Published: January 4, 2024

Rocket Korean Review: What to Expect from the Language Course

Rocket Korean Review

Rocket Korean is a language course that is part of the Rocket Languages series.

It claims to teach you how to speak, read, and write Korean in just 20 hours. It promises to teach the basics of the Korean language, such as greetings, numbers, and phrases.

This Rocket Korean review will tell you what to expect from this program, discuss whether it's worth buying or not, and delve into the most positive and negative aspects of the course compared to other options on the market.

Rocket Korean is available with iOS and Android for $99.99 ($79.99) in the United States and Europe for iOS and EU editions.

Rocket Korean Review: Unlocking the Language and Culture of Korea for Travelers

Rocket Korean course dashboard

Rocket Korean teaches the intricacies of the Korean language, making it a valuable companion for travelers venturing into Korea. This comprehensive language-learning course not only focuses on spoken Korean but also delves into the Korean writing system, providing a well-rounded education.

With its user-friendly interface and extensive lesson library, Rocket Korean empowers learners to navigate everyday conversations and understand the nuances of Korean culture.

In this Rocket Korean review, we explore the course's effectiveness in preparing travelers to communicate effectively in Korea, offering insights into its language-learning features and the practicality of its approach. Now let's review Rocket Korean.

What to Expect from Rocket Korean: A Brief Overview

Rocket Korean course dashboard

Below we have listed several points to take into account when purchasing Rocket Korean.

  • Rocket Korean is an online language course that provides more than 500 online Korean lessons.
  • The courses are broken up into different levels and lessons
  • It is possible to take the courses for free (on a trial basis) or purchase a subscription with additional features
  • There are many online reviews of the product on various websites, some positive and some negative.
  • The most common criticism of this product seems to be that it does not teach grammar in-depth enough and instead focuses more on speaking and listening skills.

Rocket Korean offers beginner courses that get you from complete novice to intermediate level. The entire course has more than 120 hours of lesson time divided into 3 distinct lesson types.

Each lesson type is focused on a distinct skill or area of the language. Examples include the audio lessons where a major emphasis was placed on basic conversational terms.

The next type of lesson, language and culture lessons, moves deeper into Korean grammar. The language classes introduce the Hangul writing system, letter by letter.

Short videos show you the stroke order, accompanied by explanations and background information for each letter.

A membership in Rocket Korean not only grants you exclusive access but offers.

General Characteristics Found in all Rocket Languages Courses

Rocket Korean course dashboard

Rocket Languages is a language-learning system for individuals and business professionals.

Its range of language courses provides an interactive audio and video experience, teaching conversational skills in the target language while helping you to learn the alphabet and basic phrases.

For the most part, its courses do not use English speakers or translators, which forces you to actually learn the language as if you were living in a country that speaks it.

Another great feature of the Rocket Languages system is that it teaches vocabulary through context with video clips.

It also has an adaptive program that allows you to track your progress through user-generated data on the site.

Rocket Languages also has a free trial offer where users can try out one of their courses free of cost.

What are Rocket Korean Lessons Like Generally?

All lessons take approximately 40 minutes in total and can be downloaded as MP3 files for learning while you're on the go.

The topics are very interesting and focus mostly on useful situations that you may encounter while living or traveling in Korea.

In every lesson, there is a section called 'Rocket Reinforcement' where 'you'll find a sequence of exercises to drill into what you've learned.

It is also useful to note that you can switch the difficulty of the Rocket record between easy and hard.

In addition, it also supports turn romanization (learning in your own alphabet) to or from.

How Can Rocket Korean Lessons Be of Use to Travelers?

Rocket Korean course dashboard

Rocket Korean lessons offer invaluable support for travelers planning a trip to South Korea. With its interactive audio lessons and comprehensive language program, Rocket Korean equips learners with the necessary tools to navigate the country and enhance their travel experience.

Through detailed Rocket Korean reviews, it is evident that the program focuses on practical language skills required for traveling, such as ordering food, asking for directions, and engaging in basic conversations. 

