Published: January 4, 2024

How to Travel Around the World in Style

In this article, we will break down and cover the following:

  • How to spend money and save money when traveling
  • When to travel and how to meet other travelers
  • The many factors to consider when traveling for a long period of time

By the end of this post, you'll know how to save money when visiting a particular country, the ideal departure date, and how to create a travel budget.

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How much does it cost to travel around the world?

When planning a round-the-world trip, a common question amongst travelers relates to budget.

In truth, the travel costs depend on your travel style and destination.

A complete round-the-world trip might cost $30,000-$60,000 per person, but these costs can vary wildly depending on which route is chosen and how many countries are visited.

The cheapest way to travel around the world is by backpacking and Couchsurfing.

This style of travel allows for the most flexibility and can be done for as little as $10,000.

However, not everyone wants to travel in this way and some may find it uncomfortable.

If comfort is a priority, there are more luxurious options available.

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What is the best route to travel around the world?

In order to travel around the world fully, you need to travel to all seven continents.

In order to visit all seven on your world tour, you'll need to use all three main modes of transport.

One way is to travel by boat. This will allow you to travel to Africa, Europe, and Asia.

You could also travel by plane and visit North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Another option is to travel overland, ideal particularly in Europe and parts of Asia.

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Travel Tips: Preparation before a round-the-world trip

Before you set off, there are a number of important things you'll need to organize. We've listed three of these below.

**Obtain Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is an absolute must-have. While travel insurance providers vary by country, travel around the world usually requires an insurance plan that covers all seven continents.

Make sure you book your insurance and are fully aware of your excess/cover conditions prior to travel.

Book round-the-world tickets in advance

If you're doing a round-the-world trip by boat or plane, then this will involve scheduling travel in advance.

Book your airline tickets for your world trip as you go, but always in advance. No airline service offers one round-the-world ticket option, so book your individual airline tickets based on your route and spontaneity.

Doing so is also more cost-effective. Flight prices are always cheaper in advance, so bear this in mind when flying from one country to another.

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Keep a copy of your passport

Many countries require your passport to be valid for at least six months after your arrival.

You'll also need a copy of your passport and travel insurance information in case you lose your passport while on your trip.

Photocopy several copies of your passport and take photos of it in case the worst-case scenario (losing your passport) becomes a reality.

Keep a savings account open back home

We cannot stress this point enough, and it's one of the best tips we can give you for your round-the-world trip.

Many countries do not accept card payments, accepting cash only.

In order to avoid carrying large amounts of cash around with you at one time, keep a savings account open back home that you can withdraw from regularly.

Purchase a spare battery for your phone or laptop

Again, there are several countries you'll visit on your round-the-world trip that do not sell the accessories you'll need for your electronic devices.

Before traveling, ensure you have spare batteries and portable chargers for your gadgets.

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More Travel Tips: 5 Ways to travel around the world in style

We'll now take a look at the best ways to travel around the world in style.

Some of these travel tips will save money; others will undoubtedly cost money.

Fly During the Offseason to save money

Setting off on a world trip means leaving home for a long time. No matter how luxurious you want your trip to be, this will inevitably mean saving money whenever possible.

But just how much money can you save by traveling at certain times of the year?

As it turns out, quite a lot. Cheap flights are available offseason, as are some of the world’s most luxurious and celebrated hotels.

In the northern hemisphere, the offseason is between November to February, while in the southern hemisphere it’s June to August.

If you travel during the offseason, you can stay in incredible hotels for next to nothing. Many travelers have saved money in the past by ensuring they stay in locations off-season for a round-the-world trip.

With that said_,_expensive hotels will always be expensive, even if the price is discounted.

But you should still expect to pay more for a regular hotel during its peak season than for a luxurious hotel in its offseason.

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Charter a Private Jet

This may seem counterproductive when your aim is to spend less money...

However, there are very few things in life quite as luxurious as traveling in a private jet. If you're at the end of your world trip and find yourself with an excess budget, why not treat yourself?

The feeling of flying in your own aircraft is second to none and provides an experience unavailable through low-cost airlines.

According to flight specialists from BitLux, you and your fellow travelers can now have complete control over which aircraft you choose to charter, where you go, and when_you go.

This control over your flight makes the process much easier, and much more stylish when traveling around the world. You can even book a one-way flight to test the experience.

