26 Best Things to Do in Cozumel, Mexico | 2024 (with Photos)

James A. Smith

James A. Smith - Chief Editor

Published: August 29, 2023

Hey there! I'm James, your go-to guide for an unforgettable experience in Cozumel, Mexico. With my passion for this incredible destination and my insider knowledge of the best activities, I'll help you create cherished memories during your trip.

Fun and Unique Things to Do in Cozumel, Mexico

Cozumel, Mexico, is an island paradise that offers an array of exciting activities to indulge in. From scuba diving in the Caribbean Sea and witnessing the abundant marine life to exploring ancient ruins and the island's Mayan culture, Cozumel has something for everyone.

This guide provides a list of 26 fun things to do in Cozumel, catering to all kinds of travelers. You can easily reach Cozumel by flying to Cozumel International Airport from various cities across Mexico or by hopping on a cruise ship.

So, pack your bags, and get ready to explore the best of Cozumel.

Most Recommended Thing to Do

Snorkeling at Palancar Reef.

Top Choice Hotel

Secrets Aura Cozumel

Our Top Choice Restaurant

La Cocay

Our Top Choice Bar for Nightlife

Carlos'n Charlie's

Best Time to Visit

Ideal weather in Cozumel, Mexico for vacation.

Average Temperature

Hot and humid, with occasional refreshing ocean breezes.

Transportation Options

Taxis, rental cars, scooters, bicycles, buses, walking, private tours.

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My Top Recommendation

Cozumel-Mexico is a breathtaking destination that offers a multitude of experiences for travelers. Spend your days exploring the vibrant underwater world of the Great Maya Reef through scuba diving or snorkeling, and witness the mesmerizing marine life up close. Then, soak in the tranquility of the island's pristine beaches, where soft white sands meet crystal-clear turquoise waters, creating the perfect backdrop for unwinding and soaking up the sun.

What You'll Need to Bring

  • Sunscreen
  • Swimsuit
  • Hat and sunglasses
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Light and airy clothing
  • Snorkeling gear or beach equipment (optional)
  • Travel documents (passport, ID, etc.)
  • Money/Credit cards
  • Camera or smartphone for capturing memories
  • Spanish phrasebook or translation app (optional)

What Not to Miss

  1. Cozumel's stunning coral reefs are a must-see for snorkeling and scuba diving enthusiasts.

  2. Explore the vibrant local culture at the Museum of Cozumel and the San Gervasio archaeological site.

  3. Don't miss the opportunity to relax and soak up the sun at stunning beaches like Paradise Beach and Playa Palancar.

  4. Discover the island's unique wildlife at Chankanaab National Park, home to tropical gardens and a lagoon.

  5. Enjoy the vibrant nightlife and bustling atmosphere of downtown Cozumel.

  6. Take a day trip to El Cielo, a beautiful sandbar with crystal clear turquoise waters perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

  7. Catch a breathtaking sunset at Punta Sur Eco Beach Park, where you can also spot crocodiles and bird species.

  8. Experience the thrill of an off-road adventure by exploring the rugged terrain in a 4x4 vehicle or ATV.

  9. Delight your taste buds with delicious local Mexican cuisine, including fresh seafood and traditional dishes like cochinita pibil.

  10. Shop for unique souvenirs and handmade crafts at local markets like Mercado Municipal and Los Cinco Soles.

  11. Immerse yourself in the Mayan history and culture with a visit to the ancient ruins of Tulum.

  12. Embark on a deep-sea fishing excursion to catch big game fish like marlin and sailfish.

  13. Take a boat tour to explore Cozumel's surrounding islands, such as Isla Mujeres and Isla de la Pasión.

  14. Discover the underwater wonders of Cozumel's marine parks on a glass-bottom boat tour.

  15. Enjoy a peaceful beach day at the secluded and picturesque Playa San Francisco.

Please note that these are just a few of the highlights in Cozumel, and there are many more attractions and activities to explore on the island.

What to Avoid

  1. Pickpockets and petty theft.
  2. Drinking tap water.
  3. Walking alone at night in certain areas.
  4. Engaging in illegal drug activities.
  5. Overcharging by taxi drivers or vendors.
  6. Leaving valuable belongings unattended.
  7. swimming in non-designated areas.
  8. Disrespecting local customs and traditions.
  9. Falling for tourist scams.
  10. Renting vehicles without proper documentation or insurance.

1. Go Scuba Diving

Go Scuba Diving

One of the most iconic things to do in Cozumel is scuba diving. Scuba diving in Cozumel allows divers to explore shipwrecks, swim through tunnels, and witness a spectacular underwater world, making the experience one of the most fun things to do in the region.

The island boasts an incredible array of scuba diving sites suitable for both novice and experienced scuba divers. The reef system here is the second largest in the world, only after the Great Barrier Reef.

