Sexy in Spanish: 54 Romantic Spanish Phrases

Sexy in Spanish: 54 Romantic Spanish Phrases

When you think about Spain, visions of romantic destinations and candlelit dinners while being serenaded by a singer with a Spanish guitar might be some of the situations offered by your mind’s eye.

Spanish is, undeniably, one of the most sensual languages in the world. This is hardly surprising when you consider that Latinos are well known for their feisty, passionate personalities! But how do you express your love or romantic intent for somebody in Spanish?

Below, you’ll find 54 romantic Spanish phrases that you can use to help on your quest for finding love. From asking somebody out on the first date, to the moment you get down on one knee, I’ve got you covered!

Spanish pick-up lines

Let’s start at the very beginning of your romantic journey. Before you get the courage to ask somebody out on a date, you’ll need an ice-breaking phrase that can be used as a starting point to introduce yourself. Without further ado, let’s get these 54 romantic Spanish phrases underway.

Try one of these when you spot the man or woman of your dreams:

“Would you like a drink?”:

¿Te invito una copa? (te een-vee-to oo-na ko-pa)

“Would you like to have dinner tonight?”

¿Quieres cenar juntos esta noche? (kye-res sen-nar hoon-tos es-ta -no-chay)

“Do you have a light?”

¿Tienes encendedor? (tye-nes en-sen-de-dor)

“Are you having a good time?”

¿Te estás disfrutando? (teh ehs-tahs dees-froo-tahn-doh)

“Want to see the roof?”

¿Quieres ver la terraza? (Kyeh-rehs vehr lah teh-rah-zah)

“What star sign are you”?

¿De qué signo eres? (de ke seeg-no e-res)

“Shall we go outside”?

¿Vamos afuera? (va-mos a-fwe-ra)

“You’re cute”

Eres lindo/linda. (eh-rehs leen-doh/leen-dah)

“You have…”

Tienes… (teeyen-es)

“…a beautiful smile”

una sonrisa hermosa (oo-na son-reesa air-mosa) 

“..beautiful eyes”

unos ojos preciosos (oo-nos-o-khos ore-syo-sos)

“…a beautiful laugh”

una risa preciosa (oo-na ree-sa pre-syo-sa)

“…a great personality”

una gran personalidad (oo-na gran per-so-na-lee-dad)

How to ask someone out in Spanish

ask someone out
Ok, so you’ve made your first impression. Now you need to ask the person you’re talking to if they’d like to go on a date with you. Each of the phrases below will help you do this, as well as understand the response you’ve received to your question.

“Would you like to do something tonight?”

¿Quieres hacer algo (esta noche)? kye-res a-ser al-go (es-ta no-che)

“Would you like to have dinner tonight?”

¿Quieres cenar juntos esta noche? (kye-res sen-nar hoon-tos es-ta -no-chay)

“Would you like to go out with me?”

¿Quisieras salir conmigo? (kee-see-eh-rahs sah-leer kohn-mee-goh)

“Yes, I’d love to”

Sí, me encantaría. (see me en-kan-ta-ree-a)

“Thank you, but I can’t”

Gracias, pero no puedo. (gra-syas pe-ro no pwe-do)

“Let’s go somewhere else”

Vamos a otro lado (vah-mohs ah oh-troh lah-doh)

“I feel like going for a…”

Me gustaría ir a…(me goos-ta-ree-a eer a…)


tomar un café (to mar oon ka-fe)


bailar (bai-lar)


tomar algo (to-mar al-go)

“…meal (to eat)”

comer (ko-mer)


caminar (ka-mee-nar)

54 Romantic Spanish Phrases – Getting closer

So, you’ve managed to bag yourself a date using one of the Spanish phrases above. But how do you show the person how you feel once you’ve been on a few dates and you’re ready to take things to the next level?

Here are some Spanish phrases that will help you explain your feelings further and help you get closer to your partner:

“You’re very nice”

Eres muy simpático/a. (e-res mooy seem-pa-tee ko/a)

“You’re very attractive”

Eres muy atractivo/a. (e-res mooy a-trak-tee-vo/a)

“I’ve been thinking about you”

He estado pensando en ti. (aye es-ta-do pen-sawn-do en tee)

“Do you like me?”

