Published: March 12, 2024

Breathtaking Places That You Need to Visit When in Mexico

There are some countries in the world that cannot be visited without getting to know multiple cities or places. In some places, you stumble upon something that’s breathtaking everywhere you turn.

One of these places is Mexico. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been here before, or you’ve become a true “veteran” when it comes to travel in this country. The truth is, there’s always something thrilling and wonderful to uncover.

But where to begin? What are the most spectacular areas of this country? Since we were not able to name just one destination, the Travel-Lingual team decided to put together a list of places that should absolutely be part of your bucket list when you travel to Mexico.

Top Places To Visit In Wonderful Mexico

Let's start with our list of top places to visit in Mexico.

Playa Del Carmen

If you’re looking for an outstanding place in Mexico where you’ll get the opportunity to enjoy delicious food (such as tostadas, yummy tacos, out-of-this-world sushi, and a variety of different seafood) then Playa del Carmen should definitely be your next trip.

Playa Del Carmen is one of the top places to visit in Mexico. It provides its visitors with heavenly beaches and soft, warm sand, along with amazing shoreline views.

Furthermore, holidaymakers can go to the nearby ecological park or to one of the surrounding golf courses.

This destination is loaded with top all-inclusive resorts, boutiques, and vacation rentals giving tourists a plethora of options for everyone's budget and needs.

Don’t Forget Cenotes!

If you want to see something that’s out of the ordinary, and that you’re not able to stumble upon frequently, then the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico is certainly something that you should cast your eyes on.

But what does a cenote represent? Namely, each was formed by erosion over many centuries.

Rain shatters the limestone bedrock causing the ground to cave inwards. This makes a hole in the earth that fills with water over time.

In the words of the many visitors and lovers of Mexico, Cenotes in Yucatan should be first on your list. What’s interesting is the fact that Yucatan holds more than six thousand cenotes.

Fortunately, this doesn't mean that in order to reach them, you'll have to go through rainforests. The majority of them can be found in Cancun.

Besides cenotes in Yucatan, you should also pay a visit to Dos Ojos cenote in Tulum, and cenotes in the previously mentioned Playa del Carmen.

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Other Areas Of Mexico That You Should Visit

Below, you'll find a list of other areas of Mexico that you should visit.

Mexico City

This list would definitely be incomplete without listing the Hispanic metropolis of Mexico City as one of the top places to visit in Mexico.

It's safe to say that this capital is the epicenter of Mexico's cultural scene. Just don't forget that some of the most talented Mexican muralists have left behind some of their most popular works.

For instance, Diego Rivera has left his murals in the Palacio Nacional, and Jose Clemente Orozco did exactly the same thing, only in the Palacio de Bellas Artes.

Those who have visited this capital have concluded that this city is always lively due to constant music, dance, creative and talented artists, and of course, theaters.

If you are fortunate enough to go there, you should definitely have a stroll through the downtown area. Here, you’ll be able to hear a lot of interesting historical facts regarding the colonial era, the pre-Hispanic era, and, of course, the contemporary era.

Puerto Vallarta

Those who never get tired of stunning beaches should definitely pay a visit to Puerto Vallarta.

Namely, this city has been one of the most popular destinations in the world for more than fifty years, especially among rich foreigners who are looking to purchase a house somewhere where it's constantly warm and sunny.

Luckily, many parts of this wonderful location stay untouched by the latest development. In the last couple of years, many cruise ships have started developing interest in this destination, mostly because tourists want to swim with dolphins. Indeed, this has become one of the biggest attractions of Puerto Vallarta.

If you’re looking to have some fun activities, and you'd like to have an adventure, you can always opt for jet skiing or paragliding.

On the other hand, if you’re tired of constantly doing something that’s fast-paced, then don’t worry, this city is filled with these types of “activities” as well.

For instance, you can always go to beautiful shops for arts and crafts, or you can take a walk along breathtaking beachside promenades to see their sculptures.

Wonderful people, divine beaches, out-of-this-world landscapes, and of course, delicious food. All of these things can be experienced if you decide to go to Mexico.

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