22 Best Things To Do in Duluth at Night | 2024 (with Photos)

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Last Updated: January 4, 2024

Hey there! I'm Marvellous, and I'm here to introduce you to the most incredible experiences you can have in Duluth at night. With my personal insight and passion for adventure, I'll guide you through unforgettable moments that will make your trip truly remarkable. Enjoy every moment and make the most of your time in this amazing city!

the city of Duluth at night

Welcome to Duluth, Minnesota, where the adventure doesn't end when the sun goes down. 

There are plenty of unusual and entertaining things to do in Duluth at night, when the city comes alive under the sky.

Marvel at the illuminated beauty of the iconic Aerial Lift Bridge in Canal Park, or take a stroll along the shores of Lake Superior, basking in its tranquil charm. 

Visit Spirit Mountain, which provides thrilling nighttime activities for adrenaline seekers, or check out the walking routes at Hartley Nature Center.

Whether you’re a history-loving tourist visiting SS William Museum, or traveling for work and looking for a place to drink craft beer, we’ve got you covered. 

Read on to discover our list of the best things to do in Duluth at night.

Most Recommended Thing to Do

Visit Canal Park

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Best Time to Visit

Summers are the best time to visit Duluth.

Average Temperature

The average temperature in Duluth is cool.

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Buses, taxis, rideshare, bikes, walking, ferries, rental cars.

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My Top Recommendation

When visiting Duluth, United States of America, make sure to take a stroll along the scenic shores of Lake Superior, immersing yourself in the breathtaking beauty of this majestic Great Lake.

Explore the vibrant Canal Park area, where you can indulge in local delicacies at the numerous waterfront restaurants or sip on a cup of freshly brewed coffee while admiring the awe-inspiring Aerial Lift Bridge, a true symbol of Duluth's maritime heritage.

What You'll Need to Bring

  1. Warm clothing
  2. Comfortable shoes
  3. Travel documents (ID, passport, etc.)

What Not to Miss

  1. Canal Park and Lakewalk
  2. Great Lakes Aquarium
  3. Split Rock Lighthouse
  4. Spirit Mountain Recreation Area
  5. Glensheen Historic Estate

What to Avoid

  1. Crowded tourist spots
  2. Rush hour traffic
  3. Overpriced restaurants

1. Explore Canal Park

a large white bridge

Canal Park in Duluth, Minnesota, is full of exciting activities. This busy seaside region has a wide range of intriguing things to do for everyone.

Stroll along the gorgeous promenade, eat at local restaurants, and shop for one-of-a-kind gifts. Take a fascinating boat trip to Lake Superior or visit the Great Lakes Aquarium to learn about the interesting marine life.

Canal Park is a must-see attraction in Duluth, Minnesota, providing a great blend of natural beauty, entertainment, and adventure for an amazing experience.

2. Lake Superior Railroad Museum

a train is parked inside of a building

The Lake Superior Railroad Museum, located in Duluth, Minnesota, is an absolute must for rail aficionados. This intriguing museum highlights the rich history of the region's railways and provides a unique look into the past.

Visitors can learn about the growth of transportation in the Great Lakes region by seeing the museum's amazing collection of locomotives and historic railcars.

The interactive exhibits, informative displays, and engaging activities at the Lake Superior Railroad Museum attract visitors, making it an instructive and fun experience for all ages. 

Don't miss out on this amazing museum's opportunity to dig into the fascinating world of railroads.

3. Visit the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge

a bridge that is lit up at night

On a Friday night, visit the widely recognized Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge to see the enchanting appeal of Duluth, Minnesota.

This amazing aerial lift bridge spans the gorgeous waters of Lake Superior and is a tribute to engineering prowess. Witness the breathtaking image of the bridge lit against the night sky.

Stroll along the coastline, immersing yourself in this charming city's rich legacy. A visit to the Aerial Lift Bridge is an unforgettable Friday night excursion.

