Burj Khalifa Tickets & Pricing - All You Need to Know | 2024

James A. Smith

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Published: June 30, 2023

Hey there! I'm James, and I'm here to provide you with all the essential information about Burj Khalifa tickets and pricing. Get ready to explore the world's tallest building and make the most of your visit with these helpful details. Enjoy your time at the iconic Burj Khalifa!

Burj Khalifa

So, you're heading to Dubai and want to visit one of the most iconic buildings in the world. Here's everything you need to know before you go.

You can visit Burj Khalifa to enjoy the top sky view from the tallest building in the world. Located in downtown Dubai, UAE, at 828 meters, Burj Khalifa offers unforgettable views of the city and beyond.

In 2024, the Burj Khalifa tickets include general admission tickets, VIP experiences, and exclusive packages. Experience a personalized tour of Burj Khalifa or private lounges and access to some of the world's most spectacular views. In short, Burj Khalifa in Dubai has it all.

Most Recommended Thing to Do

Top Choice Hotel

Burj Al Arab

Our Top Choice Restaurant

Our Top Choice Bar for Nightlife

Best Time to Visit

November - March

Average Temperature

80°F (30°C)

Transportation Options

Metro, tram, bus, taxi

Average Cost ($, $$, $$$)


My Top Recommendation

Spend your time exploring the towering skyscrapers and luxurious shopping malls, immersing yourself in the opulence and grandeur that Dubai is known for.

Indulge in the city's world-class dining scene, where you can savor delectable international cuisines while enjoying stunning views of the city's iconic landmarks.

What You'll Need to Bring

Passport, comfortable clothes, sunscreen, camera, cash, power adapter, comfortable walking shoes, travel insurance, valid identification, toiletries.

What Not to Miss

  1. Burj Khalifa
  2. Dubai Mall
  3. Palm Jumeirah
  4. Dubai Creek
  5. Jumeirah Beach
  6. Dubai Marina
  7. The Dubai Fountain
  8. The Dubai Miracle Garden
  9. Bastakiya Quarter
  10. Sheikh Zayed Road

What to Avoid

  1. Avoid public displays of affection
  2. Avoid consuming alcohol in public places
  3. Avoid excessive sun exposure without sunscreen or protective clothing
  4. Avoid offensive gestures or behavior that may be considered disrespectful to local customs and traditions
  5. Avoid photographing or filming individuals without their permission

Burj Khalifa Ticket Prices

Visitors can purchase Burj Khalifa tickets online or at the ticket counter. There are ticket price options for every pocket.

The ticket prices can vary, depending on if the visit is within the prime time hours, between 3 pm and 6.30 pm, or non-prime hours, from 8 am - 2 pm and 6.30 pm.

The Burj Khalifa ticket price within non-prime hours is cheaper than tickets for prime time hours.

When buying Burj Khalifa tickets, remember that the prime time hours mean more people. The non-prime hours would be the best time to visit Burj Khalifa if visiting with small children.

Burj Khalifa "At The Top" Ticket prices - Level 124 & 125

Burj Khalifa level 125

The 124-floor offers floor-to-ceiling glass walls that provide panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf. From the 125th floor of Burj Khalifa, you can enjoy the view from an outdoor terrace and observation decks.

The adult ticket price (12+) for this experience within the peak hours (3 pm - 6.30 pm) is 244 AED or 63 EUR (67 USD).

Ticket prices for children (4 - 12 years) are AED 152 or 39 EUR (42 USD). For infants (below 4), the Burj Khalifa tickets are FREE.

The adult ticket price (12+) for this experience outside the peak hours (08 Am - 1.30 pm and from 6.30 pm until closing hours) is AED 169 or 43 EUR (49 USD).

Meanwhile, the ticket price for children (4 - 12 years) is AED 134 or 34 EUR ( 37 USD), and for infants (below 4) the Burj Khalifa tickets are FREE.

Skip the Line Ticket Option for "At The Top" Burj Khalifa Tickets - Level 124 & 125

Burj Khalifa level 124

This skip-the-line ticket for Burj Khalifa allows visitors to skip the long queues and go straight to the elevator.

From there, visitors can access the Burj Khalifa observation decks on the 124th and 125th floors without any waiting time.

The skip-the-line Burj Khalifa ticket for adults (12+) is AED 514 or 131 EUR ( 139 USD). Visitors can find the Burj Khalifa skip-the-line tickets online.

Burj Khalifa "At The Top" - Level 124 & 125 and Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Dubai Underwater Zoo

These tickets get you to the top Burj Khalifa Observatory on the 124 & 125 floors (At The Top) and entry to Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo.

Ticket price for adults (12+) is 247 AED or 63 EUR (67 USD), for children (4 - 12 years) is 212 AED or 54 EUR (58 USD), and for infants (below 4) the Burj Khalifa tickets are FREE.

Tickets to Burj Khalifa "At The Top" SKY (Level 148) with Introductory Tour and Refreshments

Burj Khalifa level 148

Skip the line and enjoy a spectacular view from the world's tallest building (500m higher than Eiffel Tower) observation deck. Light refreshments will be waiting at Burj Khalifa Sky Lounge, and the guest ambassador will give a guided tour around the floor.

Adult ticket price (4+) for prime time hours (10 am - 6 pm) is 543 AED or 139 EUR (147 USD), and for infants (below 4), the Burj Khalifa tickets are FREE.

