Piraeus, Greece

Piraeus, Greece: Discover the vibrant port city of Piraeus, located just southwest of Athens, Greece. Explore the bustling Marina Zeas, lined with restaurants, cafes, and yacht-filled harbors. Visit the Archaeological Museum of Piraeus and admire its vast collection of ancient artifacts, showcasing the city's rich history. Explore the narrow streets of Kastella, a charming neighborhood known for its neoclassical mansions and panoramic views of the Saronic Gulf. Take a ferry from Piraeus to the nearby islands of the Cyclades, such as Mykonos and Santorini, for a memorable island-hopping adventure. Immerse yourself in Greek cuisine, savoring fresh seafood, mezes, and the famous souvlaki. With its maritime heritage, cultural attractions, and proximity to the Greek islands, Piraeus serves as a gateway to both the ancient past and the breathtaking Aegean Sea.
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