2. Discover Mexico Park

Discover Mexico Park

Discover Mexico Park in Cozumel offers an immersive experience that takes visitors on a journey through Mexico's past and present, featuring detailed models of iconic landmarks, interactive exhibits, and engaging performances.

The highlight of the park is undoubtedly the Museum of Popular Arts, which showcases Mexico's vibrant arts and crafts traditions. You can also participate in workshops and classes to learn more about traditional techniques and create your own souvenirs to take home.

3. Relax on the Beautiful Beaches

Paradise Beach

Cozumel is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The east coast beaches are known for their rugged, natural beauty and strong surf, while the west coast beaches offer a more tranquil atmosphere.

Paradise Beach is a popular destination for water sports, restaurants, and bars, and Punta Sur Eco Beach is considered the best one in Cozumel.

Playa Chen Rio is a white sand beach on the East Coast with some of the best snorkeling on the island. Playa El Cielo is a secluded beach accessible only by boat, famous for its excellent snorkeling opportunities.

4. Punta Sur Eco Park

Punta Sur Eco Park

Punta Sur Ecological Park, located on the southern tip of Isla Cozumel, offers a unique opportunity to experience the island's lagoons, mangroves, and gorgeous Punta Sur Eco Beach. This is one of the most stunning things to do in Cozumel.

One of the highlights of Punta Sur Eco Park is the lighthouse, which offers breathtaking panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea. Punta Sur Ecological Park is also home to a sea turtle sanctuary and hosts the Cozumel Ironman triathlon.

5. Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is a coastal town located just a short ferry ride away from Cozumel. Playa del Carmen is known for its stunning beaches and lively atmosphere, offering visitors a taste of the Mexican Caribbean lifestyle.

Playa del Carmen has plenty of activities to offer, from sunbathing, and water sports to shopping, dining, and a vibrant nightlife. One of the main attractions here is the famous Fifth Avenue, a pedestrian-only street lined with shops, restaurants, and bars.

6. San Miguel de Cozumel

San Miguel de Cozumel

San Miguel de Cozumel is a beautiful city located on the island of Cozumel in the Caribbean Sea. It is a popular tourist destination due to its stunning white sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, and breathtaking views.

Visitors to San Miguel de Cozumel can enjoy a wide range of activities, including snorkeling, scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, and exploring Mayan ruins. The town of San Miguel also has many bars and clubs that offer live music and entertainment.

7. Mayan Cacao Company

Mayan Cacao Company

A tour of the Mayan Cacao Company in the Riviera Maya takes visitors on a journey through the history and culture of the Mayan civilization and their sacred cacao plant.

You can witness the entire chocolate-making process, starting from harvesting cacao pods to the final product. The Mayan Cacao Company tour also includes a visit to a cacao plantation and a tasting of chocolate made on-site and the opportunity to purchase high-quality chocolate products.

8. Horseback Riding on the Beach

Mr. Sanchos Beach Club Horseback Riding

Horseback riding on the beach in Cozumel is a unique opportunity to explore the island's stunning coastline in a fun and exciting way. The tour leaves from the popular Mr. Sanchos Beach Club.

You can go for a leisurely ride along the beach, where they can enjoy panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea and take in the island's natural beauty. Horseback riding is a perfect activity for anyone looking for a romantic excursion or families seeking a fun adventure.

9. Awesome Flight Zipline Park

Awesome Flight Zipline Park

Ziplining at the Awesome Flight Zipline Park is a thrilling adventure in the Cozumel Jungle. This unique attraction offers visitors a chance to soar above the lush canopy of the jungle on a series of exhilarating zip lines.

The park is situated in the heart of the jungle, offering stunning views of the surrounding landscape. 

Whether you're an adrenaline junkie or just looking to experience something new, ziplining at Awesome Flight Zipline Park is an excellent choice.

10. Cozumel Pearl Farm

Cozumel Pearl Farm

Cozumel Pearl Farm offers a unique and unforgettable experience for visitors to Cozumel. This tour takes visitors on a journey to discover the fascinating process of pearl farming and the secrets behind creating one of nature's most precious gems.

The tour starts with a boat ride to the pearl farm, where visitors can observe the oyster beds and learn about the cultivation and harvesting of pearls. 

Cozumel Pearl Farm offers a hands-on experience where visitors can learn how to open an oyster and discover if it contains a pearl.

11. Cozumel Island Museum

Cozumel Island Museum

The brilliant Cozumel Island Museum is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in the rich history and culture of Cozumel. The museum features a vast collection of artifacts, photographs, and exhibits that showcase the island's rich cultural heritage.

You can explore exhibits covering Cozumel's pre-Columbian era, including the Mayan civilization, and learn about the island's colonial past. 

The museum also has displays featuring the island's beautiful coral reefs, including the "Cedral Reef," a replica of one of the most famous reefs in the area.

