26 Fun Things to Do in Sydney | 2024 (with Photos)

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Last Updated: March 26, 2024

Hey! How's it going? I'm Stasha, a travel enthusiast with a passion for exploring the hidden gems of Sydney. In this article, I've curated a list of exciting activities and attractions that will make your trip to Sydney unforgettable.

Sydney Opera House

Sydney, Australia is a city filled with breathtaking natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and endless opportunities for adventure.

From exploring the iconic Opera House to the city's many sunny beaches, there are plenty of fun things to do in Sydney.

Whether you're a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, you'll find no shortage of tourist attractions to explore in this vibrant city.

So pack your bags and prepare for an unforgettable trip to Sydney, where fun and excitement await around every corner.

Most Recommended Thing to Do

Sydney Opera House

Top Choice Hotel

Park Hyatt Sydney

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Our Top Choice Bar for Nightlife


Best Time to Visit

Sunny weather, November to February, perfect for exploring.

Average Temperature

Moderate with occasional heatwaves, averaging around 25 degrees.

Transportation Options

Buses, trains, trams, ferries - Sydney has it all!

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My Top Recommendation

Sydney, Australia is a vibrant city that offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and urban excitement. Spend your days exploring iconic landmarks like the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge, immersing yourself in the city's rich cultural heritage.

To make the most of your time in Sydney, don't miss the opportunity to visit the famous Bondi Beach, where you can soak up the sun, catch a wave, or simply relax with a book in hand. Additionally, take a stroll through the picturesque Royal Botanic Garden, offering stunning views of the city skyline and a tranquil escape from the bustling streets. Sydney truly has something for everyone to enjoy, ensuring that your personalized experience will be unforgettable.

What You'll Need to Bring

  1. Sunscreen

  2. Comfortable walking shoes

  3. Light and breathable clothing

  4. Adapter for electrical outlets

  5. Swimsuit

  6. Travel guidebook or maps

  7. Hat or cap for sun protection

  8. Camera or smartphone for capturing memories

  9. Travel insurance

  10. Money or credit cards for expenses.

  11. Positive attitude and open mind

What Not to Miss

  1. Sydney Opera House
  2. Bondi Beach
  3. The Rocks
  4. Royal Botanic Garden
  5. Taronga Zoo
  6. Sydney Harbour Bridge
  7. Darling Harbour
  8. Art Gallery of New South Wales
  9. Manly Beach
  10. Blue Mountains National Park

What to Avoid

  1. Crowded tourist traps
  2. Rush hour traffic
  3. Overpriced restaurants
  4. Street food from unreliable vendors
  5. Unlicensed taxis or transportation services
  6. Walking alone in unfamiliar areas at night
  7. Unsafe or isolated neighborhoods
  8. Being unaware of local customs and traditions
  9. Not having travel insurance
  10. Ignoring weather warnings and not being prepared for the climate.

1. Walk Across the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge, also known as the "Coathanger," is an iconic symbol of Sydney, Australia. The bridge is one of Sydney's most famous landmarks and it provides an excellent viewpoint to take in stunning Sydney views.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the world's largest steel arch bridges, standing at 134 meters tall and spanning 1,149 meters across Sydney Harbour. Its impressive design and panoramic views of the harbor make it a popular attraction for tourists and locals alike.

Visitors to the Sydney Harbour Bridge can climb to the top of the bridge with the BridgeClimb experience, which takes you on a guided climb to the summit for views of the city. This is an activity for thrill seekers and great climbers.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is held together with 6 million hand-driven rivets. It took 1,400 men 8 years to build Harbour Bridge.

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2. Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House

The Opera House is one of the most iconic and important buildings in the world. It is not only a symbol of Australia but also a cultural hot spot that attracts millions of visitors from all over the world.

The building's unique design and construction, which features sail-like shells, make it an architectural masterpiece. The Opera House is a world-renowned performing arts venue that hosts numerous concerts, operas, and other cultural events.

Its cultural significance and contribution to the arts have earned it a spot on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Therefore, the Sydney Opera House is an important symbol of Australia's rich culture and heritage.

3. Take the Kids to Ride the Ferris Wheel at Luna Park Sydney, Australia

Ferris Wheel at Luna Park

Luna Park is a historic amusement park located on the shores of Sydney Harbour. The Luna Park offers a range of rides and attractions for all ages, including roller coasters, a Ferris wheel, and a giant slide.

