52 Best Places to Visit in Chicago

Natalija Marković

Natalija Marković - Travel Writer

Published: July 20, 2023

Hey there! I'm Natalija, a travel enthusiast and writer who is thrilled to share with you the 52 best places to visit in Chicago in 2024. With captivating photos and insider tips, this article will help you create unforgettable memories in the Windy City.

The bustling metropolis of Chicago, also known as the Windy City, is home to many amazing places that tourists can discover. Everyone can find something to do in Chicago, from famous landmarks to thriving neighborhoods.

This city has something for everyone, whether you're a history buff, foodie, or art aficionado. 

In this post, we’ll introduce you to 52 of the best places to visit in Chicago, all of which are sure to play with your senses and leave you with priceless memories.

Most Recommended Thing to Do

Millennium Park

Top Choice Hotel

The Peninsula Chicago

Our Top Choice Restaurant


Our Top Choice Bar for Nightlife

The Underground

Best Time to Visit

Summer and spring offer best weather and festivals.

Average Temperature

Cold winters, hot summers: average temperature in Chicago.

Transportation Options

Bus, train, subway, taxi, rideshare, bike sharing, walking

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My Top Recommendation

Chicago, the Windy City, offers a plethora of experiences for travelers. Start your day by taking a leisurely stroll along the picturesque Lakefront trail, where you can soak in stunning views of Lake Michigan while catching the morning breeze. Afterwards, head to Millennium Park to marvel at the iconic Cloud Gate sculpture, also known as "The Bean," and snap a selfie or two.

In the afternoon, immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Chicago by paying a visit to the Art Institute of Chicago, home to an extensive collection of masterpieces spanning centuries. Indulge in a deep dish pizza for lunch, a Chicago specialty, at one of the city's famed pizzerias. In the evening, venture to Navy Pier and catch a breathtaking sunset while taking a ride on the iconic Ferris wheel. Wrap up your day by exploring the lively neighborhoods like Wicker Park or Lincoln Park, where you can enjoy a lively atmosphere, live music, and delicious cocktails.

What You'll Need to Bring

Passport, comfortable shoes depending on the season/weather

What Not to Miss

  1. The Art Institute of Chicago
  2. Millennium Park
  3. Navy Pier
  4. Willis Tower Skydeck
  5. Wrigley Field
  6. Magnificent Mile
  7. Grant Park
  8. Museum of Science and Industry
  9. Chicago Riverwalk
  10. Cloud Gate (The Bean)

What to Avoid

  1. Rush hour traffic
  2. High crime areas
  3. Paying for parking in the city center
  4. Expensive tourist traps
  5. Overpriced hotels and accommodations
  6. Poorly reviewed restaurants
  7. Countless hours of wait time at popular attractions
  8. Ignoring local customs and etiquette
  9. Overpacking and unnecessary baggage
  10. Taking public transportation during late hours

1. Lincoln Park Zoo

Lincoln Park Zoo

The Lincoln Park Zoo, one of the country's oldest zoos, is a must-see attraction for tourists in Chicago. This free-admission zoo offers a distinctive and comprehensive animal experience and is located only a short distance from downtown Chicago.

The Lincoln Park Zoo is a mesmerizing location for animal lovers of all ages with its varied variety of animals from throughout the world, including lions, tigers, monkeys, and more.

It is a wonderful complement to any schedule for Chicago because visitors can also take advantage of the beautiful gardens, educational exhibitions, and special events. This zoo is one of the various tourist attractions in Chicago, so don't miss it.

2. Millennium Park

Millennium Park

Without visiting the famous Millennium Park, no trip to Chicago is complete. This urban sanctuary, which is located in the center of Chicago, offers an alluring fusion of art, architecture, and nature.

Millennium Park is a sensory feast, from the captivating Cloud Gate sculpture reflecting the city skyline to the tranquil Lurie Garden and engaging Crown Fountain. Just a few feet away, enjoy a leisurely stroll along the Chicago Riverwalk or attend summertime music at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion.