12. Mercado Municipal

Mercado Municipal

Cozumel's cuisine is a fusion of Mexican, Mayan, and Caribbean flavors. You can enjoy authentic dishes, such as ceviche, tacos al pastor, cochinita pibil, and guacamole.

Mercado Municipal, located in the heart of downtown Cozumel, is a bustling indoor market that allows visitors to experience the authentic flavors and culture of Cozumel. 

You can browse the market's many stalls and sample some delicious food, including fresh seafood, spicy salsas, and sweet tropical fruits.

13. Arrecifes de Cozumel National Park

Arrecifes de Cozumel National Park

Located off the southern coast of Cozumel, the Arrecifes de Cozumel National Park covers over 12,000 acres of protected reef and marine life, making it one of the largest and most biodiverse marine parks in the world.

Visitors can explore the colorful coral reefs by snorkeling or diving, or take glass-bottom boat tours to see marine life from above the water. 

The park is home to diverse marine life, including sea turtles, rays, eels, and a variety of tropical fish.

14. San Gervasio Ancient Mayan Ruins

San Gervasio Ancient Mayan Ruins

San Gervasio's ancient ruins are the largest and most significant archeological site on the island, offering visitors a glimpse into the lives and traditions of the ancient Mayan civilization.

The site contains numerous temples, plazas, and buildings, some of which date back over a thousand years. 

The ruins are thought to have been an important pilgrimage site for Mayan women, who would come to the temple to worship the goddess Ixchel, the Mayan goddess of fertility, childbirth, and weaving.

15. Deep-Sea Fishing on a Guided Tour

Deep-Sea Fishing on a Guided Tour

Cozumel's crystal-clear waters and abundant sea life make it an ideal location for fishing enthusiasts. The island is home to a variety of fish species, including marlin, tuna, wahoo, and mahi-mahi.

The deep sea fishing excursions in Cozumel offer a chance to explore the Caribbean waters and reel in impressive catches. 

With experienced guides and well-equipped boats, visitors can feel confident that they are in good hands. This is one of the best things to do in Cozumel if you love to hit the open water.

16. Relax at a Beach Bar

Coconuts Bar and Grill

Beach bars are a popular destination for visitors to Cozumel. Whether you're looking for a laid-back spot to sip on a cold beer or a trendy spot to sip on a craft cocktail, there's a beach bar for everyone.

Some popular beach bars in Cozumel are the Coconuts Bar and Grill, located on San Francisco Beach, and the Money Bar Beach Club, on the south side of the island. 

Some bars often offer live music and entertainment, making them the perfect spot to relax after a day of exploring.

17. Chankanaab Beach Adventure Park

Chankanaab Beach Adventure Park

Located on the western side of the island, Chankanaab Beach Adventure Park is one of the top attractions in Cozumel. The park features a beautiful beach, coral reef, botanical garden, and a cultural area where visitors can learn about Mayan history.

Chankanaab Beach Adventure Park also has a variety of activities, including snorkeling, zip-lining, swimming with dolphins, and exploring underground caves and marine life

It's a great destination for nature lovers and one of the most fun things to do in Cozumel.

18. El Cedral Historic Site

El Cedral Historic Site

El Cedral is a small town in the heart of Cozumel that is steeped in history and tradition. It is said to be the oldest settlement on the island and is famous for its annual festival celebrating the island's patron saint, Santa Cruz.

Visitors can explore the town's narrow streets, admire the traditional architecture, and visit the Mayan ruins that lie just outside the town. 

El Cedral is also home to several small restaurants and shops that offer a taste of local cuisine and handicrafts.

19. Explore Cozumel by Bike

Explore Cozumel by Bike

Exploring Cozumel by bike is an excellent way to experience the island's natural beauty. You'll have the freedom to explore at your own pace and immerse yourself in the local environment.

Cozumel offers a variety of bike routes, ranging from scenic coastal roads to adventurous jungle trails. 

Along the way, you can discover hidden beaches, historic landmarks, and local bars where you can rent snorkeling gear and sample delicious local cuisine.

20. Underwater Helmet Diving

Underwater Helmet Diving

Underwater Helmet Diving Experience is an exciting adventure that allows visitors to Cozumel to explore the underwater world without any scuba diving experience required.

Participants wear a special helmet that supplies air and enjoy a safe and easy way to explore the ocean. 

You can walk along the ocean floor, surrounded by an abundance of marine life, including colorful tropical fish, coral reefs, sea turtles, and other fascinating creatures.

21. Shopping in Downtown Cozumel

Shopping in Downtown Cozumel

As a port of call for cruise ships, the downtown area is a bustling hub of activity, with visitors from all over the world coming to explore its many shops, boutiques, and markets.

In addition to the many high-end shops and boutiques, downtown Cozumel is also home to a number of street vendors selling handmade crafts, jewelry, and other souvenirs. 

