Published: January 4, 2024

I Love You Too in Spanish: 100 Spanish Love Phrases to Learn Before Travel

Spanish: The Language of Love

Spanish, the language of love. Many people who choose to learn Spanish do so because it sounds romantic and alluring. It is a truly beautiful language.

In fact, as one of the Latin-rooted "romance languages", Spanish is one of the best languages to use for expressing love.

By the end of this post, you'll know over 100 different ways in which you can show your love in Spanish.

This article will be your Spanish teacher in all things love, with expressions in Spanish and translations in English alongside them.

Basic Love Phrases in Spanish

Basic Love Phrases in Spanish

1: Te amo

The literal translation of I love you_is _te amo._The word _amo means I love and is a conjugation of the infinitive amar,_which means _to love. _Te_addresses the object or the person you are speaking to.

In this case, the object is you because te=you. This expression is used to declare deep love, usually to a romantic partner.

2: Te quiero

This phrase is a lot like te amo, but a bit more casual. It means I love you,_but in an _I like you kind of way. You would say it to a friend, not someone you have romantic love for.

It has the same grammatical structure as te amo, except for the verb of course. If you want to make this sentence a bit more loving, you can say te quiero mucho.

3: Te adoro

If te quiero is the casual form to express love and _te amo_is the standard form, _te adoro_is the next tier. You may have been able to guess that this expression means _I adore you.

This one is easy to remember because adoro(infinitive verb of adorar), is almost the same as adore in English.

Expressing Love to a Friend in Spanish

Expressing Love to a Friend in Spanish

Spanish speakers are very affectionate with their words and that affection is not just for those they are in love with, but also with their friends as well. Below are just a few common Spanish expressions that you can use.

4: Nos llevamos bien

This means _we get along well._This phrase can be used between new friends or old friends describing their relationship with others.

5: Un abrazo__

This statement's literal translation is a hug, but many people in Spain say this to each other over the phone or over text when they are saying goodbye to each other.

6: La verdadera amistad dura toda la vida__

This expression's translation is _true friendship lasts a lifetime._This is a great one to use if you ever have to do a toast at a friend's wedding.

7: Mi mejor amigo/amiga

This simply means _my best friend._You can use this when introducing your best friend to someone.

8: Los quiero

This one can be used when speaking about a group.

The exact translation is I love them,_but you would usually say it after addressing who is _them. For example, you can say, vivo con mis amigos porque los quiero (I live with my friends because I love them).

9: Te quiero un huevo

This expression will translate to I love you an egg, (yes, you read that correctly). It is basically just a friendly way of saying I love you.

10: Te quiero como amigo

This means I love you as a friend.

How to Express Love to Family Members in Spanish

How to Express Love to Family Members in Spanish

Many times when talking to a family member, love is expressed through gestures like hugs, but in Spanish, love is expressed in many ways through language as well.

Below you will find a list of things that you can say to a family member if you want to practice your Spanish with them.

11: Te amo tanto

(I love you so much).

12: Te quiero tanto

(I love you so much).

13: Te quiero con todo mi corazón

(I love you with all of my heart).

14: Hola mi cielo

The exact meaning of this expression is hey my sky. However, in Spanish, _this_is something that a family member will say to talk about someone, usually someone younger like a baby.

It means that the person means a lot to them. Ex: Te amo mi cielo (I love you my sky).

15: Mijo/ mija

These nicknames are used by parents when they talk to their baby or young child.

They are a mix of the words _mi_and _hijo_or_hija. Mi_means my and _hijo_means son and _hija_means daughter.

16: Manito/manita

This is a slang term for little brother or sister. Instead of saying hermano_or _hermana (brother or_sister),_ you condense the word by taking off the first three letters and adding -ito_or-ita_at the end.

17: Te quiero a la luna y vuelta

Like many of these **S**panish translations, we use this statement in English as well: I love you to the moon and back.

