42 Best Things to Do in Marina del Rey at Night | 2024 (with Photos)

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Last Updated: March 25, 2024

Hey there! I'm James, a passionate explorer of vibrant nightlife scenes. Discover hidden gems and top hotspots in Marina del Rey with my tailored recommendations for an unforgettable evening.

Best Things to Do in Marina del Rey at Night

Welcome to the magic of Marina del Rey after dusk! As the sun bids adieu, a world of evening adventures unfurls in this coastal paradise.

Take to the waters of Ballona Creek aboard a kayak, where the starry sky becomes your canvas. Nestled close to Marina del Rey, this serene escapade offers a glimpse of the shoreline's natural wonders.

But wait, the night is just beginning. Marina del Rey boasts a vibrant nightlife with a myriad of options—from scenic jaunts to delectable waterfront dining experiences.

Stay tuned for your exclusive guide to the finest nocturnal activities in Marina del Rey, ensuring your evenings are as mesmerizing as the sunsets.

Most Recommended Thing to Do

Boat tour

Top Choice Hotel

Marina del Rey Marriott

Our Top Choice Restaurant

Salt Restaurant

Our Top Choice Bar for Nightlife

Brennan's Pub

Best Time to Visit

Ideal weather for outdoor activities in Marina del Rey.

Average Temperature

Mild, with highs around 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Transportation Options

Bus, car, bike, scooter, skateboard, walking, rideshare, taxi.

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My Top Recommendation

Marina del Rey, located in the picturesque United States of America, offers a delightful escape for travelers looking to indulge in unforgettable experiences. With its pristine beaches and charming atmosphere, spending time in this coastal city is a dream come true.

Unwind as you take a leisurely stroll along the marina, soaking in the breathtaking views of the glistening waters and majestic yachts, while breathing in the refreshing ocean breeze. Delve into the local culinary scene and savor delectable seafood dishes that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving for more. Marina del Rey's laid-back vibe and idyllic surroundings make it the perfect destination for those seeking a taste of paradise.

What You'll Need to Bring

  1. Valid identification (such as passport or driver's license)
  2. Comfortable walking shoes
  3. Swimwear
  4. Sunscreen
  5. Hat or sunglasses
  6. Lightweight clothing for warm weather
  7. Camera or phone for capturing memories
  8. Travel adapter for electronic devices
  9. Some cash or credit cards for expenses
  10. Travel insurance for peace of mind.

What Not to Miss

  1. Venice Beach: Famous for its lively boardwalk and offbeat atmosphere.
  2. Fisherman's Village: A charming waterfront promenade with shops and restaurants.
  3. Burton W. Chace Park: A scenic park offering beautiful views of the marina.
  4. The Ritz-Carlton, Marina del Rey: A luxurious hotel with gorgeous waterfront views.
  5. Marina Beach: A popular spot for sunbathing and picnicking by the waterfront.
  6. Discover Marina del Rey: A boat tour that takes you around the marina and offers insights into its history.
  7. Waterside Shopping Center: A shopping destination with a variety of stores and restaurants.
  8. Whiskey Red's: A waterfront restaurant with delicious seafood and a relaxed ambiance.
  9. Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve: A natural habitat for various bird species and other wildlife.
  10. Marina del Rey Farmers Market: A weekly farmers market offering fresh produce and local goods.