Adult ticket price (4+) for non-prime hours (7 pm - 9 pm) is 389 AED or 100 EUR (106 USD), and for infants (below 4), the Burj Khalifa tickets are FREE.

About Burj Khalifa

About Burj Khalifa

Known as the tallest free-standing structure in the world, The Burj Khalifa was originally named Burj Dubai, to honor the leader of the neighboring emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Construction of the Burj Khalifa began in 2004 and it was opened in 2010. From the lower ground floor to the top of its antenna, Burj Khalifa is truly remarkable.

The world's tallest building also has the world's highest observation deck and offers panoramic views of Dubai and the Arabian Gulf.

Therefore, visiting Burj Khalifa means enjoying an unforgettable sky-level moment from the observation deck. Experience a unique perspective of Dubai's skyline view during your Burj Khalifa top sky visit.

How to Reach Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa Elevator

To visit the Burj Khalifa observation deck, visitors can enter from the lower ground floor of the Dubai Mall.

Once inside the Burj Khalifa tower, you can take the world's fastest elevators to the Burj Khalifa's observation deck with an outdoor terrace on the 125th or 148th floors.

Since Burj Khalifa is located in downtown Dubai, it can be reached by taxi or car. In addition, you can take the bus or the Dubai Metro Red Line that stops at the Burj Khalifa station.

To enter the tallest building in the world you will also need your pre-purchased Burj Khalifa tickets.

What Can I Visit at Burj Khalifa?

SKY lounge

You will enjoy breathtaking views from the top sky observation decks with an outdoor terrace on the top of the Burj Khalifa.

Visitors can also access the luxurious SKY lounge on floor 148, which offers an even higher vantage point and a falcon's eye view of Dubai.

In addition to the observation decks and the SKY lounge, the Burj Khalifa inside is also home to many restaurants, including Atmosphere and The Lounge.

For a luxurious stay experience, there is an Armani Hotel Dubai with its beautifully designed rooms and suites by Giorgio Armani.

The Burj Club offers high-end fitness and wellness retreat set over five levels (one level being exclusively for ladies).

The Burj Club compliment your Burj Khalifa journey by including a multitude of fitness, leisure, and well-being facilities with panoramic views of Downtown Dubai.

For relaxation, enjoy the rejuvenating body treatments that The Burj Club SPA offers such as the sauna and steam room.

What Are the Top Things to Do in Dubai within Non-Prime Hours?

While on the mission to explore Burj Khalifa there are plenty of other things to do in Dubai. Dubai Mall, Dubai Fountain, Dubai Aquarium, Dubai skyline, and Palm Jumeirah should also be explored for a unique experience of Dubai.

The Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is a shopper's paradise, with over 1,300 retails, from luxury fashion brands to budget-friendly options. The mall also offers a range of entertainment options, including a cinema complex, an aquarium, and an ice rink.

The Dubai Mall also has a wide selection of restaurants, cafes, and food courts, offering local and international cuisine.

The Dubai Aquarium

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

The Aquarium is a must-do when traveling with kids.

It is one of the largest suspended aquariums in the world, which houses over 33,000 marine animals from over 140 species, including sharks, rays, and colorful fish.

Some of the activities that visitors can enjoy are a glass-bottom boat ride, a behind-the-scenes tour, and a cage snorkeling experience.

The aquarium also offers a unique opportunity to dive with sharks in its 10-million-liter tank.

The Dubai Fountain

Explore Dubai's iconic attraction known for its spectacular water and light show choreographed to music.

The show takes place several times throughout the day, mainly in the evening, and it's free to watch.

Visitors can watch the show while strolling on the Dubai Fountain boardwalk.

Dubai Skyline

Dubai Skyline

One of the best places to view Dubai's skyline is from the top of a building. The Dubai Marina has several high-rise buildings with observation decks, offering a panoramic view of the city from above.

The Dubai Marina is a must-visit for the most stunning views of the city's modern architecture and the Persian Gulf.

Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah

An artificial island in Dubai shaped like a palm tree that has luxury hotels, residences, and entertainment options, including the famous Atlantis resort.

It's one of the three artificial islands with water parks, beaches, and restaurants.

FAQs relating to the Burj Khalifa in Dubai

Let's look at some frequently asked questions about visiting Burj Khalifa.

What is the Best Time to Visit the Burj Khalifa Top View?

Early morning or late afternoon is the best time to visit and experience the Burj Khalifa top view. In the early morning, a spectacular sight from the Burj Khalifa observation deck offers a clear sunrise view.

In the afternoon, Burj Khalifa offers a breathtaking sunset view from the world's highest observation deck.

What is the cheapest way to visit Burj khalifa?

The cheapest way to visit Burj Khalifa is to visit outside of peak hours. The Burj Khalifa price will vary depending on the time of day, as well as your age.

Check out their website for more details.

Summing up: Burj Khalifa Tickets & Pricing - All You Need to Know 2024

Burj Khalifa is an iconic skyscraper in Dubai that offers breathtaking city views from its observation deck.

Buying tickets online is recommended for the Burj Khalifa, or visitors can purchase tickets at the ticket office.

To avoid large crowds, visitors can buy non-prime tickets or book in advance skip-the-line tickets for Burj Khalifa's stunning views.

During non-prime hours, visitors can explore the surrounding area of Burj Khalifa and indulge in different cultural treats.

Check out the Dubai Mall, and the Dubai Aquarium, or eat some local food.

Ticket prices for Burj Khalifa will vary and are different for prime time and non-prime time hours.