Everyone who wants to visit Chicago should see Millennium Park because of its distinctive fusion of modern design and unspoiled beauty.

3. Chicago Riverwalk

Chicago Riverwalk

A lovely location that provides a distinctive perspective of the city's architecture and history is the Chicago Riverwalk. This waterfront promenade, which stretches along the Chicago River, offers picturesque views, colorful gardens, and busy eateries.

Visit the famous Chicago Water Tower, a historical site that withstood the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, while strolling slowly.

The Riverwalk is a must-visit location for both tourists and locals because of its stunning scenery, attractive atmosphere, and convenient location to other places to visit in Chicago.

Discover the rich history of the city while taking in the beauty of the Chicago River as you stroll along this lively waterfront promenade.

4. The Magnificent Mile

Magnificent Mile

The Magnificent Mile in Chicago is a must-visit location for locals and tourists alike because it is a shopper's paradise with an entire city block of top-notch shopping.

This famous retail area offers a dizzying assortment of dining, entertainment, and shopping options along its streets of premium shops, department stores, and best hotels in Chicago.

The Magnificent Mile is a favorite choice for tourists wishing to indulge in a genuinely remarkable shopping experience in the center of Chicago because of its energetic ambiance, gorgeous architecture, and numerous offerings.

Additionally, the Wrigley Building is situated on the famed Magnificent Mile, just opposite Michigan Avenue from the Tribune Tower.

5. The Field Museum

Field Museum of Natural History

Any visitor should not skip the Field Museum in Chicago, which is a veritable treasure trove of information and wonder.

This renowned museum provides a fascinating look into Chicago's history, natural history, and fine arts through its enormous collection of artifacts and exhibitions.

The Field Museum captivates visitors of all ages with its breathtaking gem and jewelry displays as well as its astounding dinosaur bones.

For anyone wanting an educational and engaging experience in the Windy City, the Field Museum is one of the best museums in Chicago.

6. Museum of Science and Industry

Museum of Science and Industry

Tourists shouldn't pass up the opportunity to embark on a discovery expedition at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

This top-notch museum provides an interesting and dynamic experience for visitors of all ages and is conveniently close to well-known destinations like the Field Museum, Millennium Park, and Michigan Avenue.

The Museum of Science and Industry offers a fascinating look into the wonders of science and innovation, with engaging exhibitions on biology, physics, and other subjects in addition to interactive exhibits on space exploration and cutting-edge technology.

7. Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field

For fans of both sports and history, Wrigley Field, the storied home of the Chicago Cubs, is a must-see location.

This iconic baseball stadium offers an unforgettable experience and is situated in the lively Clark St area, close to other well-liked tourist attractions like the Wrigley Building and the City Center.

Wrigley Field is an iconic location that has been a part of Chicago's sports culture for more than a century, from the nostalgic appeal of the ivy-covered outfield walls to the electrifying atmosphere of a Cubs game.

8. Willis Tower Skydeck

View from the Top of the Willis Tower

For tourists looking for stunning vistas and exhilarating experiences, a trip to Chicago's Willis Tower Skydeck, once known as the Sears Tower, is a must.

This famous tower, which lies in Chicago's city center, provides expansive views of Lake Michigan, the city skyline, and beyond.

Feel your heart accelerate as you gaze out onto the glass-floored Skydeck, 1,354 feet above the ground, and take in the breathtaking landscape. You'll develop a new respect for Chicago's architectural wonders, from Grant Park to the Willis Tower itself.

9. Navy Pier

Navy Pier on Lake Michigan

One of the most popular Chicago attractions, Navy Pier, is a distinctive and energetic location that guarantees visitors an amazing experience. 

Navy Pier offers something for everyone, from breathtaking panoramas of the city skyline to exhilarating rides at the amusement park. Take a leisurely boat tour on Lake Michigan, enjoy delectable food, catch a live music performance at an outdoor concert venue, or stroll along the pier.

The must-see attraction Navy Pier, which is close to Grand Ave, is sure to be the highlight of any visit to Chicago.

