20 Best Podcasts in Spanish: Improve Your Listening Skills for Travel

20 Best Podcasts in Spanish: Improve Your Listening Skills for Travel

Non-English shows are becoming increasingly prevalent in the United States and other predominantly English-speaking countries. Spanish is now the second most spoken language in the US and it continues to grow.

Podcasts are a great way to learn Spanish in your spare time, familiarize yourself with the language, and improve your comprehension skills.

In this post, you'll find a list of the 20 best podcasts in Spanish. We have taken into account:

  • The popularity of the podcast and its success so far
  • Which type and level of learner each podcast is for
  • Which features are free and which podcasts require a subscription

Skip our little intro if you want to get right to the list!

Podcasts for Spanish Learners - Why We've Made this List

Spanish podcasts are a great way to learn Spanish in a laid-back, relaxed way. They can help you to improve not only your listening skills but also your speaking skills.

All of the Spanish podcasts in this post are designed to help Spanish learners as much as possible. They cover levels from beginner and intermediate to advanced and beyond.

Study shows that reading while listening boosts learning much more than listening only. There are many free Spanish podcasts that offer helpful transcriptions for a fee.

When possible, read the transcripts to help you learn about the Spanish language and take note of as much vocabulary as possible.

Anyway, let's get started!

1. Spanish Obsessed (beginner to intermediate)

Spanish Obsessed (beginner to intermediate)

The Spanish Obsessed podcast presents casual conversations between married couple Rob and Liz. The episodes are structured like mini Spanish lessons.

The topics of conversation focus on small talk as well as common everyday subjects. It's one of the best Spanish podcasts out there.

Why We Like Spanish Obsessed

The hosts of Spanish Obsessed are Rob (British) and Liz (Colombian). They have a very relaxed way of chatting together, making the conversations feel natural for the language learners that are listening.

Even the very first levels are conversation-based, and all episodes include transcripts and lists of new vocabulary.

From time to time, guests from different Spanish-speaking countries join the show to provide exposure to different Spanish accents and dialects, including Mexican and other variations from Central and South America.

Unique Features

This is one of the most popular podcasts in Spanish for beginners and it has some awesome unique features:

  • The segment 'Puntos de Vista' offers interesting short discussions of current hot topics
  • Much of this podcast is accessible for free Spanish learning
  • Premium features (such as transcripts) are available upon purchase

2. Spanish Pod 101 (beginner to intermediate)

Spanish Pod 101 (beginner to intermediate)

The Spanish Pod 101 podcast is a hybrid video and audio learning platform with daily lessons geared toward beginner-level through advanced Spanish speakers.

The Spanish audio is always well put together and notably high quality. The language teachers break down Spanish phrases in a slow, easy-to-understand way so that the speakers are almost always intelligible.

This is important for beginners, as well as intermediate Spanish learners.

Why We Like Spanish Pod 101

This hybrid video-audio form is particularly good for beginners and early intermediates.

Interesting Features

This hybrid-style Spanish podcast is a great way to learn Spanish. The format includes:

  • Audio lessons and video lessons
  • Spanish words of the day
  • Interesting dialogues throughout podcast episodes

Spanish Pod 101 also offers flashcards, slideshows, and line-by-line breakdowns with native speakers.

3. Coffee Break Spanish (beginner to intermediate)

Coffee Break Spanish (beginner to intermediate)

Launched in 2008 by the Radio Lingua network, the Coffee Break Spanish podcast has hundreds of individual lessons that gradually improve your Spanish.

We can honestly say that this is one of the top Spanish podcasts accessible for free anywhere in the world right now. It is absolutely brilliant.

In fact, all of the Coffee Break Language podcasts are excellent.

How Does it Work?

Designed for beginners through to intermediate and advanced learners, the Coffee Break Spanish podcast consists of 15-20 minute lessons taught by Scotland-based Spanish teacher, Mark, and his fellow co-hosts.

Don't be put off by the nationality - Mark has an excellent Spanish accent!

The show has a lesson-like structure; you get time to repeat phrases and each episode contains grammar lessons.

It’s the perfect way to listen to Spanish during a coffee break or during a quick jaunt around the block.

Cool Features

Each episode of the Coffee Break Spanish podcast includes:

  • Cultural segments that cover interesting topics
  • Grammar segments and new vocabulary
  • A laid-back section with small talk in Spanish

This variation means it doesn't get boring. Oh, and they also bring a student into the mix to learn alongside you.

