32 Fun and Exciting Places to Visit in Dubai | 2024 (with Photos)

Marvellous Oyebanjo

Marvellous Oyebanjo - Travel Writer

Published: June 30, 2023

Marvellous is a passionate travel enthusiast with a knack for uncovering hidden gems and capturing breathtaking moments through photography. With firsthand knowledge and a genuine love for Dubai, Marvellous shares an exhilarating collection of 32 must-visit destinations in the city, promising an unforgettable adventure filled with thrills and delights.

Fun and Unique Places to Visit in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is known for its luxury hotels, shopping malls, and stunning skyscrapers. It is also home to the world's tallest building and the second-largest indoor amusement park in the world.

However, there is so much more to this city than just the glitz and glamor. From exciting theme parks to serene beaches, there is something for everyone in Dubai.

We've compiled a list of 32 unique places to visit in Dubai that offer a mix of adventure and relaxation. So, get ready to discover a whole new side of the Middle East and Dubai.

Most Recommended Thing to Do

Burj Khalifa

Top Choice Hotel

Burj Al Arab

Our Top Choice Restaurant


Our Top Choice Bar for Nightlife


Best Time to Visit

Mild winters, avoid extreme summer heat and Ramadan

Average Temperature

Hot weather year-round with scorching summers.

Transportation Options

efficient, modern, diverse, extensive, convenient, reliable, affordable, technologically-advanced

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My Top Recommendation

Dubai is an extraordinary city that seamlessly blends tradition and modernity. Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture by exploring the historic Al Fahidi neighborhood, where you can wander through narrow streets lined with traditional wind towers, visit the Dubai Museum housed in a 200-year-old fort, and sip on aromatic Arabic coffee in a local café.

For a dose of adrenaline-pumping adventure, visit the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, and take an exhilarating ride in the high-speed elevators to the observation deck on the 148th floor. From there, you'll be treated to breathtaking views of the city's stunning skyline and the Arabian Gulf, creating unforgettable memories that will stay with you long after you leave this remarkable city.

What You'll Need to Bring

  1. Passport
  2. Visa (if required)
  3. Comfortable walking shoes
  4. Lightweight, breathable clothing
  5. Sunscreen
  6. Sunglasses
  7. Hat or cap
  8. Travel adapter
  9. Camera
  10. Money or credit cards

What Not to Miss

  1. Burj Khalifa
  2. Dubai Mall
  3. Dubai Creek
  4. Jumeirah Mosque
  5. Palm Jumeirah
  6. Dubai Marina
  7. Dubai Museum
  8. Bastakiya Quarter
  9. The Desert Safari
  10. Sheikh Zayed Road

What to Avoid

  1. Overpacking: Dubai's climate is hot year-round, so it's best to avoid bringing heavy or unnecessary clothing items.
  2. Public displays of affection: Dubai is a Muslim country with conservative cultural norms, so it's important to avoid excessive displays of affection in public.
  3. Drinking in public: While alcohol is permitted in licensed venues such as hotels and restaurants, consuming alcohol in public places is generally not allowed.
  4. Showing disrespect for local customs: It's important to be mindful of and respect local customs and traditions, such as dressing modestly when visiting religious sites.
  5. Taking photos without permission: Avoid taking photos of people without their consent, especially in more traditional or conservative areas of the city.
  6. Offensive behavior or language: Remember to be courteous and avoid using offensive language or behavior that may be deemed disrespectful to the local culture and community.
  7. Neglecting to carry identification: It's advisable to always carry identification documents, such as your passport or Emirates ID, as you may be required to present them when needed.
  8. Engaging in illegal activities: Avoid engaging in any illegal activities, as the laws and regulations in the United Arab Emirates are strictly enforced.

1. The Burj Khalifa Skyscraper

Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa in Dubai is the tallest building in the world, standing at a height of 828 meters. The Burj Khalifa is an iconic symbol of Dubai's modern architecture and engineering marvels.

The observation deck on the 124th floor of the Burj Khalifa offers panoramic views of the city and beyond. You can also dine at the exclusive restaurant inside the Burj Khalifa, ****called Atmosphere. This restaurant is located on the 122nd floor of the Burj Khalifa.