By mastering these skills, travelers can confidently communicate with locals, immerse themselves in the culture, and forge meaningful connections.

Furthermore, Rocket Korean's online format allows for flexible learning, making it ideal for travelers on the go. Whether it's during the flight, at a hotel, or exploring the streets of Seoul, learners can access the audio lessons and continue their language development.

By investing time and effort in Rocket Korean, travelers can break down language barriers, gain a deeper understanding of Korean culture, and create unforgettable experiences while exploring the vibrant streets, breathtaking landscapes, and delicious cuisine of South Korea.

Useful Tools & Features

Rocket Korean course dashboard

On the learning dashboard, there is a range of helpful learning tools that will make sure that you speak Korean soon. Developers have inserted a memory flashcard function into the program, so you can easily test your knowledge.

Additional tools let you add notes, save useful words into the vocab bank, and test yourself on the benchmark level.

Lastly, the forum allows you to ask questions and talk to fellow students. There is also a Facebook group within the course that students are able to join.

Rocket Korean Tools: My Progress and My Vocab

Rocket Korean course dashboard

The 'My Vocab' Feature of Rocket Korean is a dictionary that looks for an English or Korean word in a course and lists its variations in its contextualized and common usage.

You can then listen to the word in a dialogue or sentence. The tool is accessed through the 'My Progress' tab within the leaderboard.

From here, you can also take sample exams and benchmark tests.

As you follow lessons and various other tasks in Rocket Korean, you earn points that could move you up the leaderboard, earning badges.

It's like competing between other members, a common feature of apps like Memrise and Duolingo.

Gamifying competitions that involve big wins as motivation are very useful and appear to work well for those with a competitive streak.

Survival Kit Lessons & Rocket Reinforcement

Rocket Korean course dashboard

Rocket Korean Survival Kit Lessons are an interactive feature of the course which offers students the opportunity to study Korean by looking at pictures, playing games, and practicing Korean vocabulary.

Rocket Korean is somewhat old-school here. Our testers found learning easier when able to read words in context, rather than just in isolation.

We are sure you would learn a lot better from context, whether it's from textbook texts or from reading on language apps such as LingQ or audio lectures from somewhere like Korean class101.

The form of instruction within the Rocket Korean Survival Kit lessons is pretty uninspiring.

You will be given lists of words and phrases, then requested to memorize these Korean words and phrases through Rocket Reinforcement exercises.

It might help a little, but in the end, the process becomes a little repetitive and is easy to forget without contextual examples of other word association exercises, like flashcards.

Rocket Korean: Interactive Audio Lessons

Rocket Korean course dashboard

Are you ready for your first audio lesson? There are three hosts within the audio course section of Rocket Korean. Two of these hosts are from Korea and the third is from the U.S.

The Korean hosts speak Korean throughout, which is a great way to become accustomed to listening to the Korean language. The American then explains things in English, which is necessary for beginner and intermediate learners.

The audio lessons often have a dialogue that is then broken down and discussed, providing translations with slowly and clearly spoken words and phrases.

The voice recognition software grading system gives you feedback based on your words and pronunciations.

If you review the additional vocabulary section you will find Rocket Reinforcement activity. You can see and re-listen to additional information spoken in the Vocabulary section and receive a score.

Rocket Korean Language and Culture Lessons

Rocket Korean course dashboard

This is one of our favorite aspects of the Rocket Korean Language Course and something which makes it better than many other online Korean language resources.

The Rocket Korean language program can be divided into two portions: Korean language lessons and Korean culture lessons.

The language part is a little like that of a textbook, covering vocabulary, important Korean phrases, and entry-level grammar explanations.

Culture, on the other hand, reveals some interesting aspects of Korean culture and integrates you as best as possible through online means.

There are many audio examples that you can play and practice whilst talking yourself - this is a solo study, after all!

These lessons in particular are very thorough and useful.