10. The Art Institute of Chicago

Art Institute of Chicago

Your decision to attend The Art Institute of Chicago will not be one you regret. This well-known museum displays works of art from all over the world and has a large collection of artwork that ranges from classical to current.

The Art Institute of Chicago is a veritable gold mine of artistic marvels that will fascinate your senses, from Van Gogh's "The Bedroom" to Grant Wood's "American Gothic."

This national museum invites you to explore the colorful collection of Mexican art, awe at the superb contemporary art, and become fully immersed in the rich cultural legacy.

11. Chicago Children's Museum

Chicago Children's Museum

The Chicago Children's Museum, which is housed on the Navy Pier, is a popular attraction for families. 

The Chicago Children's Museum provides a vibrant and enriching environment for kids to explore, learn, and have fun. It features hands-on exhibits that inspire creativity and curiosity as well as interactive displays that encourage problem-solving skills.

This Museum is a standout of the city's thriving cultural scene and a top pick among places to visit in Chicago for families because of its ideal location in downtown Chicago and its concentration on kid-friendly activities.

12. Lake Michigan

Chicago Lakefront Trail at Lake Michigan

A popular tourist destination, Lake Michigan, the recognizable body of water that borders Chicago, has a wide range of sights and activities.

Lake Michigan is a must-see destination for travelers in Chicago because of its breathtaking shoreline views, sandy beaches, and recreational activities.

In the winter, try ice skating or take a stroll along the lakefront while admiring the Chicago Water Tower. Chicago, the third-largest city in the US, is defined by its proximity to Lake Michigan, which offers countless options for outdoor leisure, relaxation, and enjoyment.

13. Maggie Daley Park

Maggie Daley Park

A premier tourist destination in Chicago, Maggie Daley Park offers a distinctive fusion of outdoor activity and family-friendly attractions.

This vast park is home to a variety of activities, including a spectacular ice skating rink in the winter, making it a well-liked destination for people looking to have some frosty fun.

Maggie Daley Park is a must-visit spot for tourists wishing to immerse themselves in the beauty and excitement of Chicago's outdoor offerings because of its central location and close proximity to other tourist attractions like Lincoln Park.

14. John Hancock Center

John Hancock Center

Tourists shouldn't skip the John Hancock Center at 875 North Michigan Avenue, a renowned architectural wonder in Chicago.

This landmark skyscraper features amazing architectural and technical marvels, including its recognizable X-bracing structure that stands out on the Chicago skyline.

Visitors to the John Hancock building can take in the stunning scenery of Michigan Ave, marvel at its remarkable design, and enjoy panoramic views of the city and Lake Michigan from its observation deck.

15. Garfield Park Conservatory

 Garfield Park Conservatory

For tourists seeking peace and beauty in the middle of the city's activity, the Garfield Park Conservatory is a hidden gem in Chicago that they must explore.

The Garfield Park Conservatory is ideally situated next to well-known tourist destinations like Cloud Gate and others that provide distinctive attractions like a historic carousel and a mini-golf course.

The Garfield Park Conservatory is the ideal location thanks to its peaceful atmosphere, educational exhibits, and stunning scenery.

16. Shedd Aquarium

Shedd Aquarium

One of the most well-liked tourist attractions in Chicago and a must-see location for tourists is the Shedd Aquarium. Over 32,000 aquatic creatures, including sea otters, penguins, and sharks, call this amazing aquarium home.

Visitors can engage with interactive displays, touch tanks, and even go dolphin swimming. The Shedd Aquarium is conveniently close to well-known sites like the Buckingham Fountain and is reachable by public transit.

The Shedd Aquarium is a must-see attraction for any visitor to Chicago because of its enormous collection of aquatic life and interesting exhibits.

17. Jackson Park

Jackson Park

Jackson Park, a sizable park overlooking Lake Michigan, is well-known for its extensive size and rich historical value, offering a peaceful retreat from the bustling city center.

Situated in the Woodlawn neighborhood, Jackson Park is a central and easily accessible location. It also borders the South Shore and Hyde Park communities.