One of the most iconic attractions in Luna Park is the Coney Island funhouse, featuring interactive exhibits and a mirror maze.

The best time to visit Luna Park Sydney is during the evening, when the park is illuminated with colorful lights and the carnival atmosphere comes to life. It's a fun and nostalgic experience not to be missed.

4. Explore the Royal Botanic Garden

Royal Botanic Garden

The Royal Botanic Garden is one of Sydney's most beautiful and serene attractions, located just a stone's throw from the city's bustling center. Visitors can wander through the gardens' lush lawns and flower beds, taking in the stunning views of Sydney Harbour and the Opera House.

The garden also hosts a range of events, from outdoor movie screenings to live music performances. Best of all, admission to the garden is completely free, making it the perfect destination for a budget-friendly day out. Don't miss your chance to experience the beauty and tranquility of the Royal Botanic Gardens.

At the gardens, you can visit the Chinese Garden of Friendship. The Chinese Garden of Friendship features traditional Chinese architecture, including pavilions, a tea house, and a dragon wall, as well as beautiful landscapes with waterfalls, lakes, and exotic plants. Visitors can enjoy guided tours, cultural activities, and special events, such as Chinese New Year celebrations.

The Royal Botanic Gardens are only a couple minutes' walk from the Sydney CBD (central business district) and the Opera House which makes it an amazing stop to relax after exploring everything Sydney has to offer.

5. Take the Sydney Tower Skywalk

Sydney Tower Skywalk

Sydney Tower, also known as the Sydney Tower Eye, is a must-visit attraction in Sydney. Standing 309 meters tall, it offers breathtaking 360-degree views of the city from its observation deck.

The Sydney Tower Skywalk is a popular tourist attraction that takes visitors to an outdoor platform, 268 meters above the ground, for an exhilarating experience and unparalleled views of the city. It's a thrilling adventure not to be missed.

The prices for admission to The Sydney Tower Eye observation deck vary depending on the type of ticket and any add-ons selected. The prices range from AUD 26 for a single adult ticket to AUD 89 for an hour-long skywalk tour. There are also options to add on experiences such as a 4D cinema or VIP experience for an additional fee.

6. Explore All the Beaches

Beaches in Sydney

When in Sydney, it is essential that you visit at least one beach. You can check out Milk Beach, Coogee Beach, Shark Beach, or one of the northern beaches like Manly Beach, Palm Beach, Narrabeen Beach, and Dee Why Beach.

If you go swimming at Milk Beach or take a paddle boat or a jet boat ride and you will get the most amazing views of the Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House, and even Shark Island.

Or, you can go on whale-watching tours from a variety of Sydney beaches. Whale watching is one of the most exciting things to do in Australia. For many, this will be a once-in-lifetime experience.

Bondi Beach is by far the most popular one of Sydney's stunning beaches so we had to single it out. Bondi Beach attracts both locals and visitors from all around the world. People come to Bondi Beach for a variety of reasons, including its beautiful white sand, clear turquoise waters, and lively atmosphere.

Bondi Beach is also known for its world-class surf breaks, which draw surfers from all over. Additionally, Bondi Beach is surrounded by a vibrant community, with plenty of cafes, restaurants, and bars lining the promenade.

Bondi Beach has become a symbol of the Australian beach lifestyle and a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Sydney.

7. Surf at Summer Bay (Palm Beach)

Summer Bay (Palm Beach)

But if Bondi Beach is too busy and bustling for your likes, why not try surfing at Summer Bay?

Summer Bay, also known as Palm Beach, is a must-visit destination for those traveling to Sydney, Australia. Located just a short drive from the city, Palm Beach is famous for its pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and stunning views.

The beach is surrounded by lush greenery and offers a wide range of activities, from swimming and surfing to relaxing and sunbathing. In addition to its natural beauty, Palm Beach is also home to several iconic locations from the long-running Australian soap opera Home and Away.

So, whether you're a fan of the show or simply seeking a picturesque escape from the city, Palm Beach is not to be missed.