Learning Korean words and phrases in this way is effective. However, it does not help much with learning how to read Korean.

Writing Lessons with Rocket Korean

Rocket Korean course dashboard

Whilst we have listed many positive features of Rocket Korean already, we should mention that the writing aspect is not particularly effective.

It's somewhat strange how so few characters are covered or taught from one lesson to the next. However, the course does provide you with an opportunity to learn your name in Korean, as well as how to pronounce it.

You also learn how to pronounce each letter. In addition, you'll receive several examples of other words with these specific characters.

The course's inability to thoroughly teach Hangeul means that writing in the Korean language remains confusing and rather complicated at times.

Writing lessons in Rocket Korean is one of the least effective components of the course.

Limitations in Writing Instruction: Rocket Korean's Weakness in Teaching Hangeul

Rocket Korean course dashboard

Despite its many positive features, Rocket Korean falls short of effectively teaching the writing aspect of the language. The course covers only a limited number of characters from one lesson to the next, which can be somewhat puzzling.

While you have the opportunity to learn how to pronounce your name in Korean and each letter individually, the course lacks the ability to adequately teach Hangeul, making writing in Korean a confusing and complex task.

Writing lessons in Rocket Korean proved to be one of the least effective components of the course, hindering learners' proficiency in written Korean.

Learning the Alphabet with Rocket Korean

Rocket Korean course dashboard

Rocket Korean is one of the few Rocket Languages courses which focuses mainly on literacy skills.

The course teaches the alphabet in pairs and you can learn at least two words a day through this method.

The videos cover each letter individually, although this is incredibly basic and borderline tedious!

However, overall it covers Hanguel well. Within the Rocket Korean alphabet lessons, the teacher slowly writes the letter for you to copy (each video is only a few seconds long).

The teacher then provides some information and examples of the letter being used in different words (plus audio recordings.)

Online Alternatives to Rocket Korean

The following are alternatives to Rocket Korean for anybody who wants to learn Korean online.

Korean for Beginners by Innovative Language Learning

Innovative Language Learning Dashboard

This course covers the basics of the Korean language, with which you can communicate in a basic manner. It provides interactive lessons, audio recordings, and cultural insights to help develop fundamental language skills.

The course covers essential topics like greetings, vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation, making it an ideal starting point for those interested in learning Korean.


Language 101 dashboard

Language101 is an exceptional online language learning program for those embarking on their Korean language learning journey. Tailored for beginners, the course spans four levels, ensuring a gradual progression.

Starting with the alphabet, learners are guided through a comprehensive curriculum that covers all aspects of the language, including vocabulary, grammar, and conversational skills. With a focus on interactive audio lessons, Language101 enables learners to develop a solid foundation in Korean pronunciation and speaking skills.

By immersing yourself in this program, you'll gain confidence in expressing yourself in Korean and attaining a perfect pronunciation that resonates with native speakers. Experience the joy of mastering a foreign language through Language101's engaging and effective online lessons.


BusyBeeKids offers a dynamic online language learning program for those eager to delve into the world of Korean language learning. With its interactive audio lessons and engaging curriculum, BusyBeeKids provides an immersive experience that allows learners to master the intricacies of the language.

From learning Korean pronunciation to speaking Korean with confidence, this program equips learners with the skills needed to communicate effectively with native speakers. 

BusyBeeKids' focus on perfecting Korean pronunciation and understanding the nuances of the language ensures that learners develop a strong foundation in this Korean language.

Embark on a journey of discovery and embrace the beauty of the Korean language through BusyBeeKids' innovative online language learning program that will help you to master Korean.


Memrise website screenshot

Memrise, an outstanding online language learning platform, offers a unique approach to Korean language learning. Through its innovative use of images and sound associations, Memrise employs a powerful memorization system that facilitates effective language acquisition.

With a wide range of courses that include text in Korean, learners can immerse themselves in the language and develop their skills in an engaging and interactive manner. 

