Published: January 16, 2024

Spanish With Nate Review: Perfect Preparation for Travel

Spanish With Nate Review: Perfect Preparation for Travel

Spanish with Nate's Fluent Spanish Speaker Academy is an online Spanish course designed for people who want to learn to speak Spanish. It is created by Nate, an American self-taught Spanish teacher, and it offers lifetime access to video lessons and audio exercises.

In this Fluent Spanish Speaker Academy review, we'll take you through the main features of the course, and the benefits that come with it. We'll also compare how Nate's Fluent Spanish Speaker Academy course compares to other online courses on the market that we have tried.

By the end of this review, you'll know:

  • How effective Nate's teaching approach is.
  • What to expect from the course and who would benefit most from it.
  • How effective the course will be for anyone who wants to learn Spanish grammar and vocabulary.

Our Ratings for the Course

Our Ratings for the Course

This post is an unbiased review of the Fluent Spanish Speaker Academy online Spanish course. We'll take you through our personal experience of the course and whether we think it's worth your time.

The opinions expressed in the post are ours and are unbiased. We'll be discussing our experience with three key factors in mind.

These are as follows:

  • Effectiveness – We'll discuss the progress we'd expect Spanish beginners to make in this course, as well as the projected progress one would be able to make when learning this language over a prolonged period.
  • Value for money – We'll compare the Spanish with Nate course cost with other Spanish courses.
  • Ease of use – As language learners, user experience plays a large part in whether we keep coming back, resulting in progress. A poor user experience usually leads to a lack of progress.

About Course Creator Nate and His Youtube Channel

About Course Creator Nate and His Youtube Channel

Nate is a self-taught Spanish teacher, who first learned Spanish while he was in high school in the US. He then spent time in Mexico and Spain, mastering his level of Spanish in the process.

He started to teach online via Skype in 2013 and his students today come from all over the world.

Nate is known by many for his Youtube channel, Nate's Adventures, which has already surpassed 100,000 subscribers.

He has now opened a second Youtube channel dedicated specifically to Spanish language learning.

Having watched Nate's Youtube videos and been through the course, it's clear that Nate's Spanish is amazing. He speaks Spanish from Latin America.

Our Initial Thoughts on the Course

We got a good feeling about this course as soon as we received access to it.

Before delving into the actual lessons, Nate takes you through the fundamental aspects of language learning and provides tips to help you learn Spanish faster.

He provides you with advice about several aspects that are key to learning Spanish, including:

  • How to learn Spanish grammar effectively, and the best way to learn new vocabulary using flashcards.

  • How and where to find a language partner.

  • Where and how to find books, and videos and maintain consistency in your learning.

Nate also discusses the importance of your mindset when learning a language, which I agree is key.

Language courses are led by somebody who can share their own experiences and struggles are more personable. It makes learners feel like they are being taught by a private tutor instead of an algorithm.

The layout and user experience are simple and visually appealing.

What is the 'Fluent Spanish Speaker Academy' Spanish Course?

Fluent Spanish Speaker Academy

The Fluent Spanish Speaker Academy is an online Spanish course created by a self-taught American teacher called Nate, from Spanish with Nate.

You may well have seen videos of Nate and his teaching style on his Youtube channel, Nate's Adventures.

The course comprises lessons, listening exercises, and transcripts of Spanish, all packaged inside one course and taught by one person.

Who is Nate's 'Fluent Spanish Speaker Academy' for?

Who is Nate's 'Fluent Spanish Speaker Academy' for?

The Fluent Spanish Speaker Academy course is specifically designed for individuals who range from beginner to intermediate levels in their Spanish language proficiency.

If you're just starting and have limited knowledge of Spanish, we recommend checking out Nate's Youtube videos where he covers the fundamentals of Spanish grammar and pronunciation.

Why Sign Up for the Course

Learning Spanish can greatly enhance your travel experiences. With over 460 million native speakers worldwide, Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world.

When traveling to Spanish-speaking countries such as Spain, Mexico, Colombia, or Argentina, having a good command of the language can open up a world of opportunities.

It allows you to immerse yourself in the local culture, communicate effectively with locals, and truly appreciate the nuances of the destinations you visit.

Being able to speak Spanish while traveling can also make your journey more enjoyable and fulfilling.

