Italian Language

We have put together a range of high-quality Italian language resources to help you achieve fluency in Italian.

These resources are suitable for language learners of all levels and abilities.

Our Most Recommended Resources to Help You Learn Italian

Rocket Languages

Rocket Languages is a language learning app that uses audio lessons, interactive exercises and readings to get you to a conversational level in a foreign language. Through its structured and proven successful process, you will begin to understand more about the language you are learning. Review


Babbel is a subscription based language learning app. It currently offers 14 languages on its unique, user friendly platform. Babbel’s desktop and app format is curriculum-based with pre-recorded content including games, quizzes, tests, games and grammar exercises. Review

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Pimsleur’s aim is to get you conversational in a foreign language as quickly as possible. Its course structure is based on its own successfully proven method. Pimsleur offers all users a free 7 day trial in a variety of popular languages. Review

italki logo


Get $10 Free italki Credit.
italki is a global language learning community that connects students and teachers for 1-on-1 online language lessons. More than 10,000 teachers are teaching more than 5 million students over 130 languages on the italki platform.


Speechling is a website and app that enables language learners of any ability to improve and perfect their speaking skills and pronunciation. It offers this niche service in a wide range of languages. With a Premium Plan, you will have your own personal Italian tutor who will provide you with feedback on your pronunciation. Use the Promo Code TRALIN to receive a 10% discount on the Unlimited Plan. Review


Memrise is a language platform that has become increasingly popular in recent years in both the U.S and the U.K. It uses Spaced Repetition of flashcards to increase the rate of learning. It is available online and for mobile, and the mobile app has downloadable lessons that you can use offline. Memrise is compared to Duolingo, but its Learn with Natives feature makes it a superior resource. Review


Preply is a marketplace where students from all over the world can find one-on-one online tutors for personalised learning programs. It is very similar to italki, with the same common goals and the same main features. Preply also contains an in-built classroom which enhances the quality and efficiency of lessons for both tutors and students. If you are looking for a native tutor with whom to practice Italian then Preply is an ideal place to find one. Review

Fluent Simple

FluentSimple contains a number of really useful Italian language resources, including two Italian courses – Repite Con Me! (Repeat with me) and Legge Con Me! (Read with me). The course also contains Italian Short Stories, News in Slow Italian, Italian Conversations and Italian grammar lessons. 
FluentSimple is run by Italian native and language learning coach, Stefano. Use the Promo Code TRAVELLINGUAL to receive a 10% discount on all courses. Review


Similar to italki, Verbling is an online marketplace which connects language learners with language tutors for private online tuition. As a learner, you can filter your tutor preferences by languages spoken, experience and, of course, cost. Verbling is a great way to practice your Italian with a native tutor. Competitors include Preply and italki (Free $10 italki Credit).


FluentU is a language-learning platform that brings language learning to life through language immersion with real-world videos. It provides users with an immersive learning experience through commercials, interviews, music videos, tutorials and more. By teaching through video, FluentU helps you to interact with Italian in a way that many apps cannot. Review


ItalianPod101 offers a fun way to learn Italian. A monthly subscription for as little as $4 provides access to flashcards, vocabulary lists and video content with Italian tutors. There is plenty of audio and video resource included, all ranging from complete beginner level right through to advanced. Our Opinion: ItalianPod101 is best for complete beginners, with limited content for intermediate and advanced learners.


Tandem is a popular language learning site and app which enables users to teach and help each other learn a foreign language. The app is available on iOS and Android and brings you into a community of language learners. Our Opinion: A great additional resource but not enough alone to achieve fluency in Italian.

News in Slow Italian

News in Slow Italian is part of the News in Slow series. It is a superb resource for intermediate learners and advanced learners to practice listening skills in Italian. The content covered is current, engaging and varied. Users can choose to listen to a variety of content and topics, with sections for grammar, expressions and opinions.

Italian Uncovered

Italian Uncovered is a great resource for beginners in Italian. Created by the founder of I will Teach You a Language, you are placed right into a story before learning the vocabulary and grammar. This is a unique way to approach language learning and an ideal resource for anybody looking to challenge themselves. The Uncovered series has had proven success for language learners.

yabla logo


Yabla is an excellent language-learning tool that uses videos with interactive subtitles and language games to help users learn a language. It is accessible on online and for iOS. Its videos are of varying difficulty levels and types, and are either sourced from the internet or originally produced. All videos use native speakers, which is an excellent way to improve listening skills. Review


Lingopie is one of the latest language learning apps on the market with great language learning features. It enables you to learn foreign languages by watching TV. Live since 2019, the Lingopie app is perfect for boosting the language skills of you and your family – both on the move or while relaxing at home. Review

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