Montblanc, Spain

Montblanc, Spain: Montblanc is a medieval town located in the province of Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain. Enclosed by ancient walls, it transports visitors back in time with its well-preserved architecture and historical charm. Walk through the narrow streets of the old town, admiring the Gothic and Romanesque buildings and the picturesque Plaça Major. Discover the Church of Santa Maria, a beautiful example of Catalan Gothic architecture, and the Royal Convent of Sant Francesc, which houses a museum showcasing the town's history. Montblanc is also famous for its annual Medieval Week, during which the streets come alive with medieval reenactments, markets, and festivities. Explore the surrounding natural landscapes, with hiking trails that lead to scenic viewpoints and nearby monasteries. Montblanc offers a captivating journey into the past and an authentic Catalan experience.
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