Coffee Break Spanish is available not only on its website, but also through iTunes and Google Play, but also on Spotify. This is one of the best Spanish-language podcasts out there, and it's very accessible.

4. Notes in Spanish (intermediate to advanced)

Notes in Spanish (intermediate to advanced)

Notes in Spanish Gold is another of our favorite Spanish podcasts.

The podcast features conversations and interviews focused on different aspects of Spanish and Hispanic culture.

It is hosted by Ben and Marina, a husband and wife team from Madrid.

Why Do We Like It?

The hosts are relaxed and assuring. You can start as a beginner and just go from episode to episode.

Furthermore, if you already know a little Spanish, you can easily choose episodes for intermediate or advanced learners.

Who is it best for?

The English explanations make this podcast accessible to motivated beginner learners.

The hosts, British Ben, and Spanish Marina offer an international perspective that enables you to familiarize yourself with different accents.

The pace and speed of the speakers and the show in general are fairly average. However, many podcast players allow you to slow down or speed up the show depending on your level.

What to expect

  • At the beginner level, there is more explanation in the English language alongside the conversation
  • As you progress, the conversation becomes a little more natural

5. News In Slow Spanish (intermediate)

News In Slow Spanish (intermediate)

News In Slow Spanish is a great starting point to learn Spanish if you're a beginner.

It is definitely one of the best Spanish podcasts available thanks to its emphasis on teaching and focus on topical issues and news stories.

News in Slow Spanish has two versions: one using Spanish as it’s spoken in Spain (with a Castilian Spanish accent) and one focusing on Latin American Spanish.

The latter focuses on issues in Latin America and beyond.

Why We Like It

The hosts mix in notes on grammar and pronunciation, making the entire experience very useful for Spanish learners.

They also make listening to the news in Spanish easy and fun.

Moreover, News in Slow Spanish also gives listeners a ton of listening options.

Plus, you can take advantage of the following:

  • Download the free transcripts of each episode
  • Understand current events in the Spanish language
  • Make use of slowed-down conversation so you can follow along more easily

6. Españolistos


Españolistos is a weekly podcast hosted by a Colombian Spanish teacher and her American partner, who is fluent in Spanish.

The two hosts and their guests have fun and interesting conversations in Latin American Spanish. Listening to these native Spanish speakers is a great way to learn about accents from different Spanish-speaking countries.

This laid-back and casual approach makes Españolistos one of the best Spanish podcasts available.

What to Expect

Each episode lasts approximately 30 minutes. So, the podcast is a great way to be entertained whilst learning.

In other words, it doesn't really feel like you're studying while you're listening to Spanish-language podcasts like this one.

What We Like

What we like about this podcast featuring native Spanish speakers is:

  • The episodes are entirely Spanish
  • The hosts enunciate their Spanish and speak very clearly
  • They cover a variety of interesting topics

The factors above will help learners develop and maintain an impressive level of fluency and listening comprehension.

7. Nómadas (intermediate to advanced)

Nómadas (intermediate to advanced)

Nómadas is a travel show that takes the listener to a different location each week. If you're looking for Spanish-language podcasts about travel, this is a great place to start.

It is one of our favorite Spanish podcasts for its creativity, variation, and discussions of Latin and Spanish culture.

This is a particularly useful option for anybody at an intermediate to advanced stage looking to improve their Castilian Spanish accent in the Spanish language.

As far as Spanish podcasts go, this is one of the most advanced. With this in mind, do not attempt this podcast if you are a complete beginner!

What to Expect

The episodes feature interviews and travel tips from different countries. The show is from Spain’s public radio station (Radio Nacional de España).

This Spanish-language podcast creates an easy listening experience. It's also a great method to learn Spanish language skills.

The podcast is available on iTunes.com, or click here to find out more information about travel.com and NPR.com.

8. Discover Spanish (beginner)

Discover Spanish (beginner)

Discover Spanish is a podcast set up to introduce basic vocabulary to everyday situations.

In the first episodes, the speakers cover many aspects of the language such as greetings, introductions, how to ask people how they are feeling, and so on.

Who is it Best For?

The podcast is designed for beginners and introduces more complicated, intermediate to advanced vocabulary as the series progresses.

What to Expect

Discovering Spanish enables language learners to study and learn about Spanish culture.