Jackson Park exemplifies the cultural and natural history of Chicago with its wide variety of attractions and lakeside location.

18. The Chicago Cultural Center

Chicago Cultural Center

If you want to fully experience the rich cultural heritage of the city, you must visit the Chicago Cultural Center. Numerous exhibitions that focus on African American history, natural history, and other topics are housed in this architectural treasure.

The Chicago Cultural Center is a real masterpiece that exemplifies the dedication of the city to the fine arts and culture with its gorgeous Beaux-Arts architecture and elaborate mosaics.

The Chicago Cultural Center is a must-visit location for anybody wishing to delve into the rich cultural fabric of Chicago, from its interesting exhibits to its historic significance.

19. Washington Park

Washington Park

Chicago's Washington Park is a thriving, historic park that provides a wide range of leisure and cultural possibilities. This vast park is renowned for its breathtaking scenery and extensive history.

It is home to well-known sites including the DuSable Museum of African American History, which offers an in-depth understanding of the past and accomplishments of African Americans in American culture.

This Park is a well-liked destination for families, visitors, and locals alike because of its lovely gardens, recreational facilities, and playgrounds.

A trip to this park is a wonderful way to experience Chicago's natural beauty and cultural diversity.

20. Burnham Park

Burnham Park

Burnham Park, which is situated along Lake Shore Dr and stretches along the beautiful Lake Michigan waterfront, is a must-see location for travelers in Chicago.

Burnham Park, a contemporary of Lincoln Park, provides a distinctive fusion of scenic beauty, leisure pursuits, and cultural attractions.

Burnham Park is the ideal place to relax, take in amazing vistas, and savor the lively ambiance of Chicago's lakefront thanks to its stunning lakefront position.

21. Robie House: The Architectural Masterpiece of Frank Lloyd Wright

Robie House

Anyone interested in design and history must see the University of Chicago's Robie House, a masterpiece of modern architecture. Robie House is a well-known example of the Prairie School architectural style of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Numerous educational opportunities, such as guided tours, displays, and events that highlight the value of this historic site are available at the museum campus that surrounds Robie House.

An opportunity to appreciate Frank Lloyd Wright's creative work and become fully immersed in Chicago's rich architectural legacy is provided by a visit to Robie House.

22. Oriental Institute Museum

 Oriental Institute Museum

Both history buffs and tourists will find the Oriental Institute Museum to be a fascinating place. Also called the Institute for the Study of Ancient Cultures, West Asia and North Africa, this is a renowned museum.

Located in Chicago, the museum provides a fascinating look into the prehistoric cultures of the Middle East and North Africa.

Explore displays of ancient sculptures, manuscripts, and archaeological finds at this history museum. A visit to this Chicago history museum is a captivating journey through time, offering a deeper understanding of our shared human heritage.

23. Chicago Shakespeare Theater

Chicago Shakespeare Theater

Both theater enthusiasts and tourists should visit the Chicago Shakespeare Theater.

Shakespeare's classic plays are displayed with more modern works at this theater. This Chicago theater is conveniently located inside Navy Pier, one of Chicago's most well-known tourist destinations, making it simple for tourists to include it on their schedule while seeing the city.

The Chicago Shakespeare Theater is a must-see location that ensures an outstanding theatrical experience, whether you're a theater fan or simply looking for a distinctive cultural experience when you visit Chicago again.

24. Buckingham Fountain

Buckingham Fountain

Chicago's Buckingham Fountain is a captivating icon and popular tourist destination. One of the biggest fountains in the world, it can be found in Grant Park and is renowned for its magnificence and beauty.

The fountain, which is a feature of Grant Park, provides breathtaking panoramic views of the city skyline and Lake Michigan, making it the ideal location for priceless pictures.

Buckingham Fountain is a must-see location that captures the magnificence of Chicago's urban setting, whether you visit during the day or at night to experience the fountain's mesmerizing light and music presentations.