Alternatively, visitors to the Burj Khalifa can enjoy the stunning views from the lounge. The Burj Khalifa offers a unique perspective of the city and is a truly unforgettable experience. If you're interested, you can check out the Burj Khalifa tickets and pricing.

2. The Dubai Fountain

fountain with lights on the street of Dubai

The Dubai Fountain is the world's largest choreographed fountain system, featuring over 6,000 lights and 22,000 gallons of water that shoot up to heights of 500 feet. It is located in front of the Burj Khalifa building.

The Dubai Fountain is free to watch, even if you are not a resident of the Burj Khalifa. It is also right by the famous Dubai Mall.

The show takes place every 30 minutes from 6 pm to 11 pm, making the Dubai Fountain a perfect attraction to visit during the evening. The floating platform of the Dubai Fountain Boardwalk is one of the most popular experiences for close-up views.

3. The Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is one of the world's largest and most extravagant shopping centers, with over 1,200 retail stores, as well as a variety of entertainment options such as an indoor theme park, an ice rink, a cinema, and an aquarium.

The Dubai Mall also boasts diverse dining options, from fast food to fine dining. It is a hub for cultural activities, hosting events and exhibitions throughout the year. The Dubai Mall is one of the best places to visit in Dubai.

The Dubai Mall is not just a shopping destination, but a complete entertainment and lifestyle experience that is worth visiting. So, whether you are in Dubai with kids, friends, or a partner, the Dubai Mall is a must.

4. The Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

The Dubai Aquarium is one of the best aquariums in the world, featuring a 10 million-liter tank with over 140 species of marine animals. You can walk through a 48-meter-long tunnel with a unique 270-degree view of the aquarium and experience marine life up close.

The aquarium also offers shark diving, cage snorkeling, and glass-bottom boat tours, allowing visitors to get even closer to the marine animals. With so much to offer, the Dubai Aquarium is a top attraction and a fascinating experience for visitors of all ages.

Above the aquarium is the Underwater Zoo.

5. The Dubai Underwater Zoo

Dubai Underwater Zoo

The Underwater Zoo, located above the Dubai Aquarium, allows visitors to get up close and personal with marine life. You can explore different zones, such as the Rainforest Zone and the Rocky Shore Zone, which showcase a variety of animals, including penguins, crocodiles, and otters.

One of the highlights of the Dubai Aquarium Underwater Zoo is the King Croc exhibit, which features one of the world's largest living crocodiles. The Underwater Zoo also offers a Glass-bottom boat tour and the Behind the Scenes tour for a glimpse into the inner workings of the aquarium.

6. The Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden

The Dubai Miracle Garden is one of the world's largest flower gardens and is home to over 45 million flowers. It features a variety of intricately designed floral arrangements, including a floral castle, an Emirates A380 airplane, and a giant teddy bear made entirely of flowers.

Visitors can stroll through the garden's pathways and take in the stunning beauty of the vibrant blooms. The Dubai Miracle Garden is near Global Village and is open from October to April each year. It is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Dubai during this time.

7. The Dubai Butterfly Garden

Dubai Butterfly Garden

The Dubai Butterfly Garden is the world's largest indoor butterfly garden, featuring over 15,000 butterflies of 26 different species. The garden offers visitors the chance to walk through a climate-controlled dome filled with lush tropical plants and a variety of colorful butterflies.

Visitors can learn about the life cycle of butterflies and watch them as they fly and feed on flowers. The Dubai Butterfly Garden also offers a variety of educational programs and interactive exhibits, making it a perfect attraction for families with children.

8. Downtown Dubai

Downtown Dubai

Downtown Dubai is a vibrant and cosmopolitan district and home to the most iconic Dubai attractions. At the heart of the district is the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building, which offers breathtaking views of the city.

Just next to it is the Dubai Mall, the world's largest shopping and entertainment destination with a cinema complex, an ice rink, and the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo.

Another highlight of Downtown Dubai is the spectacular Dubai Fountain, a stunning water and light show that takes place every evening on the Burj Khalifa Lake.

