How to Say Sorry in Spanish

Hola a todos! By the end of this short article, you will know how to say聽sorry in Spanish, as well as understand the various forms to say it depending on context.聽 聽

Obviously, knowing this important phrase in Spanish will definitely be useful throughout your travels or during any time that you spend with Spanish speakers.

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1. I'm sorry (I apologise) = Lo siento

Bear in mind that there are lots of different ways to say I’m sorry depending on context. Are you sorry for something you have done, or simply for bumping into somebody?

Let’s have a look at these below.

This is used to apologise for a particular action of behaviour.
Translations include:
  • lo siento
  • lo lamento
  • perdone
  • perd贸n

For example:

Oye, me has molestado. – Lo siento!
Hey, you’ve annoyed me. – I’m sorry!

2. I'm sorry (for your loss) = Lamento

This is used to offer your condolences. It is, of course, a very different type of sorry in both English and Spanish.

Translations include:

  • siento
  • lamento

For example:

Ayer se muri贸 mi abuelo. –聽Siento mucho.
Yesterday my grandfather died. – I’m really sorry.

3. Perd贸n = I'm sorry (Can you repeat that?)

There may be cases when you want to say sorry in Spanish but simply to apologise for misunderstanding somebody. Perhaps you want them to repeat themselves.

In order to say this type of sorry in Spanish, you would use the following:

Translations include:

  • perd贸n
  • perdone
  • c贸mo

For example:

Le llam茅 para decirle que Miguel no viene a mi cumplea帽os – Perdone, no le escucho bien.
I called you to tell you that Miguel isn’t coming to my birthday. – I’m sorry, I can’t hear you very well.

Perm铆tame = I can't give you my attention right now!

We have established that there are a number of ways to say sorry in Spanish. It depends on context and what you are sorry for. Another possibility is that you are sorry because you need to prioritise your time elsewhere. Think about a client facing situation in which you need to say sorry to one customer because another has asked for your help first.

In order to say this type of sorry in Spanish, you would use the following:

Translations include:

  • perm铆tame

For example:

Hola, necesito que me ayudes – Perm铆tame se帽or, tendr谩 que esperar un poquito.聽
Hello, I need your help please. – I’m sorry, sir, you will have to wait a little while.

5. Disculpe = I can't give you my attention right now!

Another possibility is that you need to grab someone’s attention. The translation for the following is more ‘excuse me’ in English.

In order to say this type of sorry, you would use the following:

Translations include:

  • disculpe
  • perd贸n

For example:

Disculpe, se帽or, tienes la hora? – Claro, son las 8.聽
Excuse me, sir, do you have the time? – Sure, it’s 8 o’clock.
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