Nagano, Japan

Nagano, Japan: Nagano is a city located in central Japan, known for its picturesque landscapes, historic temples, and as the host of the 1998 Winter Olympics. Surrounded by the Japanese Alps, Nagano offers excellent opportunities for outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking, and hot spring baths. Visit Zenkoji Temple, a significant Buddhist temple that dates back over 1,400 years and is home to the country's first Buddhist statue. Explore the charming streets of the historic Nakamachi district, lined with traditional wooden merchant houses. Nagano is also famous for its delicious soba noodles, and you can enjoy them at local restaurants. Don't miss the Jigokudani Monkey Park, where you can observe Japanese macaques bathing in hot springs. With its blend of natural beauty, cultural treasures, and outdoor adventures, Nagano is a captivating destination.
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