Visitors can stroll through the streets and admire the intricate designs of the local crafts.

22. Boat Tour to Isla de la Pasion

Boat Tour to Isla de la Pasion

Isla de la Pasion, located about 25 miles north of Cozumel, is a small, uninhabited island that is home to stunning beaches, crystal clear waters, and an abundance of wildlife.

Visitors can take a boat tour of the island and spend the day on one of the sun loungers, swimming, or snorkeling in the pristine waters. 

The island is also home to a variety of bird species, including flamingos, pelicans, and cormorants, making it a popular destination for bird watchers.

23. Glass-Bottom Boat Tour

Glass-Bottom Boat Tour

A glass-bottom boat tour along the coastline of Cozumel allows visitors to kick back, relax and admire its natural beauty, and also discover its many hidden gems.

One of the most popular stops on the tour is the Columbia Reef, which is considered one of the best dive sites in Cozumel. 

This stunning reef is located off the southwest coast of the island and is home to sea turtles, colorful tropical fish, and vibrant coral formations.

24. Relax at a Beach Club

Paradise Beach Club

If you are looking for a relaxing day while visiting Cozumel, then you should consider visiting some of the local beach clubs on the island. Paradise Beach Club offers fun activities such as kayaking and jet skiing.

Tortugas Beach Club on the west coast has a laid-back atmosphere and serves delicious food and drinks in their beachside restaurant. 

Mr. Sanchos Beach Club is one of the most popular beach clubs and offers numerous activities, such as water sports, a pool, and a swim-up bar.

25. Street Art Tour in San Miguel de Cozumel

Street Art Tour in San Miguel de Cozumel

San Miguel de Cozumel is home to street art that is worth exploring. A street art tour in San Miguel de Cozumel is a great way to explore the town's hidden gems and appreciate the local art scene.

The vibrant murals are spread throughout the town of San Miguel de Cozumel and depict a range of themes, from the local culture and history to contemporary issues. 

The street art adds a colorful and dynamic element to the town's aesthetics.

26. Playa Mia Grand Beach Park

Playa Mia Grand Beach Park

Playa Mia Grand Beach Park, located near the cruise ship port in Cozumel, features over 600 meters of white sandy beach, turquoise waters, and an array of attractions to make your visit a memorable one.

Visitors to Playa Mia Grand Beach Park can enjoy water sports and explore the Eco-Park, as well as the artificial underwater Mayan city, which is an artificial reef that features replicas of ancient Mayan ruins, such as the Temple of the Moon and the Temple of the Sun.

Let's also explore some frequently asked questions related to things to do in Cozumel.

What is Cozumel best known for?

Cozumel is best known for its white sand beaches, vibrant marine life, beach clubs, and exceptional scuba diving opportunities. The island is a renowned destination for adventure-seekers and nature lovers, and there are many exciting things to do in Cozumel, such as swimming with dolphins, exploring ancient ruins and the reef's underwater world, and deep-sea fishing.

Can you walk around Cozumel?

Yes, you can walk around Cozumel, and it's one of the best ways to explore the island. The downtown area of San Miguel, where most of the shops, restaurants, and hotels are located, is entirely walkable.

However, if you plan to venture further out, you may want to consider renting a bicycle or scooter, and that's one of the most fun things to do in Cozumel. Alternatively, taxis are widely available and affordable, and there are also local buses that run around the island.

Is Cozumel worth going to?

Yes, it is definitely worth visiting and there are many fun things to do in Cozumel. The island offers a unique blend of natural beauty, rich culture, and exciting activities.

The locals are friendly and welcoming, and the island's infrastructure is well-developed, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Is Cozumel better than Cancun?

It's challenging to compare Cozumel and Cancun since they cater to different types of travelers. Cozumel is more laid-back and relaxed, with a focus on natural beauty and outdoor activities such as diving and snorkeling.

Cancun, on the other hand, is a bustling city with a more vibrant nightlife scene, upscale shopping, and world-class resorts. Ultimately, whether visiting Cozumel or Cancun is better will depend on your preferences and interests.

Summing Up: Best Things to Do in Cozumel, Mexico

As you can see, there are many amazing things to do in Cozumel, Mexico. Explore the many beach clubs and seize opportunities to see wildlife, hike, and swim, in sunny Cozumel.

From visiting historic sites and exploring the rich Mayan culture to strolling on a white sand beach, diving at the coral reef, and chocolate tasting at the Mayan Cacao Company, there is no shortage of fun things to do in Cozumel.

Whether you want to relax at Paradise Beach and Playa Chen Rio or do some water sports at a local beach club, there is no doubt that you will live the island life to the fullest in Cozumel. 

So pack your bags, grab your sunscreen, and get ready to experience all that this vibrant destination on the Yucatan Peninsula has to offer.