Nadur, Malta

Nadur, Malta: Nadur is a picturesque village located on the island of Gozo, part of the Maltese archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. Known for its rustic charm, traditional festivals, and panoramic views, Nadur offers a peaceful retreat away from the bustling tourist areas. Explore the village's historic center, with its narrow winding streets and old stone houses. Visit the impressive baroque church of St. Peter and St. Paul, which dominates the skyline and offers breathtaking views from its rooftop. Discover the natural beauty of the surrounding countryside, including the picturesque Dahlet Qorrot Bay and the scenic valleys of Wied Bingemma and Wied il-Mielaħ. Nadur is also famous for its lively Carnival celebrations, featuring colorful parades, masked revelers, and traditional music and dancing. With its authentic charm, stunning vistas, and traditional Maltese culture, Nadur provides a unique and off-the-beaten-path experience for visitors to Gozo.
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