Nukus, Uzbekistan

Nukus, Uzbekistan: Nukus is the capital city of the autonomous republic of Karakalpakstan in Uzbekistan. Located in the arid region of Central Asia, Nukus is a cultural and artistic hub known for its impressive Savitsky Museum. The museum houses a unique collection of Russian avant-garde art, including works that were suppressed during the Soviet era. Explore the museum's extensive exhibits, which also showcase Karakalpakstan's cultural heritage and traditional crafts. Visit the State Art Museum of Karakalpakstan and the Nukus Museum of Regional Studies to learn more about the local history and archaeology. Nukus is also a starting point for exploring the nearby archaeological site of Mizdakhan and the ecological reserve of the Aral Sea. With its artistic treasures and cultural attractions, Nukus offers a fascinating glimpse into Uzbekistan's cultural heritage.
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