25. Hyde Park

Hyde Park

The flourishing Chicago neighborhood of Hyde Park has a wide variety of tourist attractions. The Robie House on the University of Chicago campus is just one of its highlights.

This neighborhood is a bustling and diversified destination that tourists to Chicago should not miss, in addition to its architectural and natural beauties. It is also home to numerous cultural institutions, restaurants, and stores.

26. Tribune Tower

Tribune Tower

For lovers of architecture and history, the Tribune Tower in Chicago should not be missed. With its distinctive style and historical significance, it stands as an iconic landmark on North Michigan Avenue.

The Tribune Tower is a fascinating visit for those interested in the history and architecture of the city. It was once the home of the Chicago Tribune newspaper and features a wide variety of architectural styles from throughout the world.

27. North Avenue Beach

North Avenue Beach

Tourists looking for leisure and pleasure frequent Chicago's North Avenue Beach. This sandy sanctuary, which is tucked away within the enormous Lincoln Park, offers a lovely setting with far-off views of the famous John Hancock Center and Lake Michigan.

Visitors can enjoy a relaxing swim, relax on the beach, or stroll along the lovely lakefront promenade. The beach is the ideal location for a day of fun and relaxation because it also has a variety of services like beach volleyball courts, refreshments, and bike rentals.

28. Adler Planetarium

Adler Planetarium

The Adler Planetarium in Chicago, the first planetarium in the US, is a fascinating destination for all visitors as well as a haven for science enthusiasts.

The Adler Planetarium offers stunning panoramic views of the Chicago skyline and is located near the scenic Lake Michigan waterfront.

Visit the Adler Planetarium in Chicago to learn about the wonders of the cosmos.

29. Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio

Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio

For those who love architecture and are fans of the famous architect's work, a visit to the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio in Chicago is a must.

This famous location, which can be found in the Oak Park district, provides a look into Wright's formative years and his avant-garde architectural concepts.

Admire the distinctive characteristics, minute details, and organic design components that are emblematic of Wright's distinctive style.

Guided tours offer insights into his revolutionary ideas and the sources of inspiration for his outstanding creations.

30. Wrigley Building

Wrigley Building

For tourists interested in renowned architecture, the Wrigley Building in Chicago is a must-see. 

It has spectacular views of the Chicago River, is adjacent to well-known department stores, and is situated on the renowned Magnificent Mile.

The Wrigley Building stands out as a landmark due to its distinctive fusion of Gothic and French Renaissance styles, so be sure to check it out when you visit Chicago. 

31. Chicago History Museum

Chicago History Museum

Both history buffs and interested travelers should visit the Chicago History Museum, which is situated in Lincoln Park at the intersection of North Avenue and Clark St.

Explore the exhibits and collections to become fully immersed in the rich history of Chicago, which spans from its earliest days to the present.

Explore the city's rich cultural history, significant historical events, and enduring people that have influenced its identity. An educational and inspiring trip through time awaits visitors to this Museum.

32. Museum Of Contemporary Art Chicago

Museum Of Contemporary Art Chicago

For lovers of art and culture alike, the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago is a must-visit location. This renowned institution offers a stimulating experience with its varied collection of cutting-edge modern art.

Discover cutting-edge styles in art and ground-breaking creations by both well-known and up-and-coming artists. At the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, immerse yourself in the world of contemporary art and be inspired by its dynamic and constantly changing displays.

33. The Chicago Botanic Garden

Chicago Botanic Garden

For those who enjoy the outdoors and plants, the Chicago Botanic Garden is a true haven, making it a popular tourist destination.

A remarkable diversity of flora from all over the world is displayed in this world-class garden's 27 stunning gardens, which are spread out over 385 acres.

The Chicago Botanic Garden provides a tranquil getaway from the busy city center with its calm lakes, winding trails, and gorgeous settings. Seasonal flower displays, interactive exhibitions, and educational activities are available to visitors of all ages.

34. The 360 Chicago Observation Deck

360 Chicago Observation Deck

One of the places to visit in Chicago is the 360 Chicago Observation Deck, which provides unrivaled panoramic views of Chicago's famous skyline.

