Lourinhã, Portugal

Lourinhã, Portugal: Located on the rugged coast of Portugal's Silver Coast, Lourinhã is a charming town known for its rich paleontological heritage and stunning beaches. Explore the Dinosaur Museum, which houses an impressive collection of fossils and showcases the region's dinosaur discoveries. Visit the famous Jurassic Park, an open-air sculpture park featuring life-sized dinosaur replicas. Immerse yourself in the local culture by wandering through the historic town center and visiting the local market, where you can taste fresh produce and traditional delicacies. Lourinhã is also a great starting point for enjoying the beautiful coastline, with its golden sandy beaches and excellent surfing conditions. With its blend of history, natural wonders, and coastal beauty, Lourinhã offers a captivating destination for dinosaur enthusiasts, beach lovers, and those seeking an authentic Portuguese experience.
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