4. Watch the Sunset on Skyline Parkway

a bike parked on top of a mountain

Watching the sunset on Skyline Parkway allows you to take in the spectacular splendor of Duluth, Minnesota. This idyllic journey provides incredible perspectives of the city and Lake Superior.

Discover hidden delights along the journey, such as attractive overlooks and scenic hiking trails. You may lose yourself in nature and capture wonderful moments with the convenience of free parking at several sites.

Skyline Parkway becomes the ideal vantage point to watch the magic of a Duluth sunset as the sun sets below the horizon. Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

5. Take a tour of the SS William A. Irvin

a train engine sitting on display in a museum

At the SS William A. Irvin in Duluth, Minnesota, embark on an enthralling trip through history. This magnificent ship is now docked in Canal Park.

Step onboard the magnificent ship and engage yourself in the rich stories of iron ore transport.

Explore the decks of the SS William A. Irvin and marvel at the meticulous workmanship, remembering a bygone age of nautical prowess in Duluth's lively past. Don't miss out on this extraordinary chance to see a living tribute to Duluth's maritime legacy.

6. Leif Erickson Park

group of people sitting on the park

Leif Erikson Park, a wonderful hidden treasure in Duluth, Minnesota, is located within walking distance of the lively Canal Park.

With rich foliage, a calm lakeshore, and spectacular views of Lake Superior, this gorgeous park provides a tranquil getaway from city life.

Tourists can hike the park's winding trails, view the brilliant blooms in the meticulously kept gardens, or simply relax by the waterfront. Leif Erickson Park is an essential stop that exemplifies the natural beauty and charm that characterize Duluth's outdoor offers.

7. Spirit Mountain Adventure Park

person standing on a snowy hill with a door

Spirit Mountain Adventure Park is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, tucked in the forested hills of Duluth, Minnesota.

It provides limitless thrills for adrenaline lovers, with its thrilling mountain biking courses and the spectacular Timber Twister Alpine Coaster. 

The spectacular sights of nature's treasures spread before you as you navigate Spirit Mountain's hidden gems.

Spirit Mountain Adventure Park guarantees a memorable experience amidst the grandeur of the environment, whether you're looking for an adrenaline rush or a calm vacation.

8. Visit the Lake Superior Zoo

a group of lemurs sitting on a ledge

Discover hidden gems within a world of natural delights at the Lake Superior Zoo in Duluth, MN. Explore the various habitats and meet amazing wildlife ranging from playful primates to stately large cats.

Enjoy interesting displays, animal interactions, and educational events for people of all ages. While meandering through the zoo's gorgeous environs, take in the beauty of Superior Lake.

The Superior Lake Zoo promises a memorable experience that showcases the region's natural marvels with its unique blend of entertainment and conservation.

9. Duluth Children's Museum

a man standing on top of a chess board

The Duluth Children's Museum, located in Duluth, MN, is an absolute must-see site for families in Northern Minnesota.

It provides a great night of learning and fun for the entire family with interactive exhibits and educational activities. While exercising their curiosity, children can discover the wonders of science, history, and art.

Don't forget to browse the gift shop for unusual souvenirs and educational toys. Plan a trip to the Duluth Children's Museum and make memories with your family.

10. Duluth Entertainment Convention Center

orchestra of the university of chicago performing at the auditorium

The Duluth Entertainment Convention Center (DECC) is a well-known venue in Minnesota Duluth. It is on the National Register of Historic Places because of its rich history and architectural value.

Throughout the year, the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center serves as a live entertainment hub, holding a range of events, concerts, and performances. The Duluth Playhouse, which offers great theater productions, is one of its most notable features.

The DECC continues to fascinate audiences, from enthralling acts to its historical beauty, making it a favorite destination for entertainment fans in the region.

11. Fitger's Brewhouse Brewery

table with different kind of flavored beers

If you're ever visiting Duluth, MN, and are a fan of craft beers, a trip to Fitger's Brewhouse Brewery is a must.

This brewery allows you to serve yourself with its self-pour tap wall and offers a wide choice of great brews, all created in-house.