Addressing Certain Family Members in Spanish

Addressing Certain Family Members in Spanish

18: Te amo, abuelo

(I love you, grandpa)

19: Te amo, abuela

(I love you, grandma)

20: Te amo, máma

(I love you, mom)

21: Te amo, pa

(I love you, dad)

22: Los quiero mis primos

(I love you my cousins)

23: Te quiero tío

(I love you uncle)

24: Te quiero tía

(I love you aunt)

25: Te quiero mijo

(I love you my son)

26: Te quiero mija

(I love you, my daughter)

27*: Te quiero tanto mi hermano*

(I love you so much my brother)

28: Yo tambien te quiero tanto manita

(I love you so much too little sister)

Terms of Endearment

Terms of Endearment

29: Cariño/ 30: Cariña

Meaning darling, dear, or sweetheart. This word is used by parents toward a child or a baby.

31: Guapo/ 32: Guapa

This means handsome or beautiful. Spanish speakers use this word pretty casually and you can often hear friends in Spain call each other this.

33: Querido/ 34:Querida

Very much like cariño, this word means dear.

35: Rey/ 36:Reina

These names translate directly to _King/Queen_but are romantic names that one would say to a boyfriend or girlfriend.

37: Mi luz

Directly translated as my light._A similar comparison to English is _the light of their lives.

38: Mi amor

(my love)

39: Mi alma

(my soul)

40: Mi corazón

(my heart).

41: Chiquitín

This literally means tiny, but is used when referring to a baby.

42: Tesoro

The name we all wish to be called: _treasure._Can be used when talking to a romantic partner or just someone you care about.

43/44: Chulo/a

Usually just means cool and is used when talking about someone you like.

How to Express Romantic Love in Spanish

How to Express Romantic Love in Spanish

Whether you want to show affection or ask your love a question, these expressions will work for any moment.

Some translations are exact, while others are a play on words, but all of them are unique ways in which to show you are interested in someone.

45: Quieres salir conmigo?

(do you want to go out with me?)

46: Quiero salir contigo

(I want to go out with you).

47: Te quiero mi amor

(I love you, my love).

48: También te quiero

(I love you too).

49: Tienes una novia/un novio?

(do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?)

50: Pienso en ti todo el tiempo

(I think about you all the time).

51: Quieres casarte conmigo?

(do you want to marry me?)

52: Eres el amor de mi vida

(you are the love of my life).

53: Eres el hombre/ la mujer de mis sueños

(you are the man/woman of my dreams).

54: Te amo más hoy que ayer pero menos que mañana

This is a long one, but one of the most popular expressions in Spain.

It translates from Spanish as I love you more today than yesterday, but less than tomorrow.

More Romantic Spanish Love Phrases

More Romantic Spanish Love Phrases

55: Te quiero más hoy que ayer pero menos que mañana

This means the same as above, but people may use te quiero instead of te amo depending on the context.

56: Me caes bien

This means I__like you in a very casual sense. Expect to hear this on a first date.

57: Eres el amor de mi vida

(you are the love of my life).

58: Mi corazón late por tí

(my heart beats for you).

59: Estoy enamorada/enamorado

(I am enamored).

60: Me haces feliz

(you make me happy).

61: Me gustas mucho

This is another way to tell a person I like you a lot.

62: Te necesito

(I need you).

63: Te quiero hasta en infinito y más alla

(I love you to infinity and beyond).

64: Me has conquistado

(I have fallen for you).

65: Tu eres mi media naranja

The literal word translation is you are my orange half,_but it's like saying _you complete me.

66: Tu eres mi alma gemela

This one just means you are my soul mate. Alma means soul and _gemela_means twin.

67: Qué hermosa te ves

(you look beautiful).

68: Qué guapo te ves

(you look handsome).

69: Me gusta todo sobre ti

(I like everything about you).

70: El amor no se mira, se siente

(you don't see love, you feel it).