The podcast episodes are set up in a structured manner, with conversations between two people that cover everyday situations.

This includes topics such as going out to eat, buying groceries from the store, or booking into a hotel.

9. Radio Ambulante (intermediate to advanced)

Radio Ambulante (intermediate to advanced)

Radio Ambulante is a Spanish podcast that tells Latin American stories and tales from around the world. It is narrated in Spanish and sometimes has interviews with people who speak English.

It is best to use this podcast for listening comprehension practice, as well as Latin American accent practice and Latin American history studies.

Unfortunately, there are no written transcripts available for Radio Ambulante. If they introduce a premium version, this would be a good place to start.

Who is it For?

This is a great option for those looking to improve their understanding of conversational Spanish, specifically Latin American Spanish.

Given the complexity of the language required even in the most simple storytelling, this is one of our favorite Spanish podcasts for intermediate to advanced learners.

Why We Like It

Radio Ambulante features interesting stories from Latin America and highlights the difficulties that many Latinos face in everyday life.

It is eye-opening and educational, and it is a great resource to add to your toolkit if you want to speak Spanish fluently.

10. CNN en español (advanced)

CNN en español (advanced)

CNN en español is one of the best Spanish podcasts available for any advanced Spanish learner interested in the news.

It has a variety of content in advanced Spanish, including the latest news and interviews with experts.

It is an excellent source for up-to-date coverage of Latin America's most pressing issues, as well as US politics from a Latino perspective.

The podcasts are presented in Spanish by native speakers, so there is no need to worry about poor pronunciation or confusing grammar.

Why We like it

CNN en español podcast is essentially a repetition of the news cycle that listeners hear throughout the day.

Listening to a credible news source about Latin America is not only informative but also helps a great deal with language learning.

You will hear the news read by a native Spanish speaker, which is ideal for your Spanish listening skills.

11. Audiria (Beginner to intermediate)

Audiria (Beginner to intermediate)

This podcast provides a lively and engaging style that is suitable for all levels, from beginner to intermediate to advanced.

The host, Ernesto Molina, is a light-hearted and humorous native Spanish speaker.

This podcast features conversations about current events in Spain or Latin America which are of interest to Spanish speakers around the world.

The Audiria podcasts can help you develop your listening comprehension skills, honing in on more complex sentence structures and helping you to understand them.

The presenters in this podcast speak clearly, so there should not be much difficulty understanding them with basic vocabulary knowledge from different topics.

Why we like Audiria Spanish Podcast

Audiria is one of our favorite Spanish podcasts based on the following features:

  • Huge amount of material - more like 800 lessons!
  • Includes film reviews and cooking audio lessons
  • Has a phrases, vocabulary, and idioms section

Oh, and each episode is tagged with a specific language level, so you'll know which ones are right for you.

12. Language Treks (beginner)

Language Treks (beginner)

Language Treks is an educational software program that provides instruction in the basics of Spanish to English-speaking learners.

It is designed for beginners and those who don't have any experience with learning a new language but want to learn to speak Spanish.

This Spanish podcast consists of conversations between people from around the world, speaking Spanish, and discussing things like family relationships in different countries.

They also discuss customs and traditions, such as how they celebrate Thanksgiving dinner, as well as short snippets about cultural customs such as soccer in Argentina and going out at night time versus daytime hours when visiting Mexico City.

All lessons include audio dialogues performed by native speakers recorded exclusively for Language Treks.

How is it Different?

Language Treks allows you to take an interactive course on CD or download podcasts which are then used through their website's flash player across browsers (e.g., Firefox, Safari, IE).

Why We Like It

We like the fact that Language Treks offers:

  • Authentic, original content
  • Topical themes within its episodes
  • Encouragement to repeat words and phrases
  • A 6-month free subscription if you review them on iTunes (this makes it one of the free Spanish podcasts on this list, at least for a time).

13. The Unlimited Spanish Podcast (intermediate to advanced)

The Unlimited Spanish Podcast (intermediate to advanced)

The Unlimited Spanish Podcast is a podcast comprising conversations about topics such as politics, economics, and culture in Spain and Latin America.

One benefit of this is that you can hear how native speakers speak Spanish without having to focus on vocabulary or grammar.

There are hundreds of episodes. This is a podcast from Spain, which means the Spanish accent you will hear is European Spanish, not Latin American.

Who is it For?