What to Avoid

  1. Crowded tourist hotspots: Avoid the popular tourist attractions during peak hours to escape the crowds and have a more personalized experience.
  2. Rush hour traffic: Try to plan your travel outside of rush hours to avoid getting stuck in traffic and wasting valuable time.
  3. Overpriced tourist traps: Research local recommendations or ask locals for advice to avoid falling into tourist traps that may overcharge for services or goods.
  4. Unsafe areas: Familiarize yourself with the safe neighborhoods of Marina del Rey and stay away from any areas that are known for crime or unsafe activities.
  5. Overpacking: Pack light and only bring essentials to avoid carrying around heavy bags and dealing with excess luggage.
  6. Poorly reviewed restaurants or accommodations: Check reviews from reliable sources before choosing a restaurant or hotel to ensure a pleasant experience.
  7. Ignoring local customs and etiquette: Respect the local culture and traditions by familiarizing yourself with customs and following appropriate behavior.
  8. Overpaying for transportation: Research transportation options, such as public transit or ridesharing services, to find the most affordable and convenient way to get around.
  9. Neglecting travel insurance: Consider purchasing travel insurance to protect yourself from unexpected events, such as flight cancellations or medical emergencies.
  10. Limited exploration: Step off the beaten path and explore lesser-known attractions and hidden gems to discover unique experiences in Marina del Rey.

1. Take sunset dining cruises along the Marina del Rey Harbor

TiKi Mermaid sunset dining cruises

Experience Marina del Rey's evening charm aboard sunset dining cruises in its scenic harbor. Watch as the sun paints the sky with captivating colors, casting a beautiful glow over the calm waters.

Enjoy a delicious dinner while sailing, soaking in the serene atmosphere at Marina del Rey's harbor where nature meets tranquility.

2. Enjoy live music and cocktails at a waterfront bar

Killer Shrimp

Experience an evening of entertainment and romance at Killer Shrimp in Marina del Rey. This waterfront pub features live performances and a variety of cocktails for a lively atmosphere.

Enjoy the musical talents of local artists while taking in views of the Southern California coastline. Savor expertly crafted cocktails as you soak up the vibrant setting.

Visit Killer Shrimp in Marina del Rey for an evening that combines music, drinks, and a captivating atmosphere, promising a memorable time.

3. Watch the sailboats pass by at Fisherman's Village

Fisherman's Village

Enjoy a picnic under the stars at Fisherman's Village in Marina del Rey, CA, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. Settle into a comfortable spot amidst stunning vistas and marvel at sailboats gliding across the horizon.

Indulge in delightful treats while relishing the breathtaking harbor views beneath a star-studded sky.

Whether with friends, family, or that special someone, this serene setting provides the perfect backdrop for an evening in Marina del Rey.

4. Play glow-in-the-dark mini-golf at GlowZone LA

GlowZone LA

In Marina del Rey, for an evening brimming with excitement, pivot towards GlowZone LA—an electrifying spot for a round of glow-in-the-dark mini-golf.

Nestled in the heart of Los Angeles, this entertainment hub beckons with its vibrant courses illuminated by blacklights. Engage your playful side as you navigate through captivating obstacles, challenging friends or family in a lively competition.

And here's the kicker: complimentary parking! Revel in a stress-free evening of laughter and amusement in Marina del Rey, courtesy of GlowZone LA.

5. Try your luck at the Hustler Casino in nearby Gardena

Hustler Casino

In search of entertainment close to Marina del Rey CA? Visit the Hustler Casino in nearby Gardena and try your luck.

This well-known establishment has a range of gambling alternatives, including poker, blackjack, and slot machines, to appeal to both seasoned gamers and novices.

You may still enjoy the excitement of the casino floor even if your tight budget thanks to the Hustler Casino's selection of low-stakes games and incentives.

6. Attend a painting or pottery class at Color Me Mine

Color Me Mine

By enrolling in a painting or pottery class at Color Me Mine, you can unleash your creative side while staying within your means.

This artistic facility, which is close to top attractions of Marina del Rey, has all the tools and professional advice you will need to produce a masterpiece. Let your creativity flourish as you experiment with various painting methods or shape clay in unusual ways.

It's a great chance to unwind, exercise your imagination, and bring home a treasured piece of art in a cost-effective atmosphere.

7. Enter the Regency Outdoor Cinema to catch a movie

Regency Outdoor Cinema

Attending a live show at the Regency Outdoor Cinema is a must for tourists in Marina del Rey looking for all the fun things. Enjoy a varied selection of films while submerging yourself in the enchanted realm of cinema beneath a starry sky.

This outdoor theater delivers a distinctive and remarkable experience, whether it's a vintage movie or a recent blockbuster.

