What’s Included?

Essential Topics & Vocabulary

Preparation for Real Conversations with Native Spanish speakers

Explanations That Make Grammar Easy

By the End of This Course You Will:

  • Be able to have a conversation with a native Spanish speaker
  • Have fast-tracked your progress in Spanish
  • Develop fluency much more quickly due to your understanding of the Spanish language
  • See learning Spanish as a joy, not just a challenge
  • Succeed in other languages due to your understanding of Spanish
  • Be able to make new friends and connections form all over the world

“Spanish for Beginners has shown me an innovative way to learn Spanish. It provides a platform from which you can develop your spoken Spanish with native speakers. I have loved the course and I’m so glad I took it!”

Micah, U.S.A

“The best thing about the course is that you really get that Spanish foundation, the grammatical structures, the things you need to truly understand and progress when learning Spanish.”

Sam, U.S.A

“I’d always been too shy to book a tutor online because my level of Spanish was so low. Thanks to Spanish for Beginners, I now feel much more confident speaking and listening to Spanish. The course taught me more about Spanish grammar in 60 minutes than Duolingo has taught me in 6 months!”

Noah, U.K

“I have only ever used apps like Duolingo to learn Spanish but never felt like I could actually hold a conversation. After the course, I now feel much more confident speaking and listening to Spanish because I actually know what I am saying and listening to. I can break it down and use it to continue a dialogue – it’s not just phrases and noises!”

Alice, Australia

Hola! I’m James. I am a fluent speaker of Spanish and I have taught this beautiful language, amongst others, to hundreds of students for the last decade. Throughout the past 10 years, I’ve traveled to over 35 countries, become totally fluent in Spanish and French and conversational in Portuguese and Italian.

Since obtaining a First Class Degree in Spanish and Modern Foreign Languages, I have worked and lived in various parts of Spain, Argentina, Costa Rica and France. I know exactly what it takes to master fluency in a new language and exactly how to get there!

In 2017, I founded travel-lingual.com, an online language school made up of more than 20 certified language tutors, offering 1-2-1 and group language classes in 15 of the world’s most common and popular languages.

What Makes This Course Different?

Whenever I look back on my Spanish learning journey, I always think the same thing – I wish I had known the techniques I learnt later at the very start. It would have fast-tracked the entire process. I have created Spanish for Beginners so that you can do just that.

Instead of teaching you just basic, random vocabulary and phrases, I teach you the grammar that will fast track the rest of your Spanish learning journey. I simplify it with a series of detailed explanations, making it understandable and enjoyable for you!

Sure, you can continue your journey on Duolingo and other popular language learning apps, but the truth is that language learning apps simply do not provide you with the necessary foundation that takes you past basic, relatively low level. If they did, everybody that uses Duolingo or Babbel would be bilingual. They’re not!

By the end of this course, you will be more confident speaking and listening to Spanish. Importantly, you will also feel prepared to speak Spanish with a native Spanish speaker and, through the travel-lingual language school, you can do just that!

This course is perfect for you if:

  • You have a job that leaves you with little or no time to learn a language
  • You feel nervous about having real conversations with native speakers
  • You have tried and failed before to speak a new language
  • You find that grammar hinders your progression
  • You have never enjoyed learning grammar up until this point
  • You are a total beginner, have a relatively low level or intermediate level
  • You want to learn as quickly as possible

Course Format:

Spanish for Beginners with James is a pre-recorded Spanish Course that Actually Prepares You For Real Conversations with Native Spanish Speakers.

You can take the course at your own pace and stop/start accordingly, as you go.

What’s more, you will receive additional explanations and resources throughout the course, free of charge.

Here’s what we will cover:

  • Useful Spanish Phrases – Frases Útiles en Español
  • The Alphabet – El Alfabeto
  • Figures & Numbers – Las Cifras y Los Números
  • Personal Information – Datos Personales
  • Countries & Nationalities – Países y Nacionalidades
  • Family – La Familia
  • Using the Verb To Be – ‘SER’
  • Using the Verb To Call Oneself – ‘LLAMARSE’
  • Describing Yourself & Others – Describirse
  • Colours – Los Colores
  • Definite and Indefinite Articles in Spanish – Los Artículos Definidos e Indefinidos
  • An Introduction to Spanish Verbs & The Present Tense
  • Demonstrative Pronouns – Pronombres Demostrativos
  • Personal Pronouns – Pronombres Personales – I, You, He, She, We…
  • An Introduction to Masculine & Feminine Rules When Using Adjectives
  • Quantifiers – A little, a lot, very, quite, too…

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Is this Spanish Course right for you?

Spanish for Beginners with James has been put together based on what I have found is the most effective way to learn Spanish.

I guarantee that you will feel more confident and prepared to speak with a native Spanish speaker after the course. However, I appreciate that this learning style may not be for everyone.

Spanish for Beginners with James IS RIGHT for You if:

  • The end goal is to be able to converse with native Spanish speakers
  • You’re ready to overcome the mental barrier in your mind that grammar is too difficult and that you can learn Spanish without it
  • You want to make new friends who love languages as much as you do, and who will encourage you to keep learning
  • You’re open to trying this new method, which does not resemble what you may be used to from language learning apps
  • You accept that in order to practice what you are about to learn, you will need to practice with native speakers – we have a team for that!
  • You are happy to post any questions you have relating to the content on the travel-lingual facebook page so that I can help you with your progress throughout!

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