This observation deck on the 94th level of the John Hancock Building offers amazing views that extend for miles in every direction.

The 360 Chicago Observation Deck is a popular attraction that provides an amazing perspective of the gorgeous city of Chicago. It includes interactive displays, an exhilarating TILT experience, and a bar serving refreshments.

35. The Chicago Architecture Center

Chicago Architecture Center

Anyone interested in the rich architectural history of the city must visit the Chicago Architecture Center.

It provides a fascinating tour through Chicago's architectural history and is housed in the renowned One Illinois Center.

Through entertaining tours, interactive displays, and educational presentations, visitors may find out more about the designs of Frank Lloyd Wright and other well-known architects.

The center also presents unique exhibits, talks, and workshops that explore the various architectural innovations and styles found throughout the city.

36. The Chicago Theatre

Chicago Theater

Visitors may expect to have an outstanding time at the storied Chicago Theatre. This historic location is a masterpiece of imposing construction.

The Chicago Theatre, with its recognizable marquee and brilliant marquee lights, is a magnificent sight to behold.

You can savor the splendor of the elaborate interior, which has opulent chandeliers and gilded furnishings. The theater provides a magical setting for concerts, comedic performances, and other events thanks to its long history as a cinema palace and its present status as a prominent live entertainment facility.

37. The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum

Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum

For people who love the outdoors and are interested in natural history, the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum in Chicago is a fascinating place to visit.

This museum, which is nearby the famed Field Museum, provides an interactive experience that highlights the varied ecosystems of the Midwest.

For nature lovers of all ages, the museum's stunning butterfly paradise, which is home to hundreds of local butterflies, is a highlight.

38. The Chicago River Cruise

Chicago River Cruise

A popular and picturesque way to tour the city's famous river and take in its magnificent architecture is to take a Chicago River Cruise.

By boarding a ship, tourists may cruise along the storied Chicago River while passing by famous sites including the Tribune Tower, the Wrigley Building, and the Willis Tower.

The Chicago River Cruise is a must-do activity for Chicago visitors because it features knowledgeable guides, beautiful views, and easy access to nearby sites.

39. The Chicago Cultural Mile

Chicago Cultural Mile

The Chicago Cultural Mile, a bustling section of Michigan Avenue close to Lincoln Park, is a treasure trove of art, history, and culture. This hub of culture is home to top-notch theaters, galleries, museums, and more.

The Museum Campus, a gorgeous lakefront park where three of the city's best museums—the Field Museum, the Shedd Aquarium, and the Adler Planetarium—are located, is one of the highlights of the Chicago Cultural Mile.

Visitors can experience the wonders of science, history, and marine life like never before at this famous location. The Chicago Cultural Mile is a destination in and of itself thanks to its ideal position on the shores of Lake Michigan.

40. The Chicago Pedway

Chicago Pedway

The Chicago Pedway is a unique and fascinating underground network of tunnels and walkways that lies in the city center.

This gem offers a convenient and weatherproof way to explore downtown Chicago, connecting iconic landmarks, hotels, offices, and shopping centers.

The Pedway provides a distinctive perspective of the city, with its labyrinthine passages and vibrant art installations.

Whether you're looking to escape the elements or simply discover a lesser-known side of Chicago, the Pedway is a must-visit destination for urban explorers.

41. The National Museum of Mexican Art

National Museum of Mexican Art

In a dynamic and culturally significant location, the National Museum of Mexican Art presents a distinctive viewpoint on Mexican art and culture.

This museum, which is located in the center of Chicago, is a must-see for art lovers and people who are curious about a variety of cultural experiences.

The vast collection of the museum displays a variety of artistic traditions from Mexico. 

42. The Museum of Broadcast Communications

Museum of Broadcast Communications

For anyone interested in the background of radio and television, the Museum of Broadcast Communications in Chicago is one of the city's most fascinating tourist attractions.

This museum, which is located in the center of Chicago, honors the development and influence of broadcasting on American culture.