Plus, with ticket prices catering to those on a tight budget, you can enjoy a magical night of entertainment without breaking the bank.

8. Enjoy a late-night dessert at the Salt & Straw ice cream shop

Salt & Straw

Enjoy a late-night dessert at Salt & Straw Ice Cream to satisfy your sweet taste.

This well-known establishment offers a mouthwatering variety of homemade ice cream flavors and is right in Marina del Rey. There is something to satiate every craving, from inventive combinations to time-tested classics.

Make your evening in Marina del Rey even more enjoyable by treating yourself to a scoop (or two) of Salt & Straw's famed thick, creamy bliss.

9. Enjoy a Shake Shack

Shake Shack

Embrace a laid-back evening at Shake Shack in Marina del Rey, perfect for a date night or casual outing.

With a wide array of gourmet burgers, signature shakes, and crispy fries, Shack is a hidden gem for gourmet fastfood enthusiasts. Plus, you'll appreciate the parking lot available, making it convenient to visit.

Situated amidst top attractions, Shack offers a memorable dining experience where you can savor delicious food and soak in the vibrant ambiance of Marina del Rey.

10. Play a game of bowling at Bowlero Mar Vista

Just a short distance from Marina del Rey, lace up your bowling shoes and play a game at Bowlero Mar Vista. Play a game of bowling and take advantage of the parking lot nearby.

The environment at this up-to-date, energetic bowling alley is perfect for a date night of strikes, spares, and laughing.

The place has lanes for people of various ability levels, whether they are advanced bowlers or beginners. Bowlero Mar Vista guarantees everyone will have an enjoyable and unforgettable bowling session with its cutting-edge lanes, delectable food, and selection of arcade games.

11. Join a guided kayak tour to explore Ballona Creek

guided kayak tour

Join a nigh-time kayak excursion led by an experienced guide to witness the captivating Ballona Creek.

With a professional guiding you, paddle through the calm waters while taking in the ocean's mesmerizing sights and sounds.

Taste comfort food while taking in the calm of the Ballona Creek surroundings. As you navigate the creek, you'll discover wonderful things, from hidden wildlife to stunning moonlit reflections.

12. Test your skills at an escape room like Escapedom

60out Escape Rooms - Marina Del Rey

Test your ability to solve mysteries at an escape room like Escapedom in Marina del Rey at night.

Challenge yourself and your team to find hints, overcome mysteries, and solve puzzles in an exciting and immersive setting.

Free parking is frequently available at escape rooms, which adds to the convenience of this mind-bending game. Prepare yourself for a thrilling encounter as you cooperate to leave the room before the timer expires.

13. Rent a Duffy electric boat for a private party on the water

Marina del Rey Boat Rental

Consider renting a Duffy electric boat to turn your event into a special private party on the water.

While listening to your favorite music and having some great food, cruise along the marina's waters and take in the beautiful surroundings.

A Duffy boat rental gives you the opportunity to personalize your experience and offers an exclusive and unique way to commemorate important occasions or just have a good time with friends and family.

14. Enjoy a beach bonfire at Dockweiler State Beach

Dockweiler State Beach

At Dockweiler State Beach, enjoy the magic of the night with a beach campfire. As the sun goes down, huddle up next to a roaring fire with your loved ones and enjoy the warmth and light.

The calming sound of waves crashing on the shore can be enjoyed while roasting marshmallows and exchanging stories.

At Dockweiler State Beach, the tranquil ambiance created by the salty ocean breeze and the soft sand beneath your feet is ideal for a great beach bonfire experience.

15. Walk along the Venice Beach Boardwalk

Venice Beach Boardwalk

Take a moonlit stroll down the Venice Beach Boardwalk to experience its magic.

Stroll down the busy promenade while the moon emits its soothing glow to take in the vibrant ambiance and diverse views. Enjoy delectable street food, admire street performers, and browse through local shops.

This peaceful stroll along the Venice Beach Boardwalk is transformed by the ambiance of nightfall into a magical experience.

