11 BEST Red Rock Canyon Tours from Las Vegas | 2024 (with Photos)

Ana Dimic

Ana Dimic - Travel Writer

Published: July 24, 2023

Hey there! I'm Ana, and I'm here to share the top Red Rock Canyon tours from Las Vegas with you. Get ready for an amazing adventure amidst the stunning landscapes and breathtaking beauty of Red Rock Canyon.

Red Rock Canyon

Are you heading to Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps and has something to offer for everyone? While you're in town, one of the must-visit destinations nearby is the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

This natural wonder boasts stunning red rock formations, rugged beauty, and breathtaking views that will leave you awestruck.

There are many ways to explore this natural wonder, including private tours, guided tours, and even e-bike tours. So, let's dive into the best options so you can start planning your day trip.

Most Recommended Thing to Do

Visit the Las Vegas Strip.

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Our Top Choice Restaurant

Joël Robuchon

Our Top Choice Bar for Nightlife

XS Las Vegas

Best Time to Visit

Avoid extreme heat, go during spring or fall.

Average Temperature

Hot and dry, averaging around 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Transportation Options

Taxis, buses, trams, monorails, rideshares, rental cars, walking

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My Top Recommendation

Las Vegas is a city that never fails to captivate visitors with its vibrant energy and endless entertainment options. Spend your days exploring the iconic Las Vegas Strip, where you can stroll down the boulevard and marvel at the extravagant hotels, flashy casinos, and mesmerizing fountain shows adorning the streets.

When the sun sets, immerse yourself in the city's lively nightlife scene – indulge in world-class dining experiences, catch a show by renowned performers, or try your luck at the famous slot machines. Las Vegas offers something for everyone, whether you're a thrill-seeker looking for exhilarating roller coasters or a culture enthusiast hoping to visit the fascinating museums and art galleries sprinkled throughout the city. Las Vegas is a place where dreams come to life, creating unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

What You'll Need to Bring

  1. Valid identification
  2. Comfortable walking shoes
  3. Light, breathable clothing
  4. Sunscreen and sunglasses
  5. A hat or cap for sun protection
  6. Travel guide or map of Las Vegas
  7. Portable phone charger
  8. Cash or credit cards for expenses
  9. Camera or smartphone for capturing memories
  10. Any necessary medications or healthcare supplies

What Not to Miss

  1. The Las Vegas Strip: A vibrant and world-famous stretch of entertainment, casinos, and luxury resorts.
  2. Bellagio Fountains: Stunning water shows synchronized with music and lights.
  3. Fremont Street Experience: A lively pedestrian mall featuring live music, street performers, and the famous Viva Vision canopy.
  4. High Roller Observation Wheel: Enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the city from the world's tallest observation wheel.
  5. Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area: A natural playground for hiking, rock climbing, and scenic drives.
  6. The Neon Museum: A fascinating collection of restored neon signs that tell the history of Las Vegas.
  7. The Mob Museum: Explore the intriguing world of organized crime and law enforcement in the interactive exhibits.
  8. The Grand Canal Shoppes: Shop and dine in a beautifully recreated Venetian streetscape.
  9. Hoover Dam: A marvel of engineering that offers tours and stunning views of the Colorado River.
  10. Las Vegas Shows: From world-class performances to thrilling magic shows, Las Vegas is renowned for its entertainment.

What to Avoid

  1. Overpriced tourist traps
  2. Getting lured into scammy street performances or games
  3. Walking alone in unlit or sketchy areas at night
  4. Falling for timeshare presentations or aggressive sales tactics
  5. Engaging with illegal street vendors or purchasing counterfeit goods
  6. Spending too much time and money at the casinos, unless that's your main focus
  7. Ignoring safety guidelines when visiting attractions or participating in adventurous activities
  8. Overindulging in alcohol and drugs, as Las Vegas can be a party destination
  9. Leaving valuables unattended or displayed openly in public areas
  10. Disrespecting local customs or cultural sensitivities

1. Red Rock Canyon & Vegas Strip (With Tour Guide)

tunning Red Rock Canyon and the Vegas Strip with a Tour Guide

You can embark on an unforgettable group adventure in Red Rock Canyon with a tour guide, exploring the stunning desert landscapes of southern Nevada, and the shining lights of the famous Vegas Strip.

Experience the beauty of the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, where you can hike through colorful sandstone rock formations, marvel at the Keystone Thrust, and spot native desert vegetation and wildlife, as well as the tortoises and even wild burros.

After immersing yourself in the beautiful wilderness of Red Rock Canyon, the tour will take you to the heart of Sin City. 