8. Relax at Hyde Park

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is a beautiful green space located in the heart of Sydney CBD, covering an area of 16.2 hectares. It is the oldest public parkland in Australia and is surrounded by some of the city's most important landmarks, including the Archibald Fountain and St. Mary's Cathedral.

So, Sydney's CBD is definitely worth visiting. Tourists can enjoy a range of activities in the park, including picnics, walking or jogging, and visiting the various monuments and statues throughout the park.

The park is also home to the Hyde Park Barracks Museum, a UNESCO World Heritage site that provides a glimpse into the lives of the convicts who lived and worked there in the 19th century. Many people actually come to see the Hyde Park barracks.

The museum offers a range of exhibits, interactive displays, and guided tours for visitors to learn more about the history of convict transportation in Australia, but we already told you all about it.

9. Stroll around the Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour

After visiting the Royal Botanic Gardens your next stop could be the Darling Harbour. Darling Harbour is a vibrant entertainment precinct in the heart of Sydney, with plenty of restaurants, cafes, and bars to explore.

It's fun to stroll around and take in the lively atmosphere, waterfront views, and iconic landmarks like the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House, all while enjoying the bustling energy of the city.

You can also visit the Harbourside Shopping Centre. Premium Australian fashion designers like Dion Lee are here. You will need some gifts for your loved ones back home and on the way there you can enjoy some street art.

The location of Darling Harbour is perfect for tourists. There are several world-class museums located near Darling Harbour in Sydney.

10. The Australian National Maritime Museum

Australian National Maritime Museum

The Australian National Maritime Museum showcases Australia's maritime history and features a collection of historic boats and submarines, including the HMAS Onslow.

11. The Powerhouse Museum

The Powerhouse Museum

This Australian museum is dedicated to science, technology, design, and decorative arts, with interactive exhibits and displays that appeal to all ages.

Art Gallery of New South Wales

Located in the adjacent Royal Botanic Garden, the Art Gallery of New South Wales museum is home to an impressive collection of Australian and international art, including paintings, sculptures, and photography.

13. Hyde Park Barracks Museum

Hyde Park Barracks Museum

Hyde Park Barracks Museum explores the history of the barracks, which were built in the early 19th century to house male convicts.

The museum's exhibits showcase the experiences of these convicts and the challenges they faced in colonial Australia

14. Taronga Zoo will be fun for the whole family

Taronga Zoo

This is a Sydney institution that is perfect for all ages. Taronga Zoo is one of Sydney's most iconic and beloved institutions, offering visitors the chance to get up close and personal with a wide variety of animals from around the world.

With over 4,000 animals to discover, it's a must-visit destination for animal lovers and families alike. Some of the highlights of Taronga Zoo include the daily shows featuring Australian wildlife, the Bird Show, and the seal and sea lion presentations.

One fun fact about Taronga Zoo is that it is home to one of the largest groups of koalas in the world. It's definitely one of the most fun things to do in Sydney and an essential part of any trip to the city. As you can see Taronga Zoo is a Sydney icon that locals and tourists alike love.

15. Walk the Bondi to Coogee Trail

Bondi to Coogee Trail

The Coogee Trail, also known as the Coogee Coastal Walk, is a scenic walking trail that spans 6 kilometers (3.7 miles) along the coastline of eastern Sydney. The trail offers breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and takes visitors past several picturesque beaches, including Coogee, Clovelly, Bronte, and Bondi.

Along the way, hikers can enjoy various scenic lookout points, ocean pools, and parks. The trail is suitable for all ages and fitness levels, making it a popular activity for both locals and tourists. To walk the Bondi to Coogee Trail, visitors can start at either end of the trail and follow the well-marked path.

16. If Nightlife is What You Want - This Sydney Address is For You

Oxford Street Sydney

Which Sydney address are we talking about? Oxford Street, of course.

Oxford Street is one of Sydney's most popular nightlife destinations, known for its vibrant and diverse LGBTQ+ scene. The street is home to numerous bars, clubs, and restaurants, catering to a variety of tastes and preferences.

Locals and tourists alike can expect a lively atmosphere with plenty of music, dancing, and entertainment. The Sydney address is especially busy on weekends and during major events such as Mardi Gras. From drag shows to live music, there's something for everyone on Oxford Street.