16. Dance the night away at The Warehouse Restaurant

The Warehouse Restaurant

The Warehouse Restaurant in Marina del Rey is the place to be to dance the night away. This energetic location has a fun environment, great music, and a big dance floor that begs you to let free and groove.

The Warehouse Restaurant has a wide selection of music to keep you moving, whether you prefer hip-hop, salsa, or techno music.

It's the ideal location to show off your dance talents and make lifelong memories as you party the night away in Marina del Rey because of its upbeat atmosphere and welcoming crowd.

17. Play beach volleyball at Marina Beach

beach volleyball under the floodlights

At Marina Beach, enjoy the thrill of playing beach volleyball under the lights.

On the sandy volleyball courts, establish teams with your friends and compete in a nice manner. You can watch the game long into the evening thanks to the added atmosphere provided by the floodlights.

Feel the sand between your toes, take a deep breath of the sea air, and enjoy the thrill of beach volleyball at Marina Beach under the full moon.

18. Enjoy a night of karaoke at Sake House by Hikari

night of karaoke

During a night of karaoke at Sake House by Hikari, let your inner superstar go and sing your heart out.

This well-liked Marina del Rey venue provides a varied variety of music, a fun environment, and the opportunity to demonstrate your singing prowess. Pick your favorite songs, grab the microphone, and let your inner diva or rockstar loose.

A fun and enjoyable karaoke night is guaranteed at Sake House by Hikari, whether you're screaming out ballads or rocking out with pals.

19. Join a guided nighttime fishing excursion

Marina Del Rey Sportfishing

As you explore the waters close to Marina del Rey CA, take part in a guided moonlight fishing adventure and feel the thrill of the hunt.

Join a seasoned guide who will take you to the best fishing locations and help you catch a variety of species while fishing under the stars.

This experience puts a distinctive spin on conventional fishing, making it thrilling and memorable whether you are an expert angler or a novice.

20. Attend a stand-up comedy show at The Comedy Union

The Comedy Union

The Comedy Union in adjacent Los Angeles is a well-known comedy club that features gifted comics whose entertaining routines will have you rolling in the aisles.

You can expect an evening of humor and entertainment from both well-known performers and up-and-coming artists.

Enjoy a night of stand-up comedy in Los Angeles that will leave you with priceless memories as you sit back, relax, and take it all in.

21. Watch a movie at the AMC Dine-In Marina 6

AMC Dine-In Marina 6

The AMC Dine-In Marina 6 offers a unique cinematic experience.

Enjoy great food and beverages that are brought straight to your seat as you watch a movie on the big screen.

This upmarket cinema provides an opulent and relaxing environment, allowing you to unwind and take in the newest blockbusters or vintage movies.

Visit the AMC Dine-In Marina 6 for a delicious eating experience and an evening of cinematic pleasure.

22. Participate in themed nights by Salt Restaurant

Salt Restaurant

Take part in the restaurant's themed nights or special events to fully experience the lively ambiance.

With everything from DJ nights and live music performances to theme parties and holiday festivities, Salt Restaurant knows how to make the most memorable experiences.

The atmosphere of this beachside restaurant is enhanced by these special events, which make your dining experience at Salt Restaurant absolutely unforgettable.

Examples include a fiesta with a beach theme, a romantic Valentine's dinner, or a vibrant summer party.

23. Take a scenic drive along the Pacific Coast Highway

Pacific Coast Highway

Set out on a beautiful Pacific Coast Highway trip at night. As the moonlight dances on the waves, take in the captivating beauty of the beach.

This drive gives a tranquil and enchanted experience with the calming sound of the Pacific Ocean surrounding you.

Experience the beautiful scenery, the cooling breeze on your face, and the peace of the Pacific Coast Highway.

24. Indulge in a late-night sushi feast at Sugarfish


At Sugarfish, a renowned restaurant famed for its superb sushi concoctions, indulge in a late-night sushi feast.