Furthermore, you won’t be forced into a packed airplane. Instead, you'll be sipping cocktails at 42,000 feet, in a cabin all to yourself.

This is an ideal way to spend your free time before arriving at your destination and a great feature to add to your round-the-world trip.

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Hire a Chauffeur

Having a chauffeur is a stylish way to travel.

And, let's face it, if you have arrived at your holiday destination by private jet and are staying in a luxurious hotel, it’s nonsensical to take public transport.

In many countries in South America and Southeast Asia, you can hire a chauffeur for a much lower cost than in other countries around the world.

In fact, doing so will enable you to save more money than if you use alternative transport methods.

Whilst having your own driver is not a necessity for your whole trip, it is certainly recommended in several destinations.

While luxury chauffeurs may be expensive, and in your mind are only necessary for business travelers, an ordinary one won’t be. Again, in certain parts of the world, luxury cars can be rented for much less than in the United States or Europe.

If you are going to hire a chauffeur, then make sure that you read their reviews and testimonials extensively online first.

You need to ensure that the person driving you is licensed, above board, and of good repute. Whilst the occurrence of misfortune is unlikely, don’t take any chances, and do your research.

Alternatively, you could rent a car and drive yourself, or take advantage of train travel.

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Speak the Local Language

One of the best travel tips we can provide is to learn the local language when you travel.

At the very least, you should be able to communicate with the local people. Doing so will undoubtedly make your daily life much easier. It will also provide more insight into the daily lives of others.

As a starting point, use online language resources to learn the beginner-level language required to communicate with locals.

Learning a language is also a great way to explore new cultures and make new friends.

As an English speaker, there's no doubt you'll find some languages more difficult to learn than others. You should spend time prioritizing languages spoken in multiple countries.

If you are planning to visit Central America and South America, for example, you add learning Spanish to your travel preparations.

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Dress in local attire

Traveling luxuriously doesn’t mean that you have to dress up like the Queen of England. A great way to save more money is to pack lightly and buy clothes outside of your home country.

Ideally, you should dress simply, but elegantly. Not extravagantly. And avoid cultural appropriation.

Many destinations in Central America, Southeast Asia and South America boast day and night markets. These are great places to sample local food and purchase cheap clothes.

Whenever you're visiting new countries around the world, spend some time planning which markets to go to for food and drink, as well as where to buy inexpensive clothing.

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Do Your Research for Your World Trip

Before_you arrive, make sure to conduct research into what the best bars, clubs, and hotels are.

This is so that you can frequent them during your vacation.

Researching where to travel in advance will enable you to blend in with the locals and attend the most luxurious spots in town.

You can often find a list of the trendiest places in a country or town by using Google or Yahoo.

You could also ask around on Reddit or Quora, or purchase a guidebook in advance.

Be respectful of cultures and customs

Unfortunately, a lot of travelers forget their manners the minute that they step foot off of the plane.

Respecting local customs, cultures, and traditions is polite. It's important not to offend any of the locals.

In certain parts of the world, locals may offer you free accommodation or help you save on other expenses.

Whatever you decide to do in this scenario, be sure to say please and thank you, and be mindful of your surroundings.

Even if foreign customs seem strange to you, it's best to follow them in order to avoid causing offense.

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How to pack smartly for your trip around the world

Packing smartly for traveling the world after the lockdown is an art.

Firstly, considering the suitcases, hardcover ones are must-haves as suitcases with soft covers do not offer much protection from harsh travels and handling of luggage.

For example, suitcases with hard covers from Eminent will ensure your belongings are safe and sound, providing you the convenience of maneuvering them.

Always pack essential items like travel papers, documents, passports, credit cards, and money at the top of your suitcases as it's easy to access them when you're checking in or during security screenings.

Having a compact and durable suitcase is essential for any travel enthusiast, thus, try to make the right choice.

Summing up: How to Travel Around the World in Style

The blog post has given you all the tools and information you require to successfully travel around the world.

We hope it's been useful.

Remember, the most important thing (besides having fun) is to be financially stable whilst traveling.

Always respect local customs and traditions.

If you're still not sure about how to prepare before you leave, we have a wealth of travel articles with tips on just that!

Browse our language resources or check out our travel section for inspiration on where to go next.