Olgiy, Mongolia

Olgiy, Mongolia: Olgiy, also known as Ulgii, is the capital of Bayan-Ölgii Province in western Mongolia. Located in the Altai Mountains, Olgiy is known for its unique cultural heritage and stunning natural landscapes. Immerse yourself in the Kazakh culture, as Olgiy is home to a significant Kazakh population. Explore the local markets to discover traditional crafts, textiles, and nomadic artifacts. Embark on a journey to the nearby Altai Tavan Bogd National Park, where you can witness snow-capped peaks, glaciers, and alpine lakes. Experience eagle hunting, a traditional practice of the Kazakh people, and learn about their nomadic way of life. Olgiy is also a starting point for adventure activities such as trekking, horseback riding, and camping in the picturesque mountains. With its remote and rugged beauty, Olgiy offers a unique cultural and natural experience in Mongolia.
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