Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi, Georgia: Immerse yourself in the vibrant capital city of Georgia, Tbilisi, where ancient history meets modern culture. Explore the charming Old Town, a maze of narrow streets, ancient churches, and colorful houses with wooden balconies. Discover the iconic Narikala Fortress, perched on a hilltop overlooking the city, and take in the panoramic views of Tbilisi and the Mtkvari River. Stroll along Rustaveli Avenue, the city's main thoroughfare, lined with shops, cafes, and cultural institutions. Visit the Holy Trinity Cathedral, one of the largest Orthodox churches in the world, and admire its striking architecture. Experience the sulfur baths, a traditional Georgian bathing ritual, in the historic district of Abanotubani. Indulge in Georgian cuisine, renowned for its flavorful dishes like khachapuri (cheese-filled bread) and khinkali (dumplings). With its unique blend of history, culture, and warm hospitality, Tbilisi is a captivating destination in the Caucasus.
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