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Travel-lingual was established in 2017 and has been delivering online language tuition ever since. We are very proud of our team of high quality, flexible, multilingual language tutors.

Our tutors comprise a healthy blend of native and non-native speakers, each of whom possesses a teaching or postgraduate qualification, with a minimum of 5 years of teaching experience.

Located across four continents, we deliver high quality online language tuition, wherever you may be. All language tutors at travel-lingual are familiar with Internationally Recognised Language Examinations, and provide the lesson resources necessary to help language learners to achieve their personal language goals. In addition to online language tuition, we are a source of free, up to date travel guides, bringing travellers a variety of popular tours and activities, which can be pre-booked prior to travelling.

As language lovers are also travel lovers, we decided to bridge the gap between the thousands of existing travel related and language learning websites.

This makes travel-lingual a unique platform to facilitate your travel planning and learn a language online.

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"Excellent, fast and affordable translation services. My business has been using travel-lingual.com to translate documents into multiple languages. All of their specialists are university graduates and Masters or Phd level students. It's why we use them every time."


“I had a fairly good understanding of Spanish already, but I wanted to take it to the next level in order to apply for Spanish-speaking work abroad. I have made a lot of progress and will definitely feel more confident when travelling through Mexico!”

Sam - Learning Spanish



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