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Speakers worldwide: 76 million native speakers, 235 million fluent speakers and 110 million secondary speakers!
Fun Fact: You will need to speak French proficiently in order to work in Quebec (French-speaking Canada). More than 7 million Canadians speak French as a first language. 
Countries spoken in: 29

With more than 235 million fluent speakers worldwide, French remains one of the most popular and highly regarded languages to learn. France is a beautiful country, with gastronomy and customs that differ from region to region. Being able to speak French, and interact with French speakers, will only enhance your experience when travelling, or living abroad.

The social benefits are endless, but speaking French can further your professional skillset too. Alongside Arabic, Spanish and Mandarin, French remains one of the most important languages to learn in today’s job market.


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    “I had a fairly good understanding of Spanish already, but I wanted to take it to the next level in order to apply for Spanish-speaking work abroad. I have made a lot of progress and will definitely feel more confident when travelling through Mexico!”

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