Published: January 4, 2024

Casa Spanish Review - Unlimited Online Spanish Classes

Recently, we had the pleasure of testing Casa Spanish, an online platform which provides authentic Spanish language immersion through face to face lessons with tutors.

We've just finished trialing various features within the platform and we wanted to share our experience doing so. Today, we’ll take you through all you need to know about Casa Spanish, including the following:

👍 The model and what makes it worth trialing 👍 Whether this method actually helps you to speak Spanish 👍 Main features, user experience and pricing/value for money

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How we did this review

In order to make this review as broad as possible, private Spanish teacher James tested out the platform and experience with his students. This Casa Spanish review is a result of these findings.

James has tested dozens of online language services already, having written many of the language resource reviews on this site. The scoring system above is determined based on the comparison between Casa Spanish and other tutor services on the market offering the same service.

The opinions that you read throughout this review are results of the process that James has undergone with unlimited access to the platform.

“I found Casa Spanish to be a great resource for both in terms of user experience and model. As a Spanish teacher myself, I wanted to test the quality of the tutors without giving anything away. Whilst I prefer private online classes, the attention I received in a group class was adequate and exceeded my expectations based on the cost of £49 per month for unlimited online Spanish classes. I'd like to see Casa Spanish offer a fixed price for solo learners.”

What is Casa Spanish?

Casa Spanish is an online platform to learn Spanish through video classes with real tutors. The mission of the company is to embrace language learning in the digital world, whilst keeping the power of human interaction at the heart of everything that they do.

You can access the service through desktop for the best experience, but access from a smartphone is also available on Android and iOS devices.

Casa Spanish provides a custom Spanish program for each student, with an emphasis on exposure, practice and results.

What type of language learner is Casa Spanish for?

Casa Spanish is, essentially, designed for anybody interested in learning Spanish online. The service is not for any specific type of Spanish language learner. However, online video classes with native tutors will definitely appeal more to:

👍 Anybody with some prior knowledge of the Spanish language 👍 Those who prefer to learn languages through video and with others 👍 Learners who can commit to at least one weekly Spanish class

We do not recommend this style of learning if you are a complete beginner. Group classes always work best when students have a similar level of Spanish.

Opting for online Spanish classes in this format could also be counterproductive if you are an introvert. Be prepared to speak up and participate in group classes!

Which languages can you learn through Casa Spanish?

Casa Spanish is limited to Spanish, as the name suggests!

Whilst this may come across as a limitation, particularly when compared with all the other online language services available, there is no doubt that the business model provides excellent value for money to learners of Spanish.

Image of map of Spanish speaking countries How does Casa Spanish help you learn a language?

Casa Spanish helps learners through the following methods:

✅ Online face-to-face interaction with native Spanish tutors ✅ Opportunities to participate in group classes ✅ A tailored curriculum and structured learning plan

The features above enable you to practice Spanish in a planned, controlled and structured environment.

The history of Casa Spanish

The service was founded by friends Carlos and Ben, who met in 2008 in China. Importantly, both are fluent Spanish speakers and learnt the language through direct exposure on their travels and in working environments.

In 2020, whilst both were in between jobs, Carlos decided to run some online language lessons which focused on student interaction. The lessons were highly structured, and every student had the opportunity to participate.

The success of the classes and evident student progression led Carlos to develop Casa Spanish and provide the service in mass.

Casa Spanish Features

We'll go through these now in greater detail, discussing what we like and dislike about the following:

✅ Carefully crafted lessons with clear learning outcomes ✅ Unique and varied content to keep all learners engaged ✅ Teachers with autonomy to teach in their own style

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The Package

Casa Spanish provides one package:

👍 £49 per month. Included in this price is the opportunity to take an unlimited number of lessons.

This fee makes this service the cheapest place to learn Spanish online (with a tailored curriculum) on the market. Students have the opportunity to attend class up to six days a week if they choose to.

As a student, you have the opportunity to choose from more than 15 live lessons per week, joining whichever you want.

Lesson Quality

Quality lessons are rarely seen at this price tag. It is possible to learn Spanish for even cheaper with some online services like italki or Tandem, but you are not guaranteed qualified tutors.

The teachers are given a great deal of autonomy, and can stay authentic to their respective teaching styles.

In addition, teachers get together on a regular basis to share ideas and maintain a high standards of teaching.

image of Casa Spanish free classes The Casa Spanish Community

I spoke with Casa Spanish co-founder, Ben, and asked him about the methodology behind their lessons. He told me that communication between all users (both students and teachers alike) is core to the methodology.

The idea is that, through this, every student will build a relationship with their teachers and fellow students. After all, this is important particularly for group classes.

Furthermore, as a student, you are able to engage in post lesson conversations and share ideas regarding topics to cover, lesson structure and optional homework.

Casa Spanish Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, we were impressed with Casa Spanish and enjoyed the experience, from scheduling the class and selecting the level, to going through with the class and experiencing face to face integration. Furthermore, the concept and execution is great.

A mild criticism would be that we'd like to see a broader range of languages available; perhaps this will be possible in future. We'd also like to see a private 1-2-1 package option.


"Casa Spanish provides an immersive experience and a cheap way to learn Spanish online. In addition, I was impressed with the teacher quality and the range of topics available for all levels, from A1 to B2."