71:Estamos saliendo

**This**literally means we are going out_or _we are in a relationship.

72: Amor verdadero

This_means _true love.

73: Me tienes en el botella

This one has two translations: you can be literal and say you have me in a bottle,_or you can say it means _I like you a lot.

74:Eres mi mundo también

(you are also my world).

How to Express Longing in Spanish

How to Express Longing in Spanish

75: No puedo esperar a verte

(I can't wait to see you).

76: Te extraño

Means_I miss you._You can also say _te extraño mucho_if you want to say _I miss you a lot._

77: Te echo de menos

This is another way to say I miss you.

78: Ya te quiero ver

This_means _I can't wait to see you (_another way to say I miss you)._

79: Estoy pensando en ti

This_means _I am thinking of you.

How to Express Desire in Spanish

How to Express Desire in Spanish

80: Me vuelves loco

This means you drive me crazy!

81: No puedo imaginar mi vida sin ti

(I can't imagine my life without you).

82: Te deseo

(I desire you).

83: Yo quiero vivir contigo

(I want to live with you).

84: Casate conmigo

(marry me).

There is a very catchy song by this name by Nicky Jam that you can listen to that will guarantee you'll never forget it.

85: Quieres ser mi esposa/esposo?

(Do you want to be my wife/husband?)

86: Te amo más que nadie

(I love you more than anyone).

87: Te amo más que la vida en sí

(I love you more than life itself).

88: Mi corazón es tuyo

(my heart is yours).

89: En verdad me gustas

(I really like you).

90: Yo muero de amor

(I'm dying of love).

Flirty Phrases

Flirty Phrases in Spanish

If you are interested in someone and in a Spanish-speaking country, these expressions will hopefully help you in your search for true love.

91: Hola guapa/guapo

(Hello handsome/beautiful).

92: Que hace una estrella volando tan bajo?

(What is a star doing flying so low?)

93: No puedo dejar de pensar en ti

(I can't stop thinking about you).

94: Pareces un princípe

(you look like a prince).

95: Pareces una princesa

(you look like a princess).

Phrases to Say When you are Responding to a Love interest

Phrases to Say When you are Responding to a Love interest

When having a loving interaction, you will want to know how to respond to someone if they say they love you or they care about you.

Below are a few examples of declarations of love and the correct responses in Spanish.

96: In response to Te amo: Yo también te amo

Yo también te amo (_means: I love you too_in Spanish_)._

You can also just say yo también te amo_or _te amo también,_which also means _I love you too in Spanish, particularly in Latin America. Other responses that will work: yo también te quiero mucho, te adoro, te quiero.

97: In response to Te quiero: Yo también te quiero

Yo también te quiero, podemos hacer una otra cita? (_means:_I like you too, can we have another date?)

Once again, you can respond with te quiero también_or _yo también te quiero.

98: In response to Te adoro

_Te amo mucho, yo también te amo, yo también te quiero, yo también te adoro,_or any other expression that shows you also love them.

99: In response to Te amo, quieres salir conmigo? (Do you want to go out with me?)

Sí, te quiero y yo quiero salir contigo. (Yes, I like you and I want to go out with you), yo también te quiero, yo también te amo, yo también te quiero tanto etc.

100: In response to Quiero casarme contigo (I want to marry you)

Yo también te amo y yo quiero casarme contigo también (I love you too and I want to marry you too).

Or, Yo también te quiero, pero no te amo. No puedo casarme contigo (I like you too, but I don't love you. I can't marry you).

Summing up: I Love You Too in Spanish: 100 Spanish Love Phrases

No matter how you choose to express your love, whether it be with te quiero, te amo, _te deseo,_or one of the many other expressions we have highlighted in this article, we wish you the best of luck!

Learning Spanish is not easy, but hopefully, once you have these expressions down, you will be on your way to romantic success!

Keep this list on hand for the next time you want to declare feelings for someone in Spanish or just want to show love to friends and family.

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