Don't forget to attend the brewery tour if you want to see the brewing process up close. Overall, this is an excellent place to have a nice drink, a delicious meal, and absorb some local culture.

12. Duluth Rose Garden

a bench in a garden with flowers and trees

The Duluth Rose Garden in Duluth, Minnesota, is an obligatory excursion for nature enthusiasts. It is situated near beautiful Lake Superior and is easily accessible via a scenic drive.

The garden has a large collection of roses of all colors and species, making it an ideal backdrop for photography.

Visitors can relax in the garden's peacefulness while dining on outdoor patios or simply observing the blooms. The Duluth Rose Garden is a magnificent sight for travelers and a calm retreat for locals.

13. Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory

owl on the hand of a woman in the cave

If you're looking for the best Duluth attractions, you can't miss Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory. This gem of Duluth sights is home to thousands of birds that pass through during migration season.

The open skies of Hawk Ridge allow tourists to enjoy the stunning sight of these birds soaring overhead.

There is also trained staff on hand to answer questions about the various species and their flight patterns.

So, if you're in Duluth, make sure to include Hawk Ridge on your agenda.

14. Split Rock Lighthouse

a lighthouse on a cliff at night

Split Rock Lighthouse, located on Lake Superior's craggy North Shore, is a historic beacon that has guided ships through perilous waters since 1910.

This historic lighthouse, perched atop a cliff overlooking the gorgeous lake, provides breathtaking views of Duluth Harbor. Visitors can tour the immaculately kept quarters and climb the tower for panoramic views.

Take a ride on the North Shore Scenic Railroad, which chugs along the scenic coastline, passing by the magnificent Split Rock Lighthouse, making it a must-see location for history buffs and nature lovers alike.

15. Drive through Minnesota's North Shore Scenic Drive

a path leading to the water with fall foliage on the side

The North Shore Scenic Drive in Minnesota is an outstanding experience that should be on the bucket list of every traveler.

As you drive along the path, you will see various stunning sites that will take your breath away. 

Make a stop at the North Shore Scenic Railroad and ride through the beautiful pine forests. For those who enjoy boats and ships, a trip to Duluth Harbor is a must.

The Historic Union Depot and Lake Ave are excellent sites to explore for history buffs. Finally, don't forget to visit Hartley Park and enjoy its magnificent trails.

16. Great Lakes Aquarium

a large rock in a indoor pool

Great Lakes Aquarium is a must-visit destination on the North Shore of Duluth, MN. This indoor pool complex is home to a wide variety of marine life that calls the Great Lakes region home.

Guests can walk through the exhibits to learn about the various species found in the lakes, such as fish, plants, and other microscopic invertebrates.

In addition, the aquarium has knowledgeable staff on hand to answer questions and provide valuable insights.

Overall, the Great Lakes Aquarium is a fantastic destination for any nature lover in the Duluth area.

17. Hartley Nature Center

a view of the ocean from a hill

Hartley Nature Center near Duluth, MN, offers outdoor enthusiasts access to a lovely 660-acre park. Travelers may hike, ride, or ski through the park's diverse scenery thanks to miles of pathways.

The facility also provides activities for both children and adults, such as summer camps and educational events.

After your outdoor adventure, head to the nearby Riverside Bar to enjoy your own drinks while taking in the stunning views of Park Point. Don't miss the chance to experience the beauty of Hartley Nature Center for yourself.

18. Marcus Duluth Cinema

a person sitting in a red chair watching a movie

Marcus Duluth Cinema located in Minnesota Duluth is a popular entertainment destination featuring the latest movies. It is located on Superior St. and is adjacent to Canal Park and Bayfront Park.

The movie theater provides state-of-the-art conveniences and an engaging viewing experience. Whether you want to see the newest blockbuster or an independent film, Marcus Duluth Cinema has you covered.

It's the perfect place to visit while taking a stroll down Grand Avenue or taking the family to the newly restored Superior Street. Make sure to check out this iconic spot on your next trip to Duluth.