9. Burj Al Arab Hotel

Burj Al Arab Hotel

The Burj Al Arab Hotel, located on an artificial island off the coast of Jumeirah Beach, is one of the world's most luxurious hotels. The sail-shaped design and stunning architecture of Burj Al Arab make it one of the best hotels in Dubai.

Visitors to Burj Al Arab ****can enjoy high-end dining experiences, luxurious spa treatments, and the hotel's private beach. Burj Al Arab also offers helicopter tours, skydiving, and yacht rental, making it a perfect tourist attraction for those seeking an unforgettable experience.

When in Dubai, it is worth visiting Burj al Arab for a taste of luxury. Even if you are not staying at Burj al Arab, make the trip from Downtown Dubai to check out this magnificent building.

10. The Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah

The Palm Jumeirah is a man-made island located off the coast of Dubai, near the Burj al Arab. This is one of the city's most iconic landmarks. The island's unique palm-tree shape is visible from space and can be seen from the deck of the Burj Khalifa.

When visiting Dubai, United Arab Emirates, you will want to add the Palm Jumeirah to your list of must-see attractions. You will have never seen anything like the Palm Jumeirah anywhere else.

Visitors to the Palm Jumeirah can enjoy sports activities such as jet skiing, parasailing, and paddleboarding, or simply relax on one of the island's pristine beaches. The Palm Jumeirah is also home to several entertainment venues such as the Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark and the Dubai Marina.

11. IMG Worlds of Adventure

IMG Worlds of Adventure

IMG Worlds of Adventure is the world's largest indoor amusement park, located in the City of Arabia district. IMG Worlds of Adventure features thrilling rides and attractions based on popular Marvel and Cartoon Network characters, and other experiences.

Visitors can enjoy a range of exciting experiences such as roller coasters, 4D cinema experiences, and virtual reality games. IMG Worlds of Adventure also offers a variety of dining options and souvenir shops, making it a top tourist attraction for families with children.

Alongside the Dubai Mall, this is a great spot for families with kids to visit in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

12. Global Village

Dubai Global Village

Dubai Global Village is a massive complex that features pavilions representing over 80 different countries, offering visitors an immersive experience of their unique culture and heritage.

If you are looking for culture in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, this is the place to be. Half an hour from the iconic landmarks of the Burj al Arab, Burj Khalifa, and Dubai Mall, it is worth the drive to this spot.

Global Village also hosts various live shows, concerts, and performances from different parts of the world. The place is famous for its spectacular fireworks, thrilling rides, and mouth-watering cuisine.

Whether you're looking for a family-friendly outing, a romantic evening, or an adventure-filled day, Global Village has something for everyone.

13. Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame

The Dubai Frame is one of the most iconic structures in Dubai, offering breathtaking views of the city's skyline. Dubai Frame stands at 150 meters tall and 93 meters wide, providing visitors with a panoramic view of the city's modern skyline on one side and the historical "Old Dubai" on the other.

While it is not as tall as the Burj Khalifa, the Frame is still a brilliant spot for photos and panoramic views. The Dubai Frame is located in Zabeel Park and is surrounded by lush greenery, providing a serene and peaceful atmosphere for visitors.

The highlight of the Dubai Frame experience is the 93-meter-long glass bridge that connects its two towers, offering an unparalleled view of both old and new Dubai.

14. The Dubai Museum

Dubai Museum

The Dubai Museum is one of the most popular tourist attractions and a must when you visit Dubai. The Dubai Museum is located in the Al Fahidi Fort, which was built in 1787 and is considered one of the oldest buildings in Dubai.

Dubai Museum houses a vast collection of artifacts that showcase the history and culture of Dubai. Visitors can explore the different galleries, which include exhibits on Bedouin life, traditional occupations, pearl diving, and the development of Dubai.

15. Dubai Gold Souk

Dubai Gold Souk

The Dubai Gold Souk is a traditional market located in the Deira district of Dubai, United Arab Emirates and is one of the world's largest gold markets. The souk features over 300 retailers, offering a range of gold jewelry, precious stones, and watches.