Whether you're a beginner or an advanced learner, Memrise provides the tools and resources to enhance your understanding of Korean pronunciation, and speaking skills, and perfect your grasp of this foreign language.

Experience the transformative power of Memrise and embark on your journey to master the Korean language. You can get perfect Korean pronunciation.


Duolingo interface

Duolingo, a popular online language learning app, offers a seamless immersion experience for those seeking to learn and practice a new language, including Korean.

With its comprehensive course for learning Korean, Duolingo provides a well-rounded curriculum that focuses on vocabulary and conversation practice. However, Duolingo does not instruct on grammar explicitly.

By immersing yourself in Duolingo's interactive lessons, you can develop a strong foundation in Korean language learning while expanding your vocabulary.

Whether you're a beginner or an advanced learner, Duolingo's user-friendly interface and engaging exercises make the language learning journey enjoyable.

Experience the power of Duolingo and unlock your potential in speaking and understanding Korean with confidence.

Rocket Korean vs Duolingo Korean

Rocket Korean vs Duolingo Korean

Duolingo Korean is a gaming application aimed at making learning a language fun. You will find a range of exercises which include filling in blanks, multiple choice, and arranging words in order.

Rocket Korean is more culture-based, while Duolingo focuses more on basic phrases and words. Both options provide a basic understanding of the Korean language features.

Rocket Korean vs. Pimsleur Korean

Rocket Korean vs Pimsleur Korean

Pimsleur Korean is an audio-based language learning program that emphasizes listening and speaking skills. It uses the method of spaced repetition and focuses on practical conversation.

Pimsleur lessons are entirely audio-based, which can be convenient for on-the-go learning. Up to three household members can log in separately.

Rocket Korean, on the other hand, provides various reading classes, as well as some video and audio lessons.

Why Learn Korean Anyway?

Bright street lights in Seoul, South Korea

Learning Korean offers various benefits. It allows you to connect with over 75 million speakers worldwide, including in South Korea and North Korea.

Korea's rich culture, literature, and entertainment industry, known as Hallyu, offer a unique and captivating experience. K-pop and K-dramas have seen a huge rise in popularity recently.

Learning Korean can also open doors to career opportunities in fields such as technology, business, tourism, and diplomacy, enhancing cultural understanding and personal growth.

Korea's writing system, Hangul, dates from the late 15th century and was developed to make learning quick and effective. This is appealing to language learners. Exploring the Korean language means exploring a new world.

FAQ Regarding Rocket Korean and Korean Language Learning

Now, let's see some of the most frequently asked questions about learning Korean online.

How long does it take to learn Korean by using apps and online classes?

The time it takes to learn Korean through apps and online classes varies depending on your dedication and the intensity of your study. 

With the Rocket Korean program, you can progress at your own pace and expect to achieve basic conversational proficiency within a few months of consistent practice.

Should I learn about Korean culture before I visit Korea?

While not mandatory, cultural lessons can greatly enhance your travel experience in Korea. Rocket Korean offers cultural insights alongside language learning, allowing you to develop a deeper understanding of Korean customs, traditions, and etiquette before your trip.

Are online language learning programs good for kids as well?

Online language learning programs like Rocket Korean are suitable for kids as well. With interactive and engaging lessons tailored to different proficiency levels, children can learn Korean in a fun and structured manner. 

Rocket Korean provides a user-friendly interface and offers a free trial account, ensuring a positive learning experience for young Korean students.

Summing Up This Rocket Korean Review

If you're planning to travel to Korea, Rocket Korean is a comprehensive program that can help you prepare for your journey.

This detailed Rocket Korean review highlights the key aspects of the course. With its interactive audio lessons, Rocket Korean offers an engaging language learning experience.

Whether you choose the Rocket Korean course or program, you can expect a structured approach to learning Korean.

The program equips you with essential language skills, including speaking and pronunciation, while providing insights into Korean culture.

With its emphasis on interactive audio lessons, Rocket Korean ensures that you can confidently communicate with native speakers during your travels to Korea.

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