As you indulge in classic nigiri and savory rolls, savor the fish's freshness. Each bite is a gastronomic delight that will leave you wanting more, from the melt-in-your-mouth texture to the ideal mix of tastes.

Sugarfish in Marina del Rey CA guarantees a unique dining experience, regardless of whether you are a sushi connoisseur or unfamiliar with this Japanese delicacy.

25. Haunted ghost tour of the Old Town Music Hall

Old Town Music Hall

An exciting journey awaits you on a ghostly ghost tour of nearby El Segundo's Old Town Music Hall.

Explore this historic location with a sinister twist as you enter the world of the paranormal. Learn about the eerie experiences, stories, and legends that have occurred there.

This tour promises a spine-tingling and engrossing evening filled with history, intrigue, and possibly a few paranormal encounters, all while being led by skilled storytellers.

26. Soak in a hot tub at the Marina International Hotel

Marina International Hotel

The Marina International Hotel offers a relaxing hot tub where you may relax and revitalize. This quiet resort offers a peaceful atmosphere for relaxation and is tucked away in Marina del Rey.

Take a deep breath and submerge yourself in warm, bubbling water to let your worries drift away.

It's the ideal environment to relax and enjoy the tranquility of the evening, with the stars above and the cold Southern California breeze on your skin.

27. Nighttime photography workshop

nighttime photography workshop

Join an engaging course on evening photography to learn how to take beautiful pictures of Southern California's natural beauty.

You'll discover how to take breathtaking photos, from long exposures to city lights to hypnotic seaside panoramas. Investigate composition, lighting, and exposure while capturing the magic of Southern California on camera.

The workshop provides a special chance to improve your photography techniques while taking in the beauty of the night.

28. Take a nighttime helicopter tour

nighttime helicopter tour

On a nighttime helicopter journey, soar through the air while taking in Marina del Rey's magnificent lights. As you soar over the night, take in the stunning aerial views of the harbor, shoreline, and metropolis.

Visitors can view the waterfront eateries, glittering waterways, and bustling atmosphere of Marina del Rey from above during this thrilling experience, which offers a distinctive viewpoint of the neighborhood.

An amazing and breathtaking voyage is guaranteed on a nighttime helicopter tour, whether it's for a particular event or just out of curiosity.

29. Take a romantic walk along the Venice Canals

Venice Canals

Take a romantic stroll along the enchanting Venice Canals in Marina del Rey. As you walk hand in hand with your loved one, immerse yourself in the charming ambiance of the canals, lined with picturesque bridges and quaint homes.

Enjoy the soothing sound of the water and the gentle glow of the surrounding streetlights. After your romantic walk, indulge in a delightful meal at one of the nearby waterfront restaurants, where you can savor delectable cuisine while relishing in the waterfront views.

This romantic experience is perfect for Marina del Rey visitors seeking a memorable and intimate evening.

30. Take a night-time excursion to Beverly Hills

Iconic Beverly Hills Sign

Embark on a nighttime trip from Marina del Rey to Beverly Hills, one of the best tourist attractions in Los Angeles.

As you make your way through the glittering streets of the city, soak in the glamour and luxury that Beverly Hills is renowned for. Admire the opulent mansions, high-end boutiques, and iconic landmarks that define this upscale neighborhood.

Whether you're window shopping along Rodeo Drive, dining at a celebrity-favorite restaurant, or simply enjoying the lively atmosphere, a nighttime trip to Beverly Hills offers a glimpse into the glamorous lifestyle of Los Angeles.

31. Play arcade games and laser tag at Bowlero Mar Vista

Bowlero Mar Vista

Prepare for a spectacular evening of entertainment at Bowlero Mar Vista, where you can engage in exhilarating games of laser tag and play arcade games.

Play classic arcade games with your pals, or engage in a heart-pounding laser tag combat. Bowlero Mar Vista offers a wide array of interactive entertainment alternatives that provide a night full of fun, friendly competition, and lifelong memories.