You can explore the narrow streets and haggle for the best prices while admiring the unique designs of the jewelry on display. The souk also offers products such as spices, perfumes, and textiles, making it a perfect destination for anyone interested in experiencing the local culture.

16. The Al Fahidi District

Al Fahidi District

Al Fahidi is a historic district in Old Dubai, famous for its traditional Arabian architecture, narrow lanes, and wind towers. Visitors can explore the Dubai Museum, which is housed in the Al Fahidi Fort, and see exhibits on the city's rich history.

Other attractions in the area include the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding, which offers cultural tours and activities, and the Al Bastakiya neighborhood, which is home to art galleries, cafes, and boutique shops.

Visitors can take an abra ride (traditional water taxi) across Dubai Creek to reach Al Fahidi and enjoy the scenic views.

17. Jumeirah Mosque

Jumeirah Mosque

The Jumeirah Mosque is one of Dubai's most iconic landmarks and a beautiful example of traditional Islamic architecture. The Jumeirah Mosque is also great for learning about the Islamic faith and culture.

Visitors can take a guided tour of the Jumeirah Mosque, which is open to both Muslims and non-Muslims and learn about its history.

The Jumeirah Mosque has white marble walls and minarets, which are a sight to behold, especially in the evening when it is beautifully illuminated.

The mosque is located just a short drive from Burj Khalifa and other Downtown Dubai attractions, so it is very accessible.

18. The Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina

The Dubai Marina is a man-made waterfront development located in the heart of the city and is one of Dubai's most vibrant and cosmopolitan neighborhoods.

The Dubai Marina features a range of luxury hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues, as well as the famous Dubai Marina Mall.

You can take a stroll along the promenade of the Dubai Marina, enjoy a yacht ride on the Arabian Gulf, or dine at one of the many high-end restaurants overlooking the stunning waterfront.

The Dubai Marina also offers a range of water sports, such as jet skiing, parasailing, and paddleboarding. South west of Dubai Creek, this marina is a lovely place to relax in a vibrant city.

19. Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai is the first indoor ski center in the Middle East, offering an escape from the heat and the chance to experience snow sports in the heart of the desert.

2o minutes from Burj Khalifa, Ski Dubai features a 22,500 square-meter indoor ski slope, complete with real snow, ski lifts, and snowboarding runs.

Visitors can choose from skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing, and having snowball fights, as well as enjoy a hot chocolate or meal in the cozy Alpine-themed café.

Ski Dubai also offers a variety of ski lessons for all skill levels, making it a great destination for beginners and seasoned skiers who visit Dubai.

20. Legoland Dubai Theme Park

Legoland Dubai Theme Park

Legoland Dubai Amusement Park is part of a larger entertainment complex called Dubai Parks and Resorts. This is a great destination for any theme park lover in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The complex comprises three theme parks, including Motiongate Dubai, Bollywood Parks Dubai, and Legoland Dubai, as well as a water park called Legoland Water Park. The only thing better than a theme park on a hot summer's day is a water park.

Dubai Parks and Resorts offers a wide range of rides, shows, and dining options, making it a perfect destination for families and groups of friends. Visitors can enjoy a variety of experiences, from thrilling roller coasters and water rides to live performances and interactive shows.

21. The Dubai Opera

Dubai Opera

The Dubai Opera is a stunning architectural masterpiece and one of the premier performing arts centers in the Middle East. The Dubai Opera features a 2,000-seat auditorium with world-class acoustics and a breathtaking design inspired by the Arabian dhow.

It is located in Downtown Dubai, near the famous Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall. The Dubai Opera hosts musicals, ballets, concerts, and theater performances. Visitors can also enjoy the stunning views of the Dubai skyline from the rooftop terrace of the opera house.

22. The Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek

The Dubai Creek is a saltwater creek in the heart of Downtown Dubai, also near the Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa.

Dubai Creek is a historical area that has been used as a trading port for centuries and hosts a number of attractions, including the Dubai Museum, the Gold Souk, and the Spice Souk.