This Spanish-language podcast is not suited to all levels. Given the context of the topics and the language complexity required, learners should have an intermediate level of Spanish listening skills at least.

Why We Like It

We like the fact that:

  • The language used in Unlimited Spanish podcasts is very natural
  • The language and episodes are not scripted beforehand
  • They use simple terminology so listeners don't get lost in unfamiliar words

14. FluentU (beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels)

FluentU (beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels)

We are including FluentU even though it is not actually a podcast. Allow us to explain.

FluentU is an interactive online immersion program for Spanish learners that enables you to learn Spanish through video with accompanying transcripts.

It is a video-based companion to your textbook, designed by teachers who speak your target language and understand what it takes to become fluent.

This makes it a very similar tool to podcasts and helps learners to speak Spanish fluently and develop their Spanish listening skills.

Why Do We Recommend FluentU Spanish?

FluentU has been proven effective through peer-reviewed research as well as the experience of countless students in classrooms worldwide.

Not not only does FluentU teach you new Spanish vocabulary and grammar, but it also provides you with videos that use those words in a real context.

This allows you to learn from native speakers and focus on spoken Spanish in context.

Why Learn Spanish Through Video?

For many people trying to learn a foreign language like Spanish, this type of "immersion" approach may be more helpful than traditional textbooks.

FluentU provides:

  • An actual glimpse into how natives communicate with each other
  • Real videos from all over the Spanish-speaking world
  • Transcripts to accompany the videos, boosting your knowledge of words and phrases

This is a more authentic and fun way to pick up Spanish grammar, work on Spanish fluency, and grow your basic Spanish vocabulary.

15. LightSpeed Spanish (beginner)

LightSpeed Spanish (beginner)

LightSpeed Spanish is a Spanish podcast designed with the requirements of complete beginners in mind.

The podcast teaches the basics of the Spanish language, Spanish conversations, and grammar in a conversational tone with native speakers.

The Colombian-American bilingual host teaches listeners about Latin American culture, current events in Colombia, and Latinx life from her perspective.

At the same time, she learns more about American culture and language every day through conversations with friends and her American partner.

This is one of the great Spanish podcasts for listening and speaking skills for absolute beginners.

Why We Like LightSpeed Spanish

LightSpeed Spanish is a great podcast for beginner Spanish students because it includes sound examples and explanations in English.

It also features:

  • An interactive website with additional material that can be accessed by subscribers
  • Accessibility via iTunes, Google Play, or YouTube
  • The prize of Best Spanish Conversation Podcast 2017!

16. Hoy Hablamos (intermediate to advanced)

Hoy Hablamos (intermediate to advanced)

Hoy Hablamos is one of our favorite Spanish podcasts. It has been around since 2007 and is one of the best podcasts for learning Spanish.

The episodes are 15 minutes long, which means you can listen to a good amount of content before getting bored or distracted.

It also provides exercises at the end of each episode to help reinforce what you've learned from a native speaker in the episode.

The host, Diego, speaks slowly and clearly and keeps things entertaining with humor that's easy to enjoy even if your Spanish skills aren't perfect yet.

Hoy Hablamos contains more than 1,000 episodes, each focusing on different and unique topics.

What to Expect

In addition to these traits, it focuses on:

  • Day-to-day conversations to perfect your Spanish accent
  • Fewer difficult topics requiring more complex language, such as politics
  • Important Spanish words and phrases

17. Charlas Hispanas (intermediate to advanced)

Charlas Hispanas (intermediate to advanced)

We have placed Charlas Hispanas and Hoy Hablamos next to each other.

In fact, Charlas Hispanas is a project created by the Hoy Hablamos Team.

What to Expect from Charlas Hispanas

Charlas Hispanas is a podcast in Spanish that aims to teach listeners and each learner about different topics, such as culture and the future of Spain.

The first episode addresses "spectacular" Spaniards, which is a metaphor for people's attitudes toward life.

The hosts are two friends who mostly speak with each other. They have conversations like old friends would at home or while going out together.

Why we like Charlas Hispanas

Charlas Hispanas has dozens of episodes, all interesting and entertaining.

In addition to this show being an excellent way to learn Spanish, it also provides:

  • Genuine entertainment by not taking itself seriously
  • Themes and topics to interest every learner of any language level
  • Tips to improve your language comprehension for all levels

18. Doorway to Mexico (intermediate to advanced)

Doorway to Mexico (intermediate to advanced)

Doorway to Mexico is a podcast that introduces listeners of all levels to Mexican culture and language.

