Published: June 27, 2024

A Foodie's Guide to London: Must-Try Restaurants

London is arguably one of the world’s food capitals. Of course, this is not necessarily because of British cuisine. British cuisine doesn’t have the best reputation. There are for sure some tried and tested favorites, like shepherd’s pie for example. However, on the whole most people are unimpressed by British cooking, mainly because of how great the United Kingdom’s continental neighbors’ cuisines are. However, London has many more restaurants than just British ones. This post will tell you about some so you know which spots to try out on your visit to the capital.

1. Sunday In Brooklyn

Many people compare London to New York. It’s not hard to see why this is. However, one thing New York has on London is that the food’s much nicer. Fortunately for residents of London, Sunday in Brooklyn has brought American cooking to the United Kingdom. On their website,, they say that their progressive seasonal menu of modern American cooking offers Brooklyn-style food with a focus on sustainability, something that’s important to everybody nowadays. All it takes is a look at this restaurant’s reviews to see that it is immensely popular and arguably one of the best places to eat in the entire city.

2. Ginza, St. James

St. James is a district more associated with clothes than food. This is because of Jermyn Street, one of the most significant ‘fashion streets’ in all of London. Savile Row, the home of men’s tailoring, is only a stone’s throw away. There is also Piccadilly Arcade, where you can find bespoke tailors and shirtmakers. However, one of London’s nicest Japanese restaurants is also located in St. James: Ginza. Ginza, St. James, has quickly become the go-to for fans of Japanese cooking. The meals are bespoke, use local and Japanese ingredients, and are affordably priced for what they are.

3. Japan Centre

Japan Centre is another Japanese restaurant worth mentioning. There are two locations in the city, with the central one being the most popular. It is located downstairs in a basement, and there are lots of groceries and Japanese gifts available for sale there. If you are interested in visiting Japan Centre, you will be pleased to know that you do not have to book ahead, since the restaurant’s usually got free table space, and if not, you can eat outside in St. James’ Park or in Leicester Square. Chinatown is a stone’s throw from Japan Centre, so consider trying some of the restaurants out there, too.

4. Dishoom

Over the last few years, Dishoom has established itself as one of the best Indian restaurants in London. The food there is delicious. There are a number of locations in London, and some in other parts of the country, too. What makes Dishoom so special is the fact their plates are extremely affordable, which has never been more important when you consider the nation’s cost-of-living crisis. They also have their own cookbook, which is reasonably priced and sold in stores all over the country.

5. Gokyuzu

Gokyuzu is a popular Turkish restaurant in London’s Harringay district. Turkish food is not something that is hard to find in London. In fact, you can find Turkish restaurants on almost every corner. However, what makes Gokyuzu different is its focus on gourmet cooking. The food served at Gokyuzu is unlike any other Turkish food found anywhere else in the city. Gokyuzu’s food is fantastic. Its reviews reflect this. It has a sizable following and families around the country visit on a regular basis. It accommodates large parties and groups, too.

6. Bibimbap Soho

Korean cooking has really taken off in the last few years. It is immensely popular. Individuals interested in trying out an authentic Korean restaurant should consider Bibimbap in Soho. It is arguably one of the most popular and delicious Korean restaurants in the entire city. Its prices are also reasonable and affordable for what they offer. If you are interested in going, you should book a table early. Booking early will prevent you from being turned away at the door. You can sometimes get tables on the day, however.

Booking Online

As mentioned, you sometimes have to make reservations before you attend a restaurant. Most of the restaurants featured in this article require reservations. If you are going to visit a restaurant here, with the exception of Japan Centre, booking online allows you to guarantee your place. You might still get a table on the day if you turn up without a reservation, but you are leaving it to chance. If you are visiting for a special occasion or you're just a food lover, book your reservations a few weeks prior to your visit so that you can guarantee you are seated.

London is a great place to eat out. The city has everything. No matter what cuisines you are interested in, you’ll be able to find gourmet restaurants that can accommodate you. Consider the ones mentioned above.