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17. Visit the Museum of Contemporary Art

Museum of Contemporary Art

This Australian museum needs to be on your Sydney itinerary. The Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) is located in the heart of Sydney, just a short walk from Circular Quay.

The museum is dedicated to exhibiting contemporary art from both Australian and international artists, with a focus on Australian art and emerging and mid-career artists.

The MCA's impressive collection includes over 4,000 works of art across a range of mediums, including painting, sculpture, photography, and video.

The museum also hosts a range of temporary exhibitions and events throughout the year, making it a dynamic and exciting destination for art lovers.

The MCA was established in 1991 and has since become one of Australia's leading cultural institutions, attracting over 1 million visitors each year.

The Museum of Contemporary Art aims to exhibit a diverse range of contemporary art from around the world, with a particular focus on emerging and mid-career artists

18. Visit the Surrounding National Parks

National Parks near Sydney

Sydney boasts several national parks in Sydney Australia that are worth exploring.

One of the most popular is the Royal National Park, located just south of the city. This stunning Royal National Park offers a range of activities, including hiking, swimming, surfing, fishing, and picnicking.

Visitors can also explore the park's diverse flora and fauna, such as eucalypt forests, sandstone cliffs, and native wildlife like wallabies, possums, and lyrebirds.

Another notable national park in Sydney is the Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park, which is known for its Aboriginal rock engravings, scenic waterways, and bushwalking trails. Both parks offer a great escape from the urban hustle and bustle and a chance to connect with nature.

The Blue Mountains National Park is a very popular tourist destination. There are many fun activities you can explore at the Blue Mountains National Park like seeing the sandstone called the Blue Mountains, waterfalls, and the rock formation called three sisters.

You will love Blue Mountains National Park.

19. Take a Cruise or Ferry Around the Lovely Circular Quay and Darling Harbour

Circular Quay

Taking a cruise or ferry around Circular Quay and Darling Harbour is a great way to experience the beautiful scenery of Sydney Harbour.

Circular Quay is a major transport hub for ferries, and visitors can take a ferry to destinations such as Taronga Zoo, Manly Beach, and Watsons Bay. The ferries offer stunning views of the iconic Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.

Darling Harbour is also a popular spot for cruising, with a variety of tour options available including dinner cruises, sunset cruises, and sightseeing tours.

Visitors can enjoy the spectacular views of the harbor and take in the vibrant atmosphere of the bustling waterfront. A cruise or ferry ride is a relaxing and enjoyable way to experience the beauty of Sydney Harbour.

20. Explore Surry Hills

Surry Hills Sydney

Surry Hills is a bustling inner-city neighborhood in Sydney, Australia. It's known for its trendy cafes, boutique shops, and art galleries, making it a popular destination for locals and tourists alike.

The area also boasts a vibrant nightlife scene with plenty of bars and live music venues. Surry Hills is home to many historic terraces and buildings that have been converted into trendy apartments, giving the area a unique character.

The neighborhood is also known for its diverse community, with a mix of young professionals, families, and artists. Visitors to Surry Hills can explore its many street art murals, visit its numerous independent fashion boutiques, or enjoy a meal at one of its many renowned restaurants.

The area is easily accessible by public transport, and its proximity to the city center makes it a great location to base oneself when exploring Sydney.

21. Visit Protected Marine Reserves

Protected Marine Reserves

Sydney has several protected marine reserves that offer unique opportunities to explore the marine life and ecosystems of the region. One such protected marine reserve is the Cape Banks Aquatic Reserve located near La Perouse.

This reserve protects a diverse range of marine habitats, including rocky reefs, seagrass beds, and sandy bottoms. Visitors can explore the reserve by snorkeling or diving, with opportunities to see a variety of marine life, including colorful fish, octopuses, and even sea dragons.

22. Visit Hunter Valley

Hunter Valley

Hunter Valley is not in Sydney but if you are staying for a longer period of time and you would like to visit Australia's premier wine regions you should visit this location. Hunter Valley is a region located in New South Wales, Australia, known for its stunning vineyards and wineries.

This wine region attracts wine enthusiasts from around the world. The region is also known for its gourmet food, breathtaking scenery, and outdoor activities such as hot air ballooning, golf, and horse riding.