You can easily navigate through different cities, order delicious local cuisine, ask for directions, and engage in meaningful conversations with locals.

By speaking Spanish, you not only bridge the communication gap but also demonstrate respect and appreciation for the local culture, leading to more authentic and memorable experiences.

Moreover, learning Spanish for traveling can provide practical advantages. It can help you negotiate better deals, understand important information like safety instructions, and handle unforeseen situations more effectively.

From exploring historical landmarks to venturing off the beaten path, your ability to speak Spanish will enable you to connect with people and places on a deeper level.

What’s Included in this Spanish Course?

What’s Included in this Spanish Course?

Included within this Spanish course you'll receive:

  • Access to 50+ Spanish lessons.
  • Lifetime access to a Spanish-learning community.
  • Virtual mentorship from Nate to help you learn Spanish.

Basic Features: How Does it Work?

The Spanish with Nate course is delivered in video format. The teacher, Nathan, speaks directly to the learner and lessons are generally around 15 minutes long.

Each lesson comes with a transcription of the dialogue, vocabulary lists, and grammar explanations.

In addition to the video lessons, there are also audio exercises (with transcriptions). These are similar to the video lessons, except they focus on specific language points.

Plans & Pricing

Let's explore the plans and pricing options for this language course.

Fluent Spanish Speaker Academy

  • Duration: 90 days of Spanish learning

  • Price: Two payments of $499

Course Description:

Dive deep into Spanish with an extensive 90-day program designed to enhance your fluency and comprehension skills.

Taco Member

Features: Live classes with Nate every week, A1-B2 courses, private community, and more

Price: $20/month

Description: Join the Taco Member program for regular live classes, comprehensive courses from beginner to intermediate levels, access to a supportive community, and additional resources.

7-Day Spanish Speaker

Duration: 7 days

Price: $48

Description: Jumpstart your Spanish-speaking journey with this intensive 7-day course. Gain the confidence to engage in conversations and communicate effectively in Spanish.

Please note that prices of Programs and details are subject to change. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, visit the Spanish with Nate website.

Does Spanish with Nate offer a free trial?

Yes, a free trial is available through the Fluent Spanish Speaker Academy by Spanish with Nate.

Nate provides access to a 7-Day free trial, with 4 lessons and 4 custom worksheets.

Whilst this isn't a great amount of content, it's definitely enough to get a feeling for the course format and Nate's teaching style.

The Spanish Topics Covered Within the Course

The Spanish Topics Covered Within the Course

Nate's Fluent Spanish Speaker Academy is segmented into 10 sections, each with 5-10 classes which comprise:

  • Important grammar explanations - Nate takes you through important aspects of Spanish grammar such as the formal and informal 'you', when to use 'por' and 'para', and how to use the verb 'gustar.'
  • Vital Vocabulary.
  • Real-World Spanish Conversation.

The Spanish Starter Pack

As mentioned above, Nate segments the course into 10 main sections. We are not going to go through all of them individually now (you can find them on the website).

Section 2, which is the Spanish Starter Pack, covers a lot of interesting Spanish topics that are necessary to learn at an early stage.

These topics include:

  • How to have a native accent
  • The Alphabet -
  • Basic Greetings in Spanish -
  • Vital Vocab: Food
  • Masculine & Feminine Nouns (by the way, this is an essential part of learning Spanish, Italian, or any other Latin language)
  • Singular & Plural Definite Articles
  • Vital Vocab: Family
  • Singular & Plural Adjectives

As a student, it's helpful that Nate segments each section into essential grammar and vital vocabulary.

Our Thoughts on the Course Contents

The topics mentioned above, as per Section 2, provide a flavor of the sort of content you can expect from Nate's Fluent Spanish Speaker Academy.

He clearly understands the importance of grammar. In his words "It's not sexy, but it's necessary." And we couldn't agree more. The sooner you learn masculine and feminine rules, for example, the quicker you can advance your learning.

But it's not all grammar, and that's important too. We like that Nate doesn't shy away from giving you vital vocab and Spanish phrases you'll need to survive while traveling in a Spanish-speaking country. As we mentioned, it's a good blend.

The course is very well-rounded and we like how Nate takes you through real-world scenarios which require using the Spanish language.

Price Point & Comparison with Other Courses

Whilst \$499 is not a small sum of money, it is competitive when compared to similar Spanish courses online.