19. Visit the Duluth Art Institute

a wall of paintings in a room

Any lover of art history must go to the Duluth Art Institute in Duluth, MN. The institute is home to a sizable collection of artwork that offers a window into the cultural legacy of the area.

The banquet room is perfect for hosting private events, while the coffee shops in the facility offer top-notch refreshments to visitors.

Private balconies on the building's top floor provide stunning views of the city and lake. Whether you appreciate art or not, you should put visiting this institute on your bucket list.

20. Duluth Tap Exchange

a bar with a tv and a purple light

Duluth Tap Exchange is a must-visit destination on Superior St in Duluth, MN. Visitors have 50 different brews to choose from using the self-pour tap wall.

Alongside the beer, Duluth Tap Exchange also boasts a collection of board games, which can be enjoyed while surrounded by the stunning views of Lake Superior.

It is situated in the Lincoln Park Craft District, which is the ideal location to discover Duluth's artistic and creative side. 

For a special and enjoyable experience, whether you're a local or a visitor, don't forget to check out Duluth Tap Exchange.

21. Enger Park

two people sitting on a bench overlooking the ocean

Enger Park is an iconic destination located in Duluth MN. Its stunning views of the Lake Superior shoreline and the cityscape make it a popular attraction for both locals and tourists.

The park's most noticeable feature is the 80-foot-tall Enger Tower. For an even more magnificent perspective, hikers can ascend to the top. 

The park is offering visitors a stunning vantage point to admire the surrounding landscapes, including the breathtaking Glensheen Mansion and the vibrant cultural hub of the Duluth Playhouse.

You should also check out the Duluth Depot, a former train station that has been transformed into a cultural hub with art galleries, a kids' museum, and a theater.

22. Enjoy Craft Beer at Blacklist Artisan Ales

a bar with a bunch of wine glasses on it

This place is a haven for board gaming enthusiasts who also enjoy artisan beer. Remember the name: Blacklist Artisan Ales.

There are many different board games to pick from at this distinctive brewery and taproom in downtown Duluth.

Furthermore, their constantly-changing beer menu guarantees that there is always something novel and intriguing to drink.

It's the ideal location for a relaxing evening out with friends or family because of the warm, inviting ambiance.

FAQs: The Best Things To Do in Duluth at Night

Let's have a look at some frequently asked questions about fun things to do in Duluth at night.

What is special about Duluth?

Duluth, Minnesota, stands out thanks to its many distinctive characteristics. The largest of the Great Lakes, Lake Superior, which offers breathtaking landscapes and outdoor activities, surrounds it in all of its magnificent splendor. The city also features a vibrant arts scene, a long history, and a friendly local population, all of which add to its unique attractiveness.

How do you spend a day in Duluth?

Start your day in Duluth with a stroll along the Lakewalk, taking in the breathtaking views of Lake Superior. Explore Canal Park's stores and eateries, as well as the historic Aerial Lift Bridge. Finish the day with a stroll along the Superior Hiking Trail or a pleasant boat ride on the lake.

What to do on a rainy day in Duluth?

There are lots of indoor activities to do on a rainy day in Duluth. You can go to the Lakes Aquarium, the Lake Superior Railroad Museum, or see a show at the Duluth Playhouse. Alternatively, cozy up at a local café or bookstore, savoring the city's charming atmosphere.

Summing Up: The Best Things To Do in Duluth at Night

As you can see, there’s no shortage of fun things to do in Duluth at night. Experience an unforgettable night in Duluth, MN, with one-of-a-kind and enjoyable activities. 

Begin in Canal Park, where you may admire the lit magnificence of the renowned Aerial Lift Bridge, which casts a radiant glow over the Great Lakes.

Explore the enthralling depths of the Great Lakes Aquarium, which is home to fascinating marine life. Nature enthusiasts will enjoy a moonlight journey along the picturesque North Shore, which is surrounded by breathtaking scenery.

Finish your evening with stargazing at the Hartley Nature Center, where the dark skies make an ideal backdrop for celestial wonders. 

At night, Duluth delivers an extraordinary combination of urban charm and natural majesty.