face physical interaction, you are unable to converse with a native French speaker.

However, an online French course or French learning app does enable you to improve your French skills, be it through grammar explanations, learning French vocabulary, or bettering your writing skills.

With so many free trials available now and user-friendly interfaces, you can test a range of these apps and language courses until you find which one works for you.

So, whether you want something simple like basic French vocabulary practice from Mango Languages Basic French course or more advanced sentence-building exercises from Brainscape's Sentence Builder component, there's an app here that will suit your personal preferences.

Start your journey today with free access to Rocket French via the link below.