Visitors to the Dubai Creek can take a traditional boat ride, known as an abra, and enjoy the stunning views of the city skyline.

The Dubai Dolphinarium, located at Dubai Creek Park, offers the opportunity to interact with dolphins and seals. The Dubai Creek is a must-visit destination for those interested in learning about Dubai's history and culture.

23. Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is a protected natural area covering over 225 square kilometers of pristine desert landscape in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

It is home to a variety of flora and fauna, including the Arabian oryx, sand gazelle, desert hare, and over 170 species of birds. This is one of the best local tourist attractions for nature lovers.

The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve offers a unique opportunity to experience the beauty of the desert landscape while learning about the efforts to conserve this fragile ecosystem.

The reserve also offers activities, such as falconry displays, camel rides, and traditional Emirati meals served in a Bedouin-style camp on a Dubai desert safari.

If you are looking for culture, nature, and a unique experience in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, this is the place for you.

24. Lost Chambers Aquarium

Lost Chambers Aquarium

The Lost Chambers Aquarium, located in the Atlantis, the Palm resort on the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, United Arab Emirates features over 65,000 marine animals from over 250 species, including sharks, rays, and colorful tropical fish.

It is one of the major tourist attractions in Dubai and worth checking out. Visitors can take a guided tour of the Lost Chambers Aquarium and learn about marine animals and their habitats.

The Lost Chambers Aquarium also offers various interactive activities, such as diving and snorkeling with marine creatures. This is a major tourist attraction in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

25. Dubai Garden Glow

Dubai Garden Glow

Dubai Garden Glow, located in Zabeel Park, features a collection of themed attractions, including the Dinosaur Park, the Glow Park, the Glow Garden, the Ice Park, the Magic Park, and the Art Park.

The Glow Garden is a highlight of Dubai Garden Glow, featuring over a million energy-efficient LED lights in various designs and shapes.

With so much to see and do, Dubai Garden Glow is a fantastic attraction that should be added to every traveler's itinerary when planning to visit Dubai.

This is one of the most picturesque tourist attractions in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

26. Bur Dubai

Grand Mosque

Bur Dubai is a historic district located on the western side of Dubai Creek. Bur Dubai is known for its rich cultural heritage and traditional architecture.

One of the most popular attractions in Bur Dubai is the Dubai Museum. There are many other places to visit in Bur Dubai, so make sure to spend a good few hours in the Bur Dabi district.

Bur Dabi also has a bustling souk, or traditional market. Other notable attractions in Bur Dubai include the Grand Mosque and the historic Dubai Creek.

Overall, Bur Dubai is a great destination for anyone interested in learning about Dubai's history while enjoying its vibrant atmosphere. With so many tourist attractions, Bur Dubai is an unmissable part of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

27. Dubai Safari Park

Dubai Safari Park

Dubai Safari Park is a world-class wildlife sanctuary located in the heart of Dubai. This sprawling park is home to over 2500 animals from more than 250 different species, including lions, tigers, elephants, giraffes, and many more.

Dubai Safari Park is divided into four different sections, each representing a different part of the world and its unique flora and fauna. Visitors can take a safari-style tour of the park, getting up close and personal with some of the world's most fascinating animals.

If you are in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with kids, the safari park is one of the best places to visit.

28. Wild Wadi Water Park

Wild Wadi Water Park

Wild Wadi Water Park is a thrilling and exciting water park in Dubai. With more than 30 rides and attractions, Wild Wadi offers something for visitors of all ages, from thrilling water slides to lazy river rides.

The park is home to the tallest and fastest freefall water slide outside of North America, the Jumeirah Sceirah, which plunges riders down a 33-meter drop at speeds of up to 80 km/h.

With its exciting rides and stunning setting, Wild Wadi Water Park is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for a fun day out in Dubai. This is another of the best places to visit in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with kids.

29. The Museum of the Future

Museum of the Future

Located on Sheikh Zayed Road, the city's main highway, the Museum of the Future is a seven-story hollow elliptical structure designed from stainless steel and inscribed with Arabic calligraphy quotes.