This location offers an action-packed evening for everyone to enjoy, whether you're a kid at heart or are just looking for some colorful entertainment.

32. Attend a live DJ set at The Room Santa Monica

The Room Santa Monica

Attend a live DJ set at a neighborhood club like The Room Santa Monica to really experience the thriving nightlife of Santa Monica.

Modern sound systems, a lively ambiance, and a dance floor at The Room Santa Monica allow you to let loose and groove to the music.

No matter if you enjoy hip-hop, electronic, or house music, this nightclub guarantees a memorable evening of dancing and enjoyment.

33. Take a nighttime bike ride

nighttime bike ride

Take a ride on the bike path at night to see the city from a different angle. You can pedal around the streets of your city and take in the magical ambiance after dark thanks to a variety of bike-friendly routes and trails.

Enjoy the city lights, the fresh air on your face, and the excitement of an evening adventure.

Additionally, it's a great way to take advantage of free things, get active, and find gorgeous locations and hidden jewels along the bike path. So grab your bike, embrace the night, and embark on a memorable nocturnal bike ride.

34. Visit Burton Chace Park

Burton Chace Park

Enjoy the beachfront sanctuary of Marina del Rey, Burton Chace Park, in all of its magnificence. This tranquil park features a gorgeous waterfront promenade, lush green and picnic areas, and breathtaking views of the harbor.

Take a leisurely stroll, have a picnic with friends, or just unwind and take in the peace and quiet of the area.

Burton Chace Park is a wonderful location for free activities including outdoor yoga sessions, music performances, and community gatherings thanks to its extensive calendar of recreational activities and events.

35. Go to a rooftop bar at the Marina del Rey Hotel

rooftop bar

Visit the rooftop bar of the Marina del Rey Hotel to enhance your evening. Enjoy the ideal blend of mouthwatering cocktails and beautiful vistas while you unwind in style.

You can gaze in awe at the expansive views of the harbor, Pacific Ocean, and city lights from the rooftop. Enjoy small nibbles and homemade beverages while soaking up the lively ambiance.

This rooftop bar delivers a remarkable experience with its stunning views and chic environment, whether it's a date or a night out with friends.

36. Book a coastal sightseeing tour to Playa del Rey

Playa del Rey

Take a thrilling nighttime coastal sightseeing excursion to Playa del Rey to experience the entrancing splendor of the coastline.

Explore the beautiful coastline while taking in the dazzling lights that reflect off the ocean. Learn about the region's history and notable sites from an experienced guide as you take in the breathtaking vistas of Marina del Rey and Playa del Rey under the stars.

This guided tour provides a distinctive viewpoint of the coastal attractiveness, enabling you to see Playa del Rey's allure after sunset and make priceless memories of the captivating coastal beauty at night.

37. Shop at a variety of retail stores and boutiques

Waterside, Marina del Rey

Indulge in a delightful evening of shopping at the wide array of retail stores and boutiques in Marina del Rey, specifically at Villa Marina Marketplace.

Explore the diverse selection of shops, from fashion boutiques to specialty stores, and discover unique treasures and trendy items.

After your shopping spree, treat yourself to a delicious meal at one of the fantastic restaurants at Villa Marina Marketplace, offering a variety of cuisines to satisfy your cravings. Enjoy the perfect combination of retail therapy and a satisfying dining experience, creating a memorable night at Marina del Rey.

38. Experience thrilling parasailing adventures

Marina del Rey Parasailing

Embark on a thrilling adventure and experience the exhilaration of parasailing at night in Marina del Rey CA.

With a wide array of options available, Marina Beach offers the perfect setting for an unforgettable parasailing experience. Soar high above the sparkling waters of the marina, taking in breathtaking views of the coastline and city lights.

Let Marina del Rey Parasailing guide you through this extraordinary journey, providing a safe and exhilarating experience that will leave you with memories to cherish. Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping nighttime Marina del Rey Parasailing adventure like no other.

39. Discover the beauty of kayaking at Mother's Beach

Mother's Beach

Explore the serene waters of Mother's Beach on a peaceful evening kayak excursion.