By displaying legendary shows, well-known presenters, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the world of broadcasting, the museum provides a nostalgic walk down memory lane.

For anybody interested in media, history, or the intriguing world of radio and television broadcasting, it is a must-see.

43. The 606: An Elevated Park and Trail System

The 606: An Elevated Park and Trail System

A unique and cutting-edge urban paradise in Chicago, The 606 is an elevated park and trail system that provides a welcome respite from the bustle of the city.

A former elevated railway track has been converted into a vibrant green area for enjoyment, relaxation, and community interaction.

The 606 is the ideal location for a leisurely stroll, jog, or bike ride thanks to its gorgeous landscaping, public art pieces, and stunning views of the city.

Its proximity to luxury hotels and a mini golf course makes it an ideal place for Chicago visitors who want to see the city's natural splendor.

44. The Chicago Public Library (Harold Washington Library Center)

Chicago Public Library

A cultural treasure in the center of Chicago, the Harold Washington Library Center is home to the Chicago Public Library and provides access to a plethora of information, tools, and opportunities for community involvement.

With its iconic design and soaring atrium, this magnificent library—named after Chicago's first African American mayor, Harold Washington—is a grand architectural wonder.

You can browse a sizable collection of books, digital media, and educational resources inside, as well as take advantage of the free events, workshops, and activities available for people of all ages.

The Harold Washington Library Center is a hub of knowledge, exploration, and community connection because of its welcoming environment and closeness to the Navy Pier.

45. The Richard H. Driehaus Museum

Richard H. Driehaus Museum

In the city center of Chicago, the Richard H. Driehaus Museum provides a window into the sumptuous Gilded Age.

This museum displays the magnificence of late 19th-century architecture and design and is housed in a magnificent estate that has been painstakingly restored to its full brilliance.

The elaborate interiors, luxurious furnishings, and stunning decorative arts collections will leave visitors in awe.

46. The Money Museum at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Money Museum at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

For those interested in the development, function, and activities of the Federal Reserve System, the Money Museum at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago is a fascinating stop.

This distinctive museum, which is situated in downtown Chicago, provides visitors with an immersive look into the financial and banking industries.

You will learn about the role of the Federal Reserve, the development of currency, and the significance of monetary policy through engaging demonstrations, multimedia displays, and interactive exhibits.

The Money Museum also provides a unique chance to observe up close the complex procedures involved in creating and handling money. 

47. Chicago Food Planet Culinary Tours

Chicago Food Planet Culinary Tours

Chicago Food Planet is a firm that organizes culinary tours that provide a special and delectable way to discover Chicago's thriving food industry.

These food tours take guests on a culinary trip through several neighborhoods, displaying the city's rich food culture, history, and local cuisine. The tours are led by professional guides.

A mouthwatering experience for foodies and cultural enthusiasts alike, Chicago Food Planet excursions feature everything from deep-dish pizza to Chicago-style hot dogs, gourmet chocolates to ethnic delights.

These excursions provide an enjoyable, educational, and unique opportunity to experience the flavors of the City while learning about its culinary legacy, with an emphasis on local companies and sustainable methods.

48. The Rookery Building

 Rookery Building

The Rookery Building in Chicago is a masterpiece of architecture that mesmerizes tourists with its old-world charm and cutting-edge style.

This famous structure, which can be found in downtown Chicago's Loop neighborhood, is a must-see for both history buffs and fans of architecture.

The Rookery Building, created by renowned designers Daniel Burnham and John Root, has an impressive interior atrium with a spectacular cast-iron staircase and a gorgeous skylight.

It is ideally situated near the Art Institute of Chicago, making it the ideal stop for anybody wishing to enjoy the city's rich architectural history and world-famous art collections.

49. DuSable Black History Museum and Education Center

DuSable Museum

A crucial cultural organization that recognizes and protects the rich history and contributions of African Americans is the DuSable Black History Museum and Education Center in Chicago.

This museum offers a potent forum for learning, introspection, and celebration of Black history, culture, and accomplishments.