¿Te caigo bien? (Te kai-go byen)

“I like you very much”

Me gustas mucho. (me goos-tas moo-cho)

“Can I kiss you?”

¿Te puedo besar? (te pwe-do be-sar)

“Would you like me to walk you home?”

¿Quieres que te acompañe a la casa? (kyeh-rehs keh teh ah-kohm-pahn-yeh ah lah kah-sah)

“Do you want to come inside for a while?”

¿Quieres pasar un rato? (kye-res pa-sar oon ra-to)

How to tell somebody you love them in Spanish

Presumably by this point, things are going pretty well with your Spanish partner and the time may have come to declare your love for them. And, as time moves on, you may even want to ask them to marry you.

But how do you tell somebody you love them in Spanish? The list of phrases below will help you get your feelings across:

“I’m in love with you”

Estoy enamorado/a de tí. (es-toy e-na-mo-ra-do/a de tee)

“I adore you”

Te adoro. (te ah-dor-o)

“I love you” (specifically romantic)

Te amo. (te ah-mo)

“I love you” (general)

Te quiero. (te kye-ro)

“Do you love me?”

¿Me Quieres? (me kye-res)

“I think we’re good together”

Creo que hacemos buena pareja. (kre-o ke a-se-mos bwe-na pa-re-kha)

“You make me happy”

Me haces feliz. (me a-sayes fay-leez)

“I will be dreaming of you”

Voy a soñar contigo. (voy a son-yar con-tee-go)

“I can’t live without you”

No puedo vivir sin ti. (No pwe-do vee-veer sin tee)

“You look so beautiful!”

Qué hermosa te ves! (kay air-mosa tay vayz)

“You are my everything”

Eres mi todo. (e-res me to-do)

“When can I see you again?”

¿Cuándo te vuelvo a ver? (Kwahn-doh the vwehl-voh ah vehr)

“Will you marry me?”

¿Te casarás conmigo? (te ca-sar-as con-mee-go)


getting rejected

Unfortunately, love doesn’t always go to plan and your romantic advances may be rejected by the person you’re attempting to date. In this case, it’s important to know some rejection phrases so that you can respect the other person’s wishes, and so that you’re not wasting your time by pursuing them any further.

And, of course, you can also use these phrases if you find yourself as the object of someone’s affections, but would rather not engage with them any further.

“I’m here with my boyfriend/girlfriend”

Estoy aquí con mi novio/a. (es-toy ah-kee kon mee no-vyo/a)

“I have a boyfriend/girlfriend”

Tengo un/a novio/a. (ten-go oon/a no-vyo/a)

“I’m not looking for anything serious”

No quiero nada serio. (noh kyeh-roh nah-dah seh-ree-oh)

“I want to take things slow”

Quiero tomar las cosas con calma. (kyeh-roh toh-mahr lahs koh-sahs kohn kahl-mah)

“I’m not interested”

No estoy interesado. (no es-toy een-te-re-sa-do/a)

“I just want to be friends”

Solo quiero ser amigos. (so-lo kyeh-roh sehr amee-goes)

“Sorry, but I have to go”

Lo siento, pero me tengo que ir. (lo syen-to pe-ro me ten-go ke eer)

“Leave me alone!”

¡Déjame en paz! (de-kha-me en pas)

Sexy in Spanish: 54 Romantic Spanish Phrases – Summary

Learning to speak Spanish can be a daunting experience and, when you factor in trying to explain yourself romantically to another person using a different language, things can become even more difficult.

But, thanks to the 54 romantic Spanish phrases we’ve listed above, asking somebody on a date and telling them how you feel should be a lot easier.

Some of these phrases can be used as standalone sentences, or as part of a sentence. For example, you can use “I feel like going for a…” (Me gustaría ir a) as the start of a sentence, followed by what you want to do, whether it’s a coffee, a walk, or a drink”.

And, of course, you’ll also be able to use them if you find yourself as the person being wooed, and you’ll find an option to take things to the next step or politely reject any advances if you need to.


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