Published: January 4, 2024

Elayaa Spanish Review - Spanish Courses For All Levels

Recently, we had the pleasure of speaking with Claudio, founder of the online Spanish course provider,

In this Elayaa review, you'll find out all about the course options and whether or not this is the right place for you to learn Spanish online.

Core to the program is a thorough, modular Spanish learning platform comprising:

👍 More than 100 video lessons 👍 Grammar sheets, exercises and tests 👍 Graded reading exercises, podcasts and comprehension exercises

What is Elayaa Spanish?

Elayaa is a complete program for Spanish learning online. The core of this program is a modular learning platform with more than 100 video lessons, grammar sheets, exercises, tests, graded readings and podcasts with comprehension exercises.

The videos are short, dynamic, and at the same time very informative. Each video is enriched with graphic animations that make it easy to follow and helps you to memorize the content.

Plus, you will also have the opportunity to put everything you learn into real practice.

Elayaa’s courses include:

👍 Conversation lessons. 👍 One-to-One lessons. 👍 Qualified native Spanish-speaking teachers.

How does the Elayaa Spanish Course work?


The Elayaa Spanish learning platform is divided into 18 units, from Beginner to Advanced Level.

Each unit covers new grammar topics, vocabulary, useful phrases, downloadable grammar sheets, tests, exercises and graded readings.

It would be easy to watch 5 to 10 videos at a time. However, we found this wasn't the most efficient way to learn. Whilst the videos are short and easy to follow, each one contains a lot of new grammar, topics and vocabulary.

The Elayaa advice is to watch a couple of videos more than once, take notes, complete the exercises and then book a conversation or one-to-one lesson with the teacher. Generally, it is recommended to book a live lesson after completing at least one new unit on the learning platform.

In this way, you can actually speak in Spanish as much as possible and practice what you have learned on the platform with the teacher.

This system allows you to challenge yourself and start speaking Spanish right away during your first live lesson.

Why use Elayaa to learn Spanish Online?


Elayaa Spanish Courses provide the following benefits.

👍 Well-organized learning platform

The platform is set out in a way which will guide you from a beginner level in Spanish to an advanced level, with difficulty introduced in a natural way.

👍 Clear, dynamic, and informative video lessons

There is little boring content and the grammar explanations are short and concise. This makes a nice change! Each video is pretty easy to follow thanks to the graphic animations and enthusiastic teachers.

👍 Mixed Resources

Each video lesson has its own, well-organized grammar and vocabulary sheet, as well as an opportunity to have live lessons with a professional native teacher.

Online Spanish tutors

Elayaa Spanish enables you to use your live lessons with the teacher in a smart way. You can learn the vocabulary and grammar around a topic first with the video lessons provided on the learning platform.

You can then practice it with the teacher during your BlaBlaWebinar or .ne-to-one lessons. This means that you’ll take an active role during the live lessons by speaking Spanish as much as possible.

Elayaa Spanish also provides tutor support offline and online (so you can ask questions and receive the answers without actually booking a live lesson).

In addition to this, you'll be able to access everything in one place! From your private account, you will have access to the complete learning platform, and you’ll be able to book your lessons with the teacher.

What Package Options are available?

Image of Elayaa Spanish courses

FREE Lessons

With the FREE Lessons you will learn to break the ice, meet new people and start your firsts dialogues in Spanish.You’ll also learn how to use the two most common past tenses. Plus, you will have 1 Conversation Lesson and 1 One-to-One Lesson with a teacher for free.

You can Sign in for the FREE Lessons here


The PREMIUM Spanish Course is perfect for people who want to learn at their own pace, whilst at the same time have the opportunity to speak and practice Spanish with the teacher and other students.

Premium course includes:

👍 Lifetime access to the Complete Learning Platform (from beginner to advanced level) 👍 10 BlaBlaWEBINARs (Spanish Conversation Lessons, 40 min. each) with a qualified native Spanish-speaking teacher👍 A great opportunity to learn, practice, and SPEAK in Spanish. After all, only by speaking does your Spanish become real!

✅ PREMIUM +Plus Course

The PREMIUM +Plus Spanish Course is for people who have a specific goal and want to personalize their course.

This course includes:

👍 20 One-to-One lessons (60 min. each) with a qualified native Spanish-speaking teacher 👍 10 BlaBlaWEBINARs (Spanish Conversation Lessons, 40 min. each) 👍 Lifetime access to the Complete Learning Platform (from beginner to advanced level)

This course is a comprehensive solution for Spanish learners and a great way to learn Spanish online. You can study Spanish with the learning platform at your own pace, practice Spanish and focus on what matters for you the most during your live lessons.

✅ Express Total Spanish Course

​In case, for some reason, you don’t need live lessons with a teacher, Express Total Spanish Course is a great option.

You will have access to the complete learning platform, from the Beginner to the Advanced Level.

Inside the learning platform, you’ll find:

👍 More than100 video lessons👍 Grammar sheets, exercises, tests and graded readings.

If you need support, you can always contact the Tutor Support and get an answer regarding any topic you don’t fully understand.

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How to learn Spanish through Elayaa Spanish Courses

We asked Claudio, the founder of Elayaa, how the students who obtain the best results form Elayaa Spanish courses utilize the platform.

He advises completing at least one new unit on the learning platform, before booking a conversation or one-to-one lesson with the teacher.

During your live lessons, put into real practice all the new material you’ll learn from each unit, resolve any doubt, and speak Spanish as much as possible.

In this way, you’ll surely achieve your best performance, not only during each live lesson, but with Spanish in general.

Generally, during other live lessons with a teacher, the Spanish teacher explains the topic, such as the past or future tense. The teacher will take at least 20-30 minutes of your lesson to explain the grammar, structures, and exceptions.

In Elayaa you’ll watch a very detailed video lesson that lasts around 7 minutes about the past tenses, with all the grammar, the exceptions, the examples and the vocabulary.

At your own pace, you can review the video a couple of times until you master the topic. Then, during your live lesson with the teacher, instead of listening to the teacher’s explanations, you’ll practice the topic by speaking.

It is a really smart way to use your time during each live lesson.

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