Visitors can take a wine tour and sample some of the region's finest wines, enjoy a gourmet meal at one of the many restaurants, or simply take in the beautiful countryside. Hunter Valley is a popular day trip or weekend getaway from Sydney, located about two hours away by car.

23. The Sydney Jewish Museum

Sydney Jewish Museum

The Sydney Jewish Museum is a museum and Holocaust memorial located in Darlinghurst, Sydney. The museum is dedicated to documenting and teaching the history of the Holocaust and Jewish life in Australia.

It contains over 9,000 artifacts, photographs, and documents that tell the stories of Jewish immigrants to Australia and the persecution and murder of Jews during World War II.

24. Golden Age Cinema

Golden Age Cinema

The Golden Age Cinema is a unique and intimate cinema located in the trendy suburb of Surry Hills in Sydney. The Golden Age Cinema is housed in a stunning art deco building that was once a former screening room in the 1940s.

Today, the cinema has been restored to its former glory with plush seating and a cozy atmosphere. This is a great place to escape the summer heat or a rainy day in Sydney.

25. SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium is a popular tourist attraction located in Darling Harbour. It is home to over 13,000 animals from 700 different species, including sharks, stingrays, tropical fish, penguins, and sea turtles.

Visitors can explore the aquarium's 14 different zones, such as the Great Barrier Reef exhibit and the Shark Walk, which offers a unique perspective of the sharks swimming beneath.

There are also interactive experiences available, such as the Penguin Expedition and the Glass Bottom Boat Tour, which allows visitors to get up close and personal with the marine life. The aquarium is a fun and educational experience for all ages and is a must-visit destination for animal lovers.

The White Rabbit is a contemporary art gallery that currently features an amazing collection of colorful contemporary Chinese art.

If you want to learn more about contemporary Chinese art or modern art in general, this gallery is worth your while.

Once you've seen the gallery, you can head a short distance north to the North Shore, the Opera House, and North Sydney to check out these iconic locations.

FAQs About Fun Things to Do in Sydney, Australia

Let's take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about fun things to do in Sydney, Australia.

What are the best Sydney attractions for families with kids?

Sydney boasts a lot of fun attractions for children. Garigal National Park is a great spot for families with kids to go hiking and biking, have picnics, and learn about nature.

You can also walk the Coastal Walks at a Sydney harbor, take a short ferry ride to Cockatoo Island, or ride the waves at Manly Beach on the North Shore.

Where is Sydney Fish Market?

Sydney Fish Market is situated in the Pyrmont neighborhood, which is southwest of the Central Business District.

You will find the Sydney Fish Market at the corner of Pyrmont Bridge Rd and Bank St. At the Sydney Fish Market, you can have fresh oysters among other delicacies from the sea. Sydney Fish Market is the third biggest fish market in the world.

Where is the Queen Victoria building?

The Queen Victoria Building, also known as the QVB, is located in the heart of the CBD. It is situated on George Street, one of the main thoroughfares in the city, between Druitt Street and Market Street.

The building is easily accessible via public transportation, with several bus stops and train stations located nearby. It is also within walking distance from many other popular tourist attractions in the CBD, such as Darling Harbour and Hyde Park.

From where can I get the best picture of the Sydney skyline?

There are several spots in Sydney where you can get the best picture of the city skyline. One of the most popular places is Mrs. Macquarie's Chair, located in the Royal Botanic Garden.

It offers a stunning panoramic view of the Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge, and the city skyline. The Pylon Lookout at the southeastern end of the Harbour Bridge is also a great spot for a bird's eye view of the city.

Another great place is the rooftop bar of the Shangri-La Hotel, which offers breathtaking views of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.

Summing Up: Fun Things to Do in Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia is an exciting destination for travelers seeking adventure, culture, and fun activities, concluded our team at the Travel-Lingual.

With its iconic landmarks like the Opera House, Summer Bay, and the Australian National Maritime Museum, visitors can explore the city's history and cultural heritage.

The Australian Museum offers an insight into the country's unique wildlife, while the Art Gallery of New South Wales showcases world-class artworks. Luna Park, Sydney Harbour Bridge, and the Sydney Tower Skywalk provide opportunities for lovely vistas.

Sydney is undoubtedly a city that caters to all tastes and preferences. So enjoy it, and be sure to do as many fun things in Sydney as possible.