Cruise down Las Vegas Boulevard, taking in the sights and sounds of the vibrant town, and stopping at scenic viewpoints to capture the views of the Strip's iconic hotels and multicolored lights.

A knowledgeable tour guide will provide your group with interesting facts and insider tips about the history, culture, and attractions of Las Vegas and Red Rock Canyon. 

You'll learn about the archaic pictographs at Willow Springs, explore the colorful Calico Hills, and visit the Spring Mountain Ranch State Park, once owned by media mogul Howard Hughes.

An all-encompassing tour like this is perfect for those who want to experience the best of both worlds - the natural beauty of the Mojave Desert and the excitement of the Las Vegas Strip.

With convenient hotel pick-up and drop-off, and a variety of tour options, including private tours and group tours, this adventure is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Book your tour today and discover the stunning Red Rock Canyon and the Vegas Strip on a guided adventure.

2. Red Rock Canyon & Vegas Strip (Self-Guided)

Beauty of Red Rock Canyon and the Excitement of the Strip on a Self-Guided Tour

A self-guided tour of the Red Rock Canyon and the Vegas Strip is another great way to experience the beauty of the outdoors and the excitement of the city. You'll get to explore the stunning natural beauty of the Red Rock Canyon and witness the lights and bustling energy of Las Vegas.

As you embark on your journey through the Red Rock Canyon, you can stop to admire the vibrant red sandstone formations and take in some desert air. You'll have the opportunity to explore the desert landscape and admire the unique flora and fauna of the region, including tortoises and burros.

After experiencing the serenity of the wilderness, you'll head back to Vegas in your own time to witness the colorful spectacle of the neon lights at night. With its vibrant nightlife, iconic hotels, and stunning architecture, the Strip is a must-see destination for any visitor to Las Vegas.

On a self-guided guided tour, you can enjoy navigating Vegas and hitting all of the best sights. Whether you're interested in the scenic spots of Red Rock Canyon or the excitement of the Strip, this is a great tour option for you.

Just remember to do your research before you go so you can guide yourself well, armed with knowledge about the area.

3. Red Rock Canyon & Las Vegas Strip Helicopter Tour

Red Rock Canyon and the Iconic Las Vegas Strip on a Helicopter Tour

This is one of the most amazing Red Rock Canyon tours. If you are looking for a unique way to experience the stunning red rock formations and the iconic Las Vegas, then a helicopter tour is the perfect option for you. 

With breathtaking views from above, you can explore these two incredible landmarks in a way that few others have.

The tour starts with a hotel pickup, where you will be taken to the heliport to meet your professional guide. After a brief safety briefing, you will climb aboard your helicopter and take off on an adventure you'll never forget.

As you soar over the desert landscape, you'll see the rough beauty of Red Rock Canyon and its bright sandstone formations from a perspective that few others ever get to experience. You will also get to see the Hoover Dam, the Mojave Desert, and the Seven Magic Mountains from high above.

Next, you'll fly over the lights of the Vegas Strip, taking in the stunning views of the city's most famous landmarks. You'll see the Bellagio fountains, the Stratosphere Tower, and the Luxor Pyramid from above, as well as the other famous hotels and casinos that line Vegas Boulevard.

With a helicopter tour of Red Rock Canyon and the Vegas Strip, you can enjoy a truly unique and unforgettable adventure. So, sit back, relax, and let the stunning desert landscapes and the lights of Vegas unfold before your eyes.

4. Red Rock Canyon Tour & Las Vegas Hotel Stay: A Perfect Getaway

Red Rock Canyon Tour

For those seeking an unforgettable adventure that combines the stunning natural beauty of Red Rock Canyon with the excitement of the Las Vegas Strip, look no further than a Red Rock Canyon tour and hotel stay package.

This perfect getaway offers the best of both worlds, allowing visitors to explore the majestic rock formations and vivid sandstone cliffs of Red Rock Canyon before returning to the comfort and luxury of an LV hotel.

During the Red Rock Canyon tour, visitors can marvel at the beauty of the Mojave Desert and see unique wildlife. The tour also includes stops at scenic viewpoints and the Visitor Center, where visitors can learn about the area's history and geology.

After a day of exploring the wonders of Red Rock Canyon, visitors can retreat to a Vegas hotel and experience the city's world-famous entertainment, dining, and nightlife. From luxury resorts to boutique hotels, there is a range of options to suit any taste and budget.

For those who want to make the most of their time in Las Vegas, there are also private tours available that offer a more personalized experience.