Nestled in the seaside community of Marina del Rey, this hidden gem offers the perfect setting for outdoor adventures. Rent kayaks and paddle along the calm bay, taking in the picturesque sunset views.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced paddler, Mother's Beach provides a tranquil and idyllic backdrop for a memorable kayaking experience in this charming coastal enclave.

40. Explore Boat Launch Ramp

Boat Launch Ramp

Even in the evening, visit the Marina del Rey Boat Launch Ramp to experience the exhilaration of water sports. This excellent location provides quick access to the marina's main channel, making it a great place to launch small boat sailing, kayaking, or paddleboarding excursions.

As you start your aquatic adventure, take pleasure in the tranquil seas. Additionally, you can quickly transition from your water sports activities to waterfront eating or a leisurely stroll along the marina promenade due to its close proximity to neighboring facilities and attractions.

Take advantage of the Boat Launch Ramps lovely ambiance to make amazing sunset moments on the sea.

41. Join the night adventures of Bluewater Sailing

Bluewater Sailing

Embark on an unforgettable evening sailing adventure with Bluewater Sailing from Marina del Rey.

Cruise through the picturesque Santa Monica Bay, soaking in the breathtaking views of Manhattan Beach, Long Beach, and the iconic Los Angeles coastline. Keep an eye out for playful sea lions as they gracefully swim alongside the boat.

Located conveniently near Washington Boulevard, Bluewater Sailing offers a seamless and memorable experience for all. Discover the beauty of the Washington Blvd shoreline as you sail into the sunset, creating lifelong memories on this extraordinary maritime journey.

42. Get a trip to Culver City

Culver City

Culver City, which is conveniently located near Marina del Rey and only a short drive from Los Angeles, provides a lively and varied experience.

Discover the vibrant downtown area with its variety of stores, eateries, and entertainment options. Take a leisurely stroll to the nearby shopping center, conveniently located within walking distance, which includes attractions like the UPS Store.

Even though the city doesn't directly access the shore, you are still able to observe sea lions in the adjacent coastal areas.

FAQs: Things to Do in Marina del Rey at Night

In this section, we answer frequently asked questions about the best things to do in Marina del Rey at night.

Why is Marina Del Rey famous?

Marina Del Rey is renowned for being the world's largest man-made small-craft harbor, boasting scenic waterfront views and a hub for boating enthusiasts. Its reputation stems from its extensive marina, offering a picturesque setting for leisure activities and water sports.

Where can I watch the sunset in Marina del Rey?

You can catch stunning sunset views in Marina del Rey from various vantage points, including Burton Chace Park, Fisherman's Village, or while dining at waterfront restaurants like Cafe del Rey or Tony P's Dockside Grill.

Can you walk Marina del Rey?

Yes, you can enjoy a leisurely stroll along the Marina del Rey waterfront. The area features pedestrian-friendly pathways, promenades, and parks that offer picturesque views of the marina, making it an excellent place for a relaxing walk or jog.

Can you live in Marina del Rey?

Absolutely! Marina del Rey offers a mix of residential areas, including apartments, condos, and houses, making it a desirable place to live for those who enjoy a coastal lifestyle. The community provides access to recreational activities, dining, and convenient proximity to both the beach and city amenities.Summary: Best Things to Do in Marina del Rey at Night

Summing up: Things to do in Marina del Rey at night

As you can see, there are numerous interesting and enjoyable things to do in Marina del Rey at night.

Take a sunset sail in the harbor while enjoying the fresh ocean breeze and a tasty lunch. Enjoy music and cocktails at waterfront pubs such as Killer Shrimp, or have a picnic in Fisherman's Village while watching sailboats pass by.

GlowZone LA offers glow-in-the-dark mini-golf, and a guided kayak excursion along Ballona Creek is available. Attend live shows at the Regency Outdoor Cinema or gamble at the Hustler Casino.

Marina del Rey provides tourists with a variety of fascinating possibilities for an amazing evening.