This unique museum features immersive installations and showcases the latest advancements in fields such as robotics, artificial intelligence, and biotechnology. The Museum of the Future is one of the best places to visit for anyone interested in the latest innovations shaping our world.

30. Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach is one of Dubai's most popular and picturesque beaches, located in the exclusive Jumeirah neighborhood. It stretches along the Arabian Gulf, offering crystal-clear waters, soft white sand, and stunning views of Dubai's iconic skyline.

You can enjoy a range of activities at Jumeirah Beach, including swimming, sunbathing, beach volleyball, and water sports such as jet skiing and parasailing. So, it's one of the most fun places to visit for some downtime in Dubai.

Jumeirah Beach is also surrounded by a range of restaurants, cafes, and shops, making it the perfect destination for a day out with friends or family.

31. Kite Beach

kite flying over the beach with a city in the background

Kite Beach is a popular beach in Dubai known for its crystal-clear waters, white sand, and perfect kite surfing conditions. The beach is located near Jumeirah and offers stunning views of the iconic Burj Al Arab Hotel.

You can enjoy a range of activities at the beach, including kite surfing, paddleboarding, beach volleyball, and swimming. Kite Beach also has a range of amenities, including showers, changing rooms, and a selection of beachside restaurants and cafes.

32. Take a Day Trip to Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi

Ferrari World

One of the top attractions to see in Abu Dhabi is the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, which is considered one of the world's largest mosques. Abu Dhabi is not far from Dubai.

Another popular attraction is Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, a theme park that is home to the world's fastest roller coaster. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi offers thrilling rides, attractions, and experiences for visitors of all ages.

While you are in the UAE, why not stop in Abu Dhabi?

Let's also explore some frequently asked questions related to fun and unique places to visit in Dubai, UAE.

What should I not miss in Dubai?

There are many things to do in Dubai, but some of the major attractions like the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building, and the Dubai Mall, which is one of the largest shopping centers in the world should not be missed.

Other top Dubai attractions are the Palm Jumeirah, an artificial island shaped like a palm tree, the Global Village complex, the Miracle Garden, Bollywood Parks Dubai, and the Dubai Fountain.

What are the top 2 places to visit in Dubai?

The top two Dubai tourist places are the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall. The Burj Khalifa offers views of the city and the Dubai Mall is one of the largest shopping centers in the world, featuring over 1,200 stores, an aquarium, an ice rink, and a cinema. No trip to Dubai is complete without a stop at Burj Khalifa and the shopping malls.

What is famous in Dubai?

Some of the most famous Dubai attractions are the Palm Jumeirah, the Burj Khalifa, the big shopping malls, and Global Village Dubai.

Some other top Dubai tourist places are ****the iconic Burj Al Arab, the Dubai Miracle Garden, the Jumeirah Mosque, Bur Dubai, Ski Dubai, the Ain Dubai observation wheel, the Dubai Marina, and the IMG Worlds of Adventure.

You can also attend the famous Dubai Shopping Festival, and explore City Walk**,** a pedestrian-only zone in Dubai's city center, or Dubai's Aquaventure Waterpark with its private beach.

When is the best time to visit Dubai?

The best time to visit Dubai is during the winter months from November to March when the weather is mild and pleasant (from 20°C to 30°C). You can fly into the Dubai International Airport and use the Dubai Metro to make your journey pleasant.

Make sure to check Dubai, United Arab Emirates' timings for tourist attractions in off-peak seasons when you visit Dubai.

Summing Up: Fun and Unique Places to Visit in Dubai

Dubai is a city of endless possibilities, with a multitude of unique places to visit. From iconic landmarks like the Burj Khalifa to thrilling tourist attractions like the Dubai Parks ****and Resorts, IMG Worlds of Adventure, and the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, there are plenty of Dubai tourist places to explore and enjoy.

For those looking for something truly special, the Miracle Garden and the Dubai Dolphinarium ****in Creek Park ****transport visitors to magical worlds that must be seen to be believed.

With so many Dubai and Abu Dhabi attractions to explore, there is lots of fun to be had in this incredible city. So book your trip today and explore one of the world's most exciting destinations.