Whether it's a regular tour of the Vegas Strip or a helicopter tour of the surrounding area, these tours can be tailored to meet the specific interests and preferences of each group.

Overall, a Red Rock Canyon tour and Las Vegas hotel stay package is the perfect way to experience the beauty of nature and the excitement of Vegas all in one unforgettable trip.

5. Las Vegas Tour and Red Rock Canyon Tour: Full Day or Half a Day

 Las Vegas Tour and Red Rock Canyon Tour: A Full Day or Half a Day of Fun and Adventure

If you're looking for a full day of adventure and excitement, then the Las Vegas and Red Rock Canyon Tours combo is just for you. 

This tour promises to take you on a journey through the city's most iconic landmarks and the breathtaking natural beauty of the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

Start your day with a visit to the Las Vegas Strip, where you can witness the lights and bustling energy that makes this town so famous. From there, your expert tour guide will take you on a scenic drive to the Red Rock Canyon, where you'll enjoy the beauty of the Mojave.

The Red Rock tours include a variety of trail options that cater to all skill levels, so whether you're an avid hiker or prefer a more leisurely pace, you'll find the perfect trail to explore. 

During the tour, you may also be lucky enough to see tortoises and the famous Keystone Thrust rock formation.

As an added bonus, this tour promises a full refund if you're not satisfied with your experience. So you can explore at your own pace, taking in all the breathtaking views, tranquil wilderness, and sandstone formations that the Red Rock Canyon has to offer.

6. Red Rock Canyon & Seven Magic Mountains: Unforgettable Scenery and Art

A Tour of Red Rock Canyon and Seven Magic Mountains: Unforgettable Scenery and Art

A tour of Red Rock Canyon and Seven Magic Mountains offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and contemporary art. The stunning desert landscape of Red Rock Canyon provides a spectacular backdrop for outdoor activities such as hiking and rock climbing.

With towering red rock formations, scenic viewpoints, and abundant desert vegetation, the area is a photographer's paradise. Visitors can also spot some tortoises and burros while exploring the gorgeous wilderness.

The Seven Magic Mountains is an incredible art installation featuring seven towering pillars of colorful stacked boulders. This striking display of art and nature is a must-see attraction in the Mojave. Created by renowned Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone, the installation is free and open to the public.

A tour of these two unique sites is an unforgettable experience. The age-old pictographs and the Keystone Thrust, a prominent geological feature, add a touch of history to the adventure. 

Visitors can take a tour (with a guide if this is your first time) or choose to explore the area at their own pace with self-guided tours.

Private tours are also available, offering a more personalized experience. 

If you want to get married in the canyon, a private tour company can help you organize everything from the marriage license to the best spot for great wedding photos.

7. See the Best of Red Rock Canyon with a Private Vista Tour

Best of Red Rock Canyon

There are more Red Rock Canyon tours waiting for you now. For those looking for a more personalized and exclusive experience, a private tour of Red Rock Canyon is a must-do activity.

With a private tour, you can customize the tour itinerary and explore the stunning desert terrains at your own pace. The tour will be led by a skilled guide who will provide in-depth knowledge about the history, geology, and wildlife of the area.

During the tour, you will be taken to the best scenic points in Red Rock Canyon, including the sandstone rock formations, Keystone Thrust, Wilson Cliffs, and Calico Hills. 

You will have the opportunity to see the breathtaking views of the rugged beauty of the Mojave Desert, as well as spot the desert tortoises and wild burros that inhabit the area.

One of the highlights of the private vista tour is the chance to visit antique pictographs left by the Native American tribes who once lived in the area. You can also enjoy a half-day or full-day tour, depending on your schedule and interests.

The Vista tour also offers hotel pickup and drop-off, making it a convenient and hassle-free experience. With this tour, you can enjoy the wilderness of Red Rock Canyon in a more intimate and unforgettable way.

8. From Calico Hills to Wilson Cliffs: Red Rock Canyon Tour & Strip Adventure

Calico Hills to Wilson Cliffs: Red Rock Canyon Tour and the Strip Adventure

The Red Rock Canyon Tour and Strip Adventure is the perfect way to experience two of the most stunning attractions in the area. Starting with the beautiful Calico Hills, visitors can marvel at the sandstone formations and take in the breathtaking views of the Desert Mojave.

From there, the tour takes you to part of the Keystone Thrust, the Wilson Cliffs, where you can explore the rugged beauty of the area and see the stunning rock formations up close.

After exploring the natural beauty of Red Rock Canyon, the tour heads to the famous Vegas Strip, where you can experience the bright lights and excitement of Vegas. From luxurious hotels and world-class restaurants to incredible entertainment and endless shopping, the Strip has something for everyone.