It is a great way to learn Spanish language skills because it provides a lot of context for the conversations in order to explain unfamiliar terms. So, listening becomes more comprehensible.

The podcasts are divided into separate tracks to suit all learners.

What to Expect from Doorway to Mexico

Eugenio Derbez (Mexican actor) talks about his country’s history and points out little cultural nuances; he also discusses food from different regions of the country.

Conversational segments include discussions about politics. In one episode, Raul Pacheco – mayor of Cuernavaca – gives an overview of past presidents, discussing their policies and actions.

19. SpanishLand School

SpanishLand School

The SpanishLand School podcast addresses the needs of Spanish language learners and takes a rather academic approach.

The content often features interviews with experts in the fields of linguistics and education.

This podcast also contains longer story-telling episodes that help you to build Spanish vocabulary or learn about a particular aspect of life in Latin America.

What to Expect from Spanish Land School

The podcast is very well structured with clear introductions to each episode. This makes it easy to jump in even if you haven't listened before.

It takes around 30 minutes per week at your own pace, which listeners can complete during a commute or other spare time as long as headphones and an understanding ear are available!

Who is it for?

This podcast appeals to people who want more than just basic Spanish grammar points.

Those who want the following will enjoy learning Spanish with SpanishLand School:

  • Insights into various aspects of different cultures
  • A chance to learn spoken Spanish through storytelling and conversations on diverse topics (culture, politics, etc.)
  • Basic grammar notes in Spanish

For the points above, SpanishLand School is one of the best podcasts for learning Spanish with a curricular approach.

20. Podcast in Spanish.org (beginner, intermediate and advanced)

Podcast in Spanish.org (beginner, intermediate and advanced)

The website PodcastinSpanish.org is a directory of podcasts in Spanish. It's a good way to learn the language and become exposed to different accents and dialects that are present in other parts of Latin America and Spain.

The site is constantly updated with new podcasts on topics ranging from news to history, sports to technology - so there’s always something fresh for you!

Who is Able to Use the Site?

There are options for beginners, intermediate learners, and advanced speakers via the difficulty rating system. This assigns each podcast one star (beginner), two stars (intermediate), or three stars (advanced).

The site is a great resource because it makes the process of finding the right resource easier for people learning Spanish around the world.

Through this method, they will improve their conversational skills and Spanish fluency by listening to great, original material suitable for all levels.

Why Listen to Podcasts Before Traveling to Spain or Latin America

Why Listen to Podcasts Before Traveling to Spain or Latin America

Listening to podcasts to learn Spanish before visiting Spain or Latin America offers numerous benefits for enhancing your travel experience. These podcasts provide valuable cultural insights by covering topics like history, traditions, customs, and current affairs. 

They enable you to gain a deeper understanding of the local culture, facilitating more meaningful interactions and better navigation of cultural nuances.

Moreover, language learning podcasts act as language practice resources, exposing you to different accents, vocabulary, and idiomatic expressions, thereby improving your language skills.

They also offer practical travel tips, recommendations, and itineraries, helping you plan your trip effectively, discover hidden gems, and experience local cuisines. If you are an advanced Spanish student, you can listen to real Spanish podcasts, rather than podcasts for learners. This allows you to experience the language and entertainment exactly as natives do.

Furthermore, language and travel-related podcasts inspire wanderlust, ignite the imagination, and provide entertainment and education. 

By selecting podcasts aligned with your interests and goals, you can immerse yourself in the enriching world of Spain and Latin America with an easy-to-understand Spanish podcast.

Summing Up: Best Podcasts in Spanish

So there we have it. We picked out 20 of the best podcasts for learning Spanish. Now you just need to pick one and get started learning Spanish with Spanish audio and free transcripts.

Learning a foreign language can be daunting, but podcasts to learn Spanish are an easy and fun way to get started. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world so it’s important for everyone to learn some basic phrases.

Whatever level of Spanish you have, there is a weekly podcast just for you. Just remember to choose Spanish audio in European Spanish if that is the variation you want to learn, and Latin American Spanish if that is what you prefer.

If your goal is to improve your conversational skills, or even just to add some entertainment to your daily routine, give one of these podcasts a try today. We're confident that after listening to entertaining Spanish audio, you'll find yourself more engaged with the Spanish language.