It is named after Jean Baptiste Point DuSable, a Haitian of African and French heritage who is largely regarded as the first non-indigenous settler in Chicago.

The DuSable Museum provides a distinctive perspective on African American history, art, and culture through its exhibits, events, and educational initiatives, developing understanding, awareness, and appreciation of the Black experience.

For people who want to learn more about African American ancestry and contributions to American society, it is a must-visit location.

50. Brookfield Zoo

Brookfield Zoo

Wildlife fans of all ages can find world-class entertainment at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago. This renowned zoo, which is just outside of downtown Chicago, is spread across 216 acres and is home to more than 2,300 animals from all over the world.

The Brookfield Zoo provides a fascinating and immersive experience for visitors to learn about and enjoy the beauty and diversity of the animal kingdom because of its dedication to conservation, education, and animal care.

The Brookfield Zoo offers a wide variety of exhibits and environments, including cutting-edge and award-winning animal enclosures, from African savannahs to tropical rainforests. The Brookfield Zoo is a must-go location for both nature and animal lovers because of its focus on conservation and education.

51. American Writers Museum

American Writers Museum

A literary gem that honors the vast and varied literary heritage of the United States is the American Writers Museum in Chicago.

This distinctive museum is devoted to displaying the literary accomplishments of American writers throughout history, from classical literary giants to modern authors, and is situated in the center of downtown Chicago.

The American Writers Museum provides visitors with a one-of-a-kind trip through American literature, exploring the power of words and the influence of writers on society and culture. It does this with interactive exhibits, compelling displays, and immersive experiences.

The American Writers Museum is a must-see location for literature lovers, aspiring writers, and anybody who values the beauty and power of the written word, from Mark Twain to Maya Angelou.

52. Chicago Lakefront Trail

Chicago Lakefront Trail

For 18 miles along the gorgeous Lake Michigan shoreline, the Chicago Lakefront Trail is a picturesque gem that provides outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers with an unforgettable experience.

This legendary trail offers unmatched vistas of the lake, the Chicago skyline, and lovely parks along the way and is ideal for walking, running, biking, or simply strolling.

The Chicago Lakefront Trail is a well-liked attraction for both locals and tourists due to its well-maintained routes, practical access locations, and breathtaking panoramas.

The Chicago Lakefront Trail is a must-see location that provides an unforgettable experience for everyone, whether you're looking for a revitalizing workout, a serene getaway, or to stay near Michigan Avenue.

FAQs About Things to Do in Chicago

Let’s take a look at some frequently asked questions about the best places to visit in Chicago.

What are 5 things that Chicago is known for?

Chicago is known for many things, including the Lincoln Park Zoo, Millennium Park, Grant Park, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Chicago Cubs.

How can I spend a day in Chicago?

If you have one day to spend in Chicago, you can stroll along the Magnificent Mile, visit the Art Institute, head to North Avenue Beach, or take a selfie with the iconic Cloud Gate. If you have time, stop for a drink at Navy Pier to end your day.

What is Chicago famous for?

Chicago is also famous for its stunning skyline, which includes the Sears Tower (Willis Tower), Chicago Water Tower, and the various structures on the Magnificent Mile. With so many great tourist attractions, it is hard to pinpoint just a few famous sites in Chicago.

What should tourists do in Chicago?

Tourists in Chicago should visit the Sears Tower, the Art Institute of Chicago, Lincoln Park Zoo, Millenium Park, and the Magnificent Mile. If you are traveling with kids, you should also stop at the Shedd Aquarium and Grant Park.

Summing up: The Best Places to Visit in Chicago

Chicago is a city with a rich history, a diverse population, and a thriving arts community. Chicago has countless options for exploration and discovery with its famous sites, multicultural neighborhoods, and distinctive attractions.

In the Windy City, there is something for everyone to enjoy, from the Lincoln Park Zoo and Millenium Park to Grant Park and the Magnificent Mile.

Keep this list of 52 fantastic locations in Chicago for when you plan your trip. Make unforgettable experiences by booking your vacation to Chicago right away.