This tour is perfect for those looking for a day filled with adventure and excitement. So, whether you're a nature lover or a city dweller, Red Rock Canyon the Strip adventure tours are an unforgettable experience that you don't want to miss.

9. Red Rock Canyon Tour & Las Vegas Nightlife

 Las Vegas Nightlife: A Perfect Combination

You can do both - go on Red Rock Canyon tours and have fun at night. A Red Rock Canyon tour during the day followed by experiencing the Las Vegas nightlife can be an exciting combination.

Red Rock Canyon offers a peaceful and serene escape from the bustle of Vegas with its vibrant red sandstone formations, scenic viewpoints, and desert terrains. 

A tour provides a comfortable and informative way to explore the area's rugged beauty, including Keystone Thrust and Desert Tortoises.

Afterward, visitors can head to Las Vegas to enjoy its world-famous entertainment, shopping, and dining. In the evening, visitors can experience the dazzling lights and energetic atmosphere of Las Vegas. 

The town offers a range of options, from nightclubs and shows to fine dining and casinos.

Whether visitors prefer a wild night out or a more relaxed evening, Las Vegas has something for everyone. A combination of a Red Rock Canyon tour and Las Vegas nightlife promises to create an unforgettable trip.

10. Mojave Desert & Red Rock Canyon E-bike Tour from Las Vegas

Mojave Desert

Embark on a unique adventure and explore the breathtaking desert and Red Rock Canyon on an E-bike tour from Las Vegas. 

The tours offer hotel pick-up and drop-off and transport you effortlessly to Red Rock Canyon. When you arrive, you will be provided with an e-bike.

With the ease and convenience of an electric bike, you can effortlessly navigate the rugged and scenic loop that stretched 13 miles into the desert. As you pedal, your experienced guide will lead you to a site of ancient pictographs and a site of Joshua trees, providing you with fascinating insights into the rich history and geology of the area.

The tour takes you through the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, where you can witness the magnificent red sandstone formations and stunning scenic viewpoints. 

The bike tour offers a trail with options suitable for all levels, so you can explore at a pace that suits you and enjoy the striking wilderness of the desert.

This is a fantastic opportunity to experience the natural beauty of the area while getting some exercise and fresh air. The tour starts and ends in Las Vegas, providing you with the perfect combination of adventure and urban entertainment.

11. Red Rock Canyon on an E-Scooter Tour from Vegas

Red Rock Canyon on an E-Scooter Tour from Vegas

The tours start from your Vegas hotel, where you will be picked up and transported about 20 miles west to Red Rock Canyon. There, you will be instructed in managing your e-scooter safely in the desert. Note that you need to be at least 5'2" tall and under 320 lbs to take part in e-scooter tours.

Your amazing tour guide will give you historical facts, explain the vegetation and geology of the area and keep you safe as you ride around the desert. You will be limited to the paved scenic loop in an effort to preserve the natural integrity of the desert.

FAQs About Red Rock Canyon Tours from Las Vegas

Now that we have explored 11 tours of Red Rock Canyon from Vegas, let's answer some frequently asked questions about Red Rock Canyon tours.

When is the best time for Red Rock Canyon Tours?

The best time for Red Rock Canyon Tours is all year-round. However, the optimal time depends on your preferences and the activities you want to participate in. For example, the paved scenic loop of the e-bike tours is best enjoyed in the morning or late afternoon to avoid crowds and the blistering heat.

What else can I explore near Red Rock Canyon?

Near Red Rock Canyon, you can explore Las Vegas and the surrounding desert. Nevada wilderness is full of wonders and there are many things that will make your trip interesting. Hoover Dam, Boulder City, and other nearby attractions can be perfect for your day trip.

What is there to see in Red Rock Canyon with kids?

If you are in Red Rock Canyon with kids, consider visiting the Red Rock Canyon Visitor Center or hiking the easy Lost Creek Trail. Please note that this is not an ideal day trip for babies and toddlers, due to the heat and rough terrain.

Summing Up: BEST Red Rock Canyon Tours from Las Vegas

As you can see, the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is a unique gem that showcases the desert terrains and red rock formations of the Mojave.

There are several tours available at this national park, each of which allows you to plan a perfect day trip from Las Vegas to the desert. Some tours even include other perks, such as a stop at Hoover Dam or e-scooter rides.

So, pack your bags, book your Red Rock Canyon tour, and get ready to witness the serene wilderness, amazing views, and rugged beauty of this national treasure.

Make sure to book well in advance so you can definitely get the start date you want.