For example, the popular Rosetta Stone Spanish course retails at up to \$479 if you want to opt out of a subscription model.

And that's without any payment installments. That said, we should mention that other big players in the language learning market like Rosetta Stone, Rocket Languages, and Pimsleur offer significant discounts regularly.

By contrast, we are yet to see Nate offer a discount on his course or any form of promotional offer.

However, research shows us that the Fluent Spanish Speaker Academy also offers more content and features than some of its competitors.

For these reasons, it is great value for money. This price point is reasonable when compared with other Spanish courses on the market.

Many learners also prefer one-time payment models to subscription models, provided they can try the course first.

After all, subscription models pressurize you to learn Spanish within a fixed time frame, which is not a healthy way to learn.

You can access Fluent Spanish Speaker Academy on any desktop or iOS device.

Our Thoughts on Native Speakers vs. Non-Native Speakers When You Learn Spanish

We often hear people wanting to learn to speak Spanish as a second language say they are looking to do so with native speakers.

Nate's Fluent Spanish Speaker Academy is proof that you don't need to be a native Speaker to understand Spanish grammar and teach Spanish effectively.

We would argue that a non-native Spanish speaker has an advantage over a native speaker when it comes to teaching somebody to speak Spanish.

This is because, as Nate himself says, "non-native speakers know where English speakers make mistakes."

This gives them a distinct advantage when it comes to understanding how Spanish learners make mistakes too.

From experience, we find that non-native Spanish speakers often have a more in-depth understanding of grammar and Spanish sentence structure than native Spanish speakers.

Our Experience Using Spanish with Nate's Course

Our Experience Using Spanish with Nate's Course

Overall, we believe that Nate's Fluent Spanish Speaker Academy is a great online course for those looking to speak Spanish as a second language.

The content is well-rounded, and the price point is reasonable when compared with other courses on the market.

As we stated, we believe that non-native Spanish speakers often have an advantage over native speakers when it comes to teaching languages.

This is because they can understand the difficulties that English speakers face when learning Spanish.

For these reasons, as well as the fact that Nate's grasp of Spanish is amazing, we would highly recommend using Nate's course if you're interested in learning Spanish to an advanced level.

We hope you'll give Nate's creation a try in your quest to learn Spanish. His enthusiasm is refreshing, his Spanish is excellent, and we are sure you'll become a more comfortable person speaking Spanish as a result.

FAQs About Learning Spanish

Let's answer some questions about learning Spanish.

Is it hard to learn Spanish?

Learning Spanish can be challenging at first, but with the right approach and resources, it becomes an exciting and rewarding journey.

As a complete beginner, you'll gradually progress from basic vocabulary to conversational level. You will become a more confident person with higher self-esteem, making the learning process fun and fulfilling.

Can I learn Spanish from Spanish-speaking friends?

Learning Spanish from Spanish-speaking friends can be a valuable experience. Immersing yourself in conversations with old friends in a new language is both important and exciting.

Within a few months, you'll witness real wins in your language skills. Your friends become your teachers, making the learning process interesting through shared words and active listening.

Is learning Spanish worth it?

Learning Spanish is worth it. It opens up a world of opportunities. Each step of the learning process is a real win. With teachers, fellow students, and additional resources, it becomes an interesting journey filled with practice, fun, and engaging stories.

Beginners are often excited to watch their language skills grow, igniting a lifelong interest.

How many Spanish classes do I need?

The number of Spanish classes you need depends on your goals and learning style. Some people achieve fluency with regular classes, while others combine them with self-study, immersion, or language exchanges.

It's like a unique story—starting with an idea, watching your interest grow, having fun, gaining additional information, connecting with fellow students, and realizing the impact on your life.

Summing Up: Spanish with Nate Course Review

You now know all about the Spanish with Nate online course. We've covered the key components of the course and what you can expect from Nate's approach to learning Spanish.

Spanish with Nate's course is comprehensive, well-structured, and provides good value for money. There are no hidden costs; the course requires a one-time payment which provides access to all materials.

Spanish with Nate's Fluent Spanish Speaker Academy provides you with an effective way to learn Spanish. Furthermore, Nate provides a personal touch.

The course lacks speaking practice, but, overall, we rate Spanish with Nate highly.

If you're considering learning Spanish, sign up for